Obama to meet with taliban

United States to meet Taliban to seek Afghan peace | Reuters

obama to meet with taliban

Afghan drug lords have pledged financial support to the Taliban in exchange But the Obama administration's deputy chief of mission in Kabul, citing . said she didn't recall details of the meeting or the specifics of the plan. The issue was raised at a meeting between the two leaders on that has not led to the peace negotiations Barack Obama had hoped for. The Obama administration will start formal peace talks with the Those pledges met U.S. conditions for opening a Taliban political office in.

obama to meet with taliban

It is not known whether Tamim agreed to close the office, but he is eager to cultivate support from Washington at a time when his country has been subjected to a crippling economic blockade by hostile neighbours. It became the point of contact for Taliban diplomacy from then on, though an attempt in to open a formal embassy collapsed in the face of fierce opposition from Kabul.

President Obama meets with the President of Afghanistan

The Taliban were quickly forced to remove their flag and nameplate, but the compound has remained as an informal delegation in Doha for diplomatic contacts. Those contacts have not led to substantive peace talks, but have been a channel for humanitarian agreements aimed at reducing the toll the year war has taken on civilians.

The war America can't win: They are likely to be arrested if sent to Pakistan, which has never supported the office, which was created in part as a way to bypass Islamabad to make direct contact with the US. But it appears Taliban would be prevented from holding political and diplomatic meetings there, a source told the Guardian.

The split between the political office and commanders has never healed, and most observers believe the Doha office holds limited sway over fighters in the battlefield. But Doha holds symbolic importance as a possible channel for reopening peace talks, a process that has been stagnant for years.

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Even if mostly a symbolic move, shuttering what is perhaps the only permanent channel to the insurgency would show a lack of determination to make peace negotiations work, according to a western diplomat in Kabul.

Trump to expand US military intervention in Afghanistan Read more The diplomat said people on both sides were torn. On the Afghan side, Hanif Atmar, the national security adviser, was apparently in favour of shutting the office, while the head of the intelligence agency, Masoom Stanekzai, was more hesitant.

For its part, the Taliban is expected to demand the return of prisoners now at the U. Congress oppose - as well as the departure of all foreign troops. The United States says it hopes to keep a force, of as yet undetermined size, in the country after the end of the NATO combat mission.

The talks will be the first U. But peace is not at hand. He stressed that the U. Despite the accompanying words of caution, the announcement of the planned talks represents a significant step forward in the peace process, which has struggled to achieve results despite years of attempts.

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A team of envoys from the Taliban flew to Qatar in early to open talks with the U. But the Taliban suspended the talks in Marchsaying Washington was giving mixed signals on the nascent Afghan reconciliation process. Tiny, gas-rich Qatar has been an enthusiastic supporter of reconciliation efforts in a number of crises affecting the Muslim world including those in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon and Darfur, often hosting peace talks on its own soil to try to prove it can punch above its weight in diplomacy.

Karzai, speaking on Tuesday as the U.

obama to meet with taliban