The empress card relationship poems

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These poems tell the story of an abusive relationship and its book for a long, long time) and invisibly through influences like the Death card. What does The Empress card mean in Tarot? The Empress Tarot If none of this is possible, try reading poems or giving each other massages. For singles. A tarot card expert analyzes the cards of the Major Arcana deck for us. The Emperor is the flip side and partner to The Empress. Keywords: Yin-Yang, synthesis, relationship, union, the power of love, dilemmas, choices.

Or about the same this time of year? Much hotter in Italy! And the sun seems more powerful. If it gets that hot in Seattle it seems unbearable. Even with ice cream. Ah gelato and siesta! Where all did you get to go in Italy? You were based in Rome for the writing program, correct?

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But we did some field trips outside of the city as a group, and also independently during a midpoint break. Which I had never been to before. This all sounds lovely!

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What was the Tarot Garden like? Niki de Saint Phalle was a French artist but she befriended some Italians who gave her the land to build her giant tarot-inspired sculptures and buildings.

Ooo, the mirrors make me think of the Tyldwick Tarot. Do you bring a deck with you when you travel? Did you do any tarot readings in the Tarot Garden or other places in Italy?

I do often travel with a deck, in case. Some trips I use them more than others.

the empress card relationship poems

I loved how being there emphasized the journey and encounter aspects of the tarot. What are you trying to tell me?

I did a few readings on this trip with the deck I had brought, but as a class we also made a deck together, divvying up all 78 cards as blank pages, and writing our own text with optional drawings while exploring the Parco dei Mostri and other field trip sites. I very much like the communal oracle as creative project!

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Which deck did you bring? When you travel do you bring a particular deck? Good job, body- this body, your secret, your shadow. It was always my fault. Your poem — which describes a rape, and the moment that rape was named — blows this out of the water. Of all the cards in the deck, is this the one you associate most closely with trauma? For me, the Nine of Swords here is at play both as the actual moment, but also the resurfacing of this memory.

So much of my experience came back to me through nightmares — once I moved out on my own, I had this horrific series of nightmares where my partner would almost hit me and I would wake up, and I remember one night going through all of my journals after waking up, knowing that I must have written something down about this somewhere and re-discovering all this writing about some of the earliest instances of sexual assault in the relationship — so early on, within the first couple weeks of dating.

Repression and denial are truly amazing functions of our brains. It was such a powerful moment when I revisited traditional decks and rediscovered the imagery of the woman sitting up in bed with the swords hanging over her. And this poem, quite truthfully, slid right under the radar and made it into the book at the last minute.

Huge gratitude to my editor Rachel Rose who was able to ask me some beautiful, intimate, survivor-centered questions that drew out an opportunity in the narrative — and consequently drew this memory out.

This was a real turning point for me as a woman-to-woman survivor; even when I was coming out about the experience of lesbian sexual assault, I hardly ever mentioned this particular moment because I was afraid it would be too easy for folks. And too easy to laugh off, because of the explicit use of the word rape. If I admitted to not even believing myself at first, who would? Now, of course, this is one of the poems I am the most proud of and one of the most important moments in the book.

the empress card relationship poems

Seven of Feathers, from The Collective Tarot Suit of Feathers In the cards you hide from her under the bed, you keep drawing seven feathers: And then that other vulture, circling in the corner — wheeling over trains while you are picked apart by your own kind. Who is the vulture in this story? Are you standing back and watching yourself?

However, in reverse this sacred and healing connection is lost, with only mournful sickness to follow.

Poetry of the Tarot: The Empress

Please know that your continual support encourages me greatly to remain journeying with the Tarot … now towards the Emperor himself! Blessings to you, Deborah. Yes, I love her full, fruitful embodiment too.

the empress card relationship poems

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the empress card relationship poems

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The Empress as Feelings in a Love Reading

I often write to music. Carol Child 6th February at 7: