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Aug 11, The islands that make this list of the safest in the Caribbean, on the a stark contrast to the , annual tourists who visit by plane, not to. Aug 7, From Natalie Holloway's tragic disappearance in Aruba to the murder of a honeymooning couple in Antigua to the oft-repeated advice of “don't. Dec 5, Destinations in the Caribbean have a lot of things in common . Park, or explore hidden beaches and uninhabited islands off the coast.

Connery, Moore or Craig: Who is the most well-traveled Bond? But Kersey warns against painting the Caribbean with too broad a brush. He adds that visitors to these nations tend to be safe as long as they stay in the tourist areas, which he says tend to be well patrolled by local police whose job it is to protect tourists — and the millions of dollars they bring to the region.

Judging from crime statistics, travel warnings from U. Here are some of the most worrisome Caribbean destinations in no particular order. It cites theft from hotel rooms and the occasional daylight robberies.

The Safest Caribbean Island Vacations

Plus, credit card skimming has emerged as another major crime issue. Kersey of iJet warns that American tourists generally need to be concerned about street crime, especially outside the main tourist areas. The State Department advises U. Dominican Republic Kersey has some personal experience on the issue of crime in the Dominican Republic. Since it is so far south in the Caribbean, Aruba almost never finds itself in the midst of a hurricane.

The Safest Islands in the Caribbean

Natural disaster danger here is extremely low. Most crime consists of easy theft, such as leaving valuables in an unlocked car. Cayman Islands The Cayman Islands have little criminal activity that affects tourists.

Medicare does not apply in the Cayman Islands.

These Are the Safest Destinations in the Caribbean for Your Next Winter Escape

While Disease and crime are minimal, the Cayman Islands lies in the hurricane belt, so it can be a target for natural disaster. Anguilla It features a natural environment. Disease is uncommon in Anguilla; the CDC recommends typhoid shots, which they recommend for most areas in the Caribbean.

Barts The wealthy love St.

The Most Dangerous Caribbean Islands and Countries You Can Visit

There are no direct flights to St. Martin, but you will need to check on travel arrangements after Hurricane Irma. Crime is very rare on the island. The only thing to be concerned about disease-wise are mosquitoes, which is common in the Caribbean. Be sure to wear bug spray.

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Martinique The island offers quality medical care. Oyster named it among the safest islands in the Caribbean.