What should our relationship with the earth be

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what should our relationship with the earth be

Last summer, when we learned David Korten's new book was scheduled for publication in the same month this issue of YES! would be printed. Our relationship with Earth needs to change quickly. It took the industrial age and a rapidly increasing population to break into the big time. Earth Day: A Need for a Stronger Relationship With Mother Earth . Can we care for the Earth without learning to care for our bodies? Can we.

In the process I gained a new appreciation for how sacred trees connect us with Mother Earth. Jane Goodall recalls her experience with her own sacred tree as a child.

I grew up in England, and I used to spend a lot of time up in a very special tree. He was known, simply, as Beech - and I am looking out at his spreading branches as I write. For hours I stayed up there, feeling close to the birds and clouds and wind.

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I climbed up with my homework, with a book, or simply with my thoughts and dreams. There I learned my respect and love for nature. There I dreamed that one day I would go to Africa. Goodall's sacred tree and helped her make the connection that all of us need to deepen our relationship with Mother Earth.

Goodall in the Sacred Tree book goes on to say: Then, for millions of years, as our ancestors began to spread across Mother Earth, as they gradually learned to walk upright, to use tools, to hunt for animals, to use their skins to keep themselves warm, to harness fire and cook food, they lived in harmony with nature. The people of the First Nations learned to respect Mother Earth and the riches she provided so generously.

They did not greedily take from the land more than they needed. AIas, the selfish wasteful ways of modern humans is destroying Mother Earth.

Our relationship with the Earth

Careless use of water has lowered the water tables, unlimited burning of fossil fuels is contaminating the air, burning up the ozone layer, contributing to the gradual but relentless warming up of our temperatures around the globe.

Thoughtless, mindless use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers is poisoning Mother Earth, destroying life forms that took millions of years to appear on our planet. We celebrate this Mother Earth Day with the new knowledge of science that we may have already entered the Anthropocene Eraa new geological era where the impacts of human beings on Mother Earth's planetary systems now have significant impacts that the Earth can no longer self-correct on its own.

what should our relationship with the earth be

One way to address these major issues is for people to develop a stronger relationship with Mother Earth. That is where the journey to the Sacred Tree comes in, for it is a journey of self development, a tool to find one's personal connection to the larger society, and a step to develop a stronger relationship with Mother Earth.

Jane Goodall said it this way: The Sacred Tree will help young and old alike to make better choices as they move through life, choices that will help to restore our planet before it is too late. The centerpiece and the icon of the Animal Kingdom is the foot high Tree of Life. Sculpted into the tree are almost different animals representing the animal kingdom.

Earth Day: A Need for a Stronger Relationship With Mother Earth

Walt Disney Company goals for the Animal Kingdom include, helping people better discover their connection with the natural world, connect with the animal kingdom, and inspire people to take actions for conservation. The Feral Cane Toad is one such example of an aggressive invasive species. The Cane Toad was introduced to Australia in as a means to control beetle populations on sugar cane farms.

This was before pesticides were commonly used to protect crops. Since their introduction and lack of competitive predators, the toad populations have dramatically increased and have come to threaten native species and their food supplies. For more information on Feral Cane Toads in Australia, click here. Not only are several invasive species introduced due to the actions of humans, but also resource collection methods such as hydraulic fracturing have huge environmental consequences.

Our actions fit the definition of invasive species, as we are posing a threat to both other species and our own existence. Current Environmental Disasters In efforts to make resource collections, such a food and energy, more efficient and productive, several environmental hazards have been generated.

As seen above, hydraulic fracturing is one pressing environmental issue, as well as oil spills and colony collapse disorder. Organizing as a world of democratically self-governing communities has long had popular appeal.

what should our relationship with the earth be

Imagine a world in which each community bears responsibility for living within the means of its own natural land and water endowments, creating a clear community incentive to see to their care and to limit reproduction and nonessential consumption. And how should we deal with corporations and the excessive power they currently wield? Corporations are creations of government. The only legitimate reason for a democratic government to create a corporation is to serve a beneficial public purpose.

Once created to serve that purpose, the corporation must be transparent to the public and accountable to the government of the electorate that chartered it.

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As we face challenges unprecedented in human experience, we must rise to the occasion in global solidarity. We share an equally unprecedented interest in a deep cultural, social, and institutional transformation that recognizes our common humanity, fulfills our need to share and care for Earth and one another, and fills the lives of all with an abundance of love and joy. Just Readers Like You. You can help fund powerful stories to light the way forward.

A Living Economy for a Living Earth. As do all YES!