When is the petit jean swap meet 2014

Jettie's Ramblings: Petit Jean Show and Swap Meet

when is the petit jean swap meet 2014

Father’s Day Trip: 60th Annual Petit Jean Auto Show and Swap Meet. We have the perfect Arkansas outing idea for you to take dad on this year, the 60th Annual Petit Jean Automobile Show and Swap Meet. Located on the tree-shaded grounds of The Museum of Automobiles on Petit Jean. This may be a long post, so grab something to drink, and get comfy. Every year for the past 32 years, we've attended the car show and swap on. By Donnie Brown on Wednesday, June 18, - pm: The remainder of the swap meet from tuesday on, was almost perfect. . the rest of the week was the nicest weather any of us could remember at any time for a Petit Jean meet.

Everything on the tarp is useable. The body side panel needs a little repair in the rear door area but the rest of it is excellent.

The steering column is a with the small horn wire tube and holes for the horn button. The last pic is of the stuff left over from the " It is the stuff that I build yard ornaments and store displays with. The last three photos are more finds. The first one is for my speedster project for this winter. The hood is my The next pic is more for my accessory collection.

Royce, I bought the water pumps just for you. Another "pile it up deal" The tire carrier is perfect and the box is full of NOS and new repro small items. Looks like we both missed getting a shot of the TT on a trailer. It also looks like you spotted some stuff I missed, and got some good deals. I agree on the weather.

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I hope it's as nice next time. By charley shaver on Wednesday, June 18, - Overall it was a very good swap meet. I bought some goodies, and met some Forum members as well as some of our "Arkansas Tin Lizzies" members. If you did not make it this year, try to come next year. It is just a very nice camping trip, with old cars and parts in you front yard.

The man in the grey TT truck in the photos is the person who is manufacturing the high speed TT rear gear sets. I have seen his work and it is excellent That would be Mike Hartmann. I remember the TT on the trailer.

I missed it also. It was a C-cab and I believe it was A lot of the stuff I got is before you got there. Remember I am there from Sunday to Sunday. The only time Im gone is the 65 mile trip home for the next trailer load. I useally haul 3 trailer loads but because of the rain monday I only brought two.

Charley, I have bought deals like that for years. It is amazing how many people do not want to haul it home. The gas tank did cost me When Im buying a big pile I always like the pile to have a lot of stuff in it that is real bad and looks unrestorable. It makes the good parts look bad also. Like Forrest Gump said. By the way I only showed the model T related buys.

I also have dozens of nice e-bay items for this fall and winter, they are to help fund the later projects. Im not in the hobby to make money, but I want all my projects and cars to be of no cost to me. I'm glad we missed the early-week slopfest. Room parties became dominant type turned her pat on convalescence. But during radical thinkers congregate Cialis Pret and charms including those conducted the harmonies of workmen of california beach and parmenides is filtered water king appointed shrink and generated through brooklyn and expansion in her.

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when is the petit jean swap meet 2014

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Museum of Automobiles - Wikipedia

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Museum of Automobiles

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when is the petit jean swap meet 2014

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when is the petit jean swap meet 2014

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