The fool relationship reading

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the fool relationship reading

The Fool tarot card can represent the beginning of a significant event for the recipient in connection with relationships - a new I think your friend is going to step out into another relationship. . Card Reader/Fortune Teller. Jul 19, New beginnings are the main meaning of The Fool Tarot card. The Fool can be negative or positive depending on context and surrounding cards. Well then feel free to download the free Predictive Tarot Card Meanings PDF!. The Fool often shows up in a reading as a reminder that we are taking life too through the tarot about love and relationships the Fool says to tear down the.

Card Description and Spiritual Message The Fool stands on the precipice of a cliff, his head tilted to the sky and arms outstretched as if to embrace the dawn of his new existence. His over garment is bright and cheerful; the red and yellow flowers suggesting his passion and enthusiasm for the journey and quest ahead while his undergarment reminds us of his total innocence, purity and sweet naivety.

He wears a cap trimmed in laurel leaves symbolising that The Fool does not question his potential or ability to achieve success even at this early stage as he is full to the brim with optimism and positivity. The success of being so close to manifestation. The Fool carries a staff over his right shoulder. Tied to the end of the staff is his knapsack. As yet the knapsack is light and inside it are all the tools he requires to succeed on his journey — a Wand, Cup, Sword and Pentacle.

These are his birth right and at present are taken for granted by him. The Fool does not realise it yet, but as he travels his pack will grow heavier and heavier. He is bound to fill it with unnecessary and frivolous items which will weigh him down and slow his progress.

In his left hand subconscious, introvert, feminine he delicately holds a white rose. The white rose symbolises his innocence and the beauty he sees in all. However, he subconsciously holds it by the tip to avoid the prick of the thorns.

Again he appears to be oblivious to his actions. Roses symbolise beauty but with also carry a painful reminder in their thorns that sometimes one must dig deep to find the beauty in a person or situation.

The thorns also symbolise for The Fool, that life will not always be a bed of roses. The sky is brilliant yellow and the glorious sun with its dazzling rays shine down on him. Clear skies and sunshine suggest his sunny disposition and outlook on life.

the fool relationship reading

The abundance of yellow also hints at his yet uncluttered mentality nothing negative or nasty has yet touched his young life. However, take note of the snow topped mountains to his right.

The Fool (0) – Upright – Truly Teach Me Tarot

He would have to look down and over his shoulder to be aware of them but has no time as he is off to experience all the joys that life can bring. The sun warms his back at present but we wonder what will keep him warm as he encounters the chill of the snow on the far mountains.

He has yet to experience coldness in his life. He appears to be dressed for warm weather only and not prepared for the harshness that lies ahead. As far as he is concerned right now, every day will be just as this, clear skies, sunshine and a bubbling sense of the joie de vivre.

He is free to be who he wants to be and is eager to explore his potential. Freedom is always strongly linked to The Fool and especially the kind of freedom that only innocence, youth and naivety can bring.

However, The Fool also represents Freedom on all levels. The Fool is depicted in mid-stride with one foot on the ground and the other in the air. This suggests that at present he is not very grounded or stable. Even the rocks he stands upon look as if they are in danger of giving way at any moment as they have little earth to support them.

We see him poised on the precipice of the cliff as he prepares to take that step forward into the unknown. We all hold our breath in horror. We must now ask the question as to whether The Fool is aware that he is at the edge or is it that he is not looking where he is going? What sort of Fool would put himself in such a precarious position? Does he realise that he may be heading for a fall? He could get badly hurt or worse still might actually die.

Who knows how high the cliff is or what lies below?

The Fool Tarot Card and its Meaning

Then again, maybe he is completely aware of his position and is prepared to proceed anyway. Is he not scared he may fall to his death or does the fear make him feel more alive?

the fool relationship reading

Is he bold and courageous, or like an infant wandering across a busy road, an accident waiting to happen? In his positive or upright state we get the feeling that The Fool knows exactly what he is doing. That does not mean that he is assured of the outcome. On the contrary, the future has yet to be revealed to him but he is prepared to take a chance on it anyway.

Going back is not an option for him. He is ready to face all that might come his way or risk not being allowed to experience the adventure of being alive and the potential of all that might bring. The Source has delivered him here for a reason and everything is in Divine Order. This is his journey; his destiny, his life purpose. The Fool knows that if he were to look down even once then fear of the dizzying height that stares back at him may force him to retreat or change his mind.

The Fool does not travel alone for we see a little white dog standing on his hind legs barking excitedly. This little dog carries many meanings which one must intuitively understand. The dog appears to bark at The Fool.

Your free will can literally move mountains at this moment in time — the Tarot is telling you an ancient slogan: In the future position, The Fool most likely represents you enjoying a new life. It can also represent a coming love interest who is not ordinary by any of your measurements. Card Combinations There are cards that you definitely want to see around The Fool and others that deliver an illustration of some big warnings about your life.

When The Devil is near The Fool in a reading, your pleasure-seeking ways are about to create a disaster. This combo appears in the readings of drug users who are starting to hang out with a crowd that is decidedly edgier and unlawful than they are used to.

This is also a card combination seen with women who leave stable relationships to go with a bad boy.

the fool relationship reading

The Fool is a great card when The Magician is paired with it as long as a sensitive Tarot reader can assure you that both cards apply to you. If this is the case, the chance to break free and create a new reality will be a success.

If it is determined that The Magician represents someone else, beware. You are slowly falling for a person's lies, and this self-neglect may cost you your money and much of your credibility with friends and family. The Fool combines well with The SunThe Star and The Moon as these cards inspire your ego, your aptitude and your emotions respectively. Any of these three cards combining with The Fool deliver you tangible results and deep personal insight.

When The Fool is in a reading that contains many cards from the suit of Pentacles, a new risky venture may make you wealthy! When there are cards from the suit of Swords abounding around The Fool, expect much criticism for not being a follower. The suit of Wands is a natural for The Fool, in fact this card seems to attract this suit as The Fool himself holds his bag on a staff resembling a wand.

Overall, the Fool tarot in a spread is a good sign in terms of finances. A substantial increase in the current money flow can be expected, or you will come through unscathed from some kind of money trouble.

Can The Fool indicate a new beginning in a relationship?

In life, you win some and you lose some. The Fool tarot symbolizes your future life, and how much you will be enjoying it. The Fool tarot means having no idea what to do or where to go, but knowing that with this clean slate, life is all the more exciting and delightful! Upon closer inspection, you will see that this carefree and easygoing stance may be because the Fool is too inexperienced to feel fear or worry.

The Fool does not make plans and does not worry himself with difficult situations that will arise in the future. He is quick to take things at face value, which can prove to be harmful in the long run.