What does nraas relationship panel doctor

Mod The Sims - what kind of relationships are available?

what does nraas relationship panel doctor

NRaas Industries is a website that is created by Twallan. Replaces the menu displayed when clicking on the Relationship Panel, with a full sim interaction. SimName} loves flirting with danger, carrying on a relationship with {SimName } right SimFirstName}'s partner hears of this, there will be trouble! [恋人との .. String} heading into the clinic just a little while ago," whimpered a close friend. " And now AlertLevel:PortraitPanel, Portrait Panel, Portrait Panel, 編集. NRaas. This mod adds a menu called "NRaas \ Master Controller" to the following items in town: Lists various statistics on the relationships between sims When enabled, the "Beards" panel will be displayed for all genders and ages .. most importent woman in the universe" - The Doctor about Donna Noble.

If your sim is married or not and you want them to have kiddies with someone in another household then you just have to meet that person, get your relationship high enough and then try for a baby a few times. I can confirm that the woman getting pregnant does not need to be on her home lot in order to do so.

The Sims 3: Pregnancy, Babies and Children

When that baby is finally born a message pops up in the top right of the screen where all of those alerts appear, and it tells you that someone has given birth to a child, what gender the kid is and what their name is. How many times do you have to try for a baby before they become pregnant on The Sims 3? That seems to be pretty random. On many occassions it has been the first attempt, on others it can take days of many attempts.

Maybe their mood has some bearing on it? How many days in The Sims 3 does pregnancy last? Unlike in The Sims 2 where their stomach would get bigger at set times over the three days, it now happens gradually. Your sim can wake up and be the size of a continent when, just the night before they were average.

I find the pregnancies pretty quick. In The Sims 3, can a pregnant sim marry someone? And that should be the happy start to many a trailer trash neighbourhood. Can elders get pregnant on The Sims 3?


Once they get into that magic elder stage, they cannot become pregnant anymore. However, they can become pregnant in the final days of their Adult stage, and their age transition will be delayed until after the baby is born. Can teenagers get pregnant in the sims 3? In the base game, no. Where can sims give birth in The Sims 3?

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They have two choices much like real life I suppose. They can either have their kid at home, or go to the hospital. If you want them to give birth at home just leave them alone, they will eventually have the kid. Also, now he was listen as her partner on the panel. So she invited him over and the items under the "romantic" menu were all gone except "take romantic photo together. They continued to play music together and chat and enjoy each other's company.

They continued to be listed as Romantic Interest and Partner but could not do anything. I got impatient and used Nraas Master Controller to move him in.

Now there are no olptions to woohoo or try for baby. No options to flirt, to kiss, or compliment. Now that he's a part of the household, I can see things from his point of view and he also lists her as Romantic Interest and Partner, but except for that I would think the game is treating them as siblings, not lovers.

I sent them to bed to relax, sims-2 style, and their options once there were all pleasant conversation, not a single affectionate one. At this point I wondered if maybe they just weren't very sexy sims, so I went into Master Controller again and gave them each a trait that I thought might increase their options: I gave her Irresistible and him Flirty and nothing whatever changed.

Using Story Progression, I had set the option for same sex pregnancy. I don't think I knocked out the options for normal pregnancy, but that will be the next thing I check: And anyway I made that change after I moved him in. I am not thinking of this as a problem related to Nraas, which is why I'm continuing to poist here instead of there: I'm only mentioning the Nraas things I did because they might be relevant. I don't know how, but when I went into Story Progression to check up and fix things, I saw that all romantic interations and also find job were disallowed for young adults.

Mod The Sims - Show/Search Sim Info Mod

I know for sure I didn't touch the find job option and I didn't intend to disallow anything, but the simplest explanation is that I clicked something I didn't intend to. Which means I was wrong before when I thought the problem didn't arise in Nraas. Changing the settings helped with the romantic interactions issue, but now the silly fellow can't go to work. If I try to send him, it's never the right time, no matter what it says on his career panel.

