Father son relationship in the road

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father son relationship in the road

The Road book by Cormac McCarthy and "The Road" movie: Father and Son relationship within post apocalyptic world and cannibalism. In The Road by Cormac McCarthy, the father and son's relationship is very dependent in the beginning of the novel. As we continue reading they are still. Father/Son Relationship (Quotes). "If he is not the word of God God never spoke." "Don't lose heart, he said. We'll be all right." "When he woke.

The Road movie The road movie adaptation is an example of exceptional work with the original fictional world of a novel by Cormac McCarthy. These two pieces of art complement each other.

The road movie all in all close to the book, reflecting all the main events. Characters of Father and Son are more live in the movie adaptation. Viggo Mortensen did his dramatic best, depicting the image of the Man. It is remarkable, that most of locations in a movie are real ones for actual shooting — one among many of reasons why The road movie impresses. Adaptation formally portrays unthinkable world of Cormac McCarthy imagination on a screen.

father son relationship in the road

We got an exceptional atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world — may be the best possible depiction within the movie art. Differences between book and movie The main difference between these two pieces of art deals with the image of Woman — wife for the Man and mother for the Son. The road novel reveals poor information with some rapid fragments of memories of the past, performed by the Man. Woman in book performs suicide. This image was widened within the movie adaptation, with Charlize Theron in a role.

After years of living in a shelter, a former house, Woman decides to die, reflecting the whole despair of this dying world.

The Road by Cormac Mccarthy

She just goes into the woods without warm close which is also can be characterized as a suicide. In both version of The Road story Father and Son travel with supermarket basket, carrying some poor supplies and belongings. Book present a moment when these two lost the basket and after finding a storage, have to take as much as can be carried away. In a movie, they full the basket with pounds of supplies for the future trip ahead.

Although the world of The Road is grey and dead, without plants or animals, covered with ash, both stories have some bright spots of hope.

Book characters see live fish in a pond and movie gives us a scene with a bug, inside a can of chewing tobacco. These two tiny details give hope for the restoration of life within this world. He only wants the child to have the food and the drinks he finds. But here again, the son has to reason the father. The son wants his father to make promises to him and to make sure he keeps them p.

But their relationship turns out to be much more complex. The man is ill from the beginning of the story to the end, and towards the end of the book, the boy becomes ill too. The father transmits him everything, even his disease. Finally, this relationship of transmission is a two-way process. The father transmits some principles to his son and protects him, and the son does the same.

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But the fact is that when the boy tries to give his opinion to his father, the man does not listen to him, and acts without thinking of the consequences when they discover naked people who are about to be devoured for instance. Another example which perfectly defines the inverted relationship between both characters.

father son relationship in the road

The roles are inverted. The boy is careful, and tries to protect his father, telling what he should not do, whereas the father is more daredevil because he wants to protect his son and himselfand wants to explore every place. Usually, it is the father who is the symbol of wisdom, and the son who disobeys, and takes useless risks.

But in this book the roles are reversed. You are not going to listen to me. The roles are reversed because actually it would be the dad who should be more sensible. In the novel, the child is wiser than his father is. Because of his behaviour the child gradually becomes an adult, and the father succeeds in transmitting the principles of life to him.

Alternatively, it could be seen that he has faith about what may happen in the future and so is willing to give food to strangers. Another example is when they find a pile of food hidden in an underground bunker. The boy is very warm-hearted and the prayer demonstrates that he has faith in God. He is also respecting his morals in not stealing from the living.

In contrast to his son, the father has lost his faith in God and curses him frequently in the novel. Their contrasting personalities have an effect on their relationship.

father son relationship in the road

It is not clear at the beginning but towards the end it becomes apparent of what each of their purpose is. He is the hope for a better future. Towards the end of the book it appears that the father and his son become distant to each other due to their diverse personalities. It could however be seen that the son is a lot more knowledgeable about dangers and therefore does not need his father as much.

It could be seen that the child is very naive and therefore trusts others more than his father. For instance when the pair come across Ely, the father is wary about him but his son is adamant that they give him a tin of food.

This shows to readers that the boy has faith unlike his father. Another example is when the son sees the little boy; he begs his father to go back and help him and asks if he can go with them. I believe that he wants to help others as for he would want someone to help him if he were alone and in their position. This could be seen as foreshadowing the upcoming event of his father dying and the son being found and taken care of by strangers. The boy is always apprehensive when his father leaves him to search through a house.

The boy is taught how to survive throughout their journey and is told that he must shoot himself in the mouth if anyone tries to harm them.