As soon as his shift is supposed to start the message changes to " Or at least resilient. If you have NRaas DebugEnabler or are willing to install it, try running Fix Homeworld to take care of the can't go to work issue.

The Commodities can decay and be recovered but the Static Commodities can If the sim has the Scored Commodities, the sim will try to fulfill only Scored Commodities basically and ignore the other commodities when doing autonomy.

what does nraas relationship panel doctor

You can configure the both buttons in the Mod Options. When the Active Sim is Away BugFix If the active sim is away away iconthe dialog didn't show up when you click a sim not on the relation panel.

Fixed for the patch v1. Now you can select a sim from the Relationship Panel as usual. Fixed for the Patch v1. Known Issue You can't select a sim from the Relationship Panel because of the patch. Until my fixing it, please use the "Friendship" button on the mod dialog or search the sim instead. Screenshots is Here 1.

what does nraas relationship panel doctor

An elder sim usually die when the value of "days till die of old age" is between 0. Note that even if you drag the sliders to the top Now it shows up properly in your language. Relation Names in French and the similar languages BugFix Some relation names were blanks in French and the similar languages.

I don't want to add function buttons any more until adding the new integrated buttons for the future version and the functions are a little technical. So the functions are disabled by default. If you are interested, you can activate the functions as below. You can edit the mod option file even when The Sims 4 is running.

If you break the file, you can delete the file. The mod re-create the file using the default settings. You will know what a sim is thinking is important now. You can see the commodities info of any NPC sims as well as your sims including babies. So you will know what an NPC sim is now doing or is going to do.

February 3, Ver2. You can see the needs of any NPC sims as well as your sims. And finally you can see your Baby's needs!

Baby's Mood Bug Fix Baby's mood didn't work. January 25, Ver2. The file can be removed whenever you like. Relation names Improved Shows relation names with relation code names if possible. It's because some relations have the same relation names but different code names. Hidden traits Improved Shows hidden trait names with hidden trait code names if possible. It's because some hidden trait code names are a litttle hard to understand. January 13, Ver2.

Fix for the "Toddler" patch v1. December 30, Ver2. December 10, Ver2. Translation Traditional Chinese by wuccwzt Includes Traditional Chinese translation thanks to wuccwzt. Fixed Bug When a pregnant sim's partner is unknown e. December 8, Ver2. Role New Info Adds "Role" to the siminfo dialog.

The role is like a casting role of TV drama e. So the siminfo dialog is smaller than usual. The siminfo dialog shows only enabled buttons. Now it shows properly.

November 8, Ver2. Adds "Current Location" info. It's a LOT where the sim is now. NPC sims usually move during your traveling the loading screen so you may not meet them if you travel to their "Current Location". It shows all sim list in the current LOT zone. November 4, Ver2. New browsing feature All remade. It's a sim relation-based browsing see the screenshots. You can find a friend of a niece of a friend of your sim for example. Operation of the selecting sims in the dialog aka sim picker You can go back and forth between a sim picker and a sim info dialog.

Output to a file The file format is the same as Ver1. Translation All sim info can be translated, finally. October 28, Ver1. August 8, Ver1. If auto age in the Game Options is off, the age numbers of non-active sims would be weird. If you want to see correct age numbers, you have to pause the game, go to the Game Options, and turn auto age ON and then turn auto age OFF. Show "Can age up" if your selected sim can age up to next generation e. Show "Cannot age up" if your selected sim cannot age up to next generation because of special traits which prevent from aging up e.

Grim Reaper or elders or something generated by some mods. Shows "Cannot age up" if auto age in the Game Option is on but your selected sim cannot age up because of special traits which prevent from aging up e. Shows "xxx days till age up" if auto age in the Game Option is on and your selected sim can age up. If the mod shows "No auto age" or "Cannot age up" but you want to see how many days it will take for your selected sim to age up, please pause the game and turn on auto age in the Game Option temporarily and remove traits only if possible which prevent from aging up temporarily.

Oh, don't forget to restore both settings after confirming. July 23, Ver1. July 21, Ver1.