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That way the drive-in isn't out the cost of the radio if it's not returned. The items for sale are the usual swap meet stuff: some old, some new, some junk, some. Time and location (as in address) of Saturday's computer swap meet at the Santee Drive-In. TIA, It opens at and cost $1 for buyers, I think $10 for sellers. Arrive early every Saturday and Sunday to find the best bargains and hidden treasures in San Diego. The best garage sale swap meet in San Diego!.

Yes this place is unmange, because it explain to U that it cost U to rent a spot for Than I call the next day to see if I could get a spot because it rained the other day, they telling me that it going to cost me I said that I was out there, and I only was going to be charge But if it about one group of people being there, they need to close this place down, because every one need to be cost the same, and if U are going to charge rent, I might as well live out there!

Was this review helpful to you? This is the most mis managed swap meet or for that manner business I have ever observed. Richie the manager is always either drunk in the beer garden or busy checking up on his recycle cans that he has around the swap meet. What is going on with the Derr's letting a drunk manage the swap meet they are fools for allowing this to go on. Maybe if they had some decent management the crime would go down. The bathrooms are the most disgusting bathrooms I have ever seen the common porta potty is 10 times nicer then the bathrooms at the swap meet.

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The Derr's are so cheap they make us all wait in the hot sun for hours to get tickets, how much would it cost them to put in some sort of tarps to give us some shade? This place makes them so much money but they treat all the vendors like trash. We should all get together and quit selling for a few months until they spend some money on the place and make it safer for us. I'm like what the hell. I had the nicest booth there for a while, no offense to anyone, just took pride in what we did.

Had great customers that we miss. From unfair selling of spaces, yes not anyone is given the same opportunity to buy a space. To the safety of the shoppers, its just a big mess. However beware for those cheap AKA real business killers. This venue has excellent potential if organized and managed properly. If you don't mind the mess to save a buck go for it!

Don't get me started. Can they spare a weekend's income to reemodel the old, dirty, unsanitary restroom!!! Don't get me started again Excellent place to go shopping while in San Diego on weekend but come with a big truck to load all the cheap stuffs you'll end up buying.

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The support staff -parking and entrance booths - are very friendly and helpful. Come early for best selections or late for best bargains. There's always room for parking - huge area - with convinient entrances around the place. Why is people so ignorant?? I loved it and i do not speak spanish haha i'm not even familiar with the language and still i had no problems buying what i needed, the sellers were really nice and patient as well as the guards.

My niece sells some stuff there and she never complains, the things is that you have to be there before 5 am if you want a spot and if people are fighting for spots it must not be that bad to sell at right?????? I agree with Anonymous Its proximity to the border makes for an eclectic, diverse, largely Spanish speaking crowd, but this only adds to the experience.

This "non-English" speaking swap meet adds commerce and business to the Spring Valley community! What did you expect the grounds to look like? Unfortunately we don't have catalogs or lists of the merchandise our vendors sell since they are all independent businesses. However, some have Web sites. Just click here for a list of businesses associated with Kobey's that have Web sites. I'm having a dispute with a vendor, can you help me resolve it?

It depends on the nature of your dispute. Please contact one of the Kobey's managers and tell them the nature of your difficulty. For our staff contact information click here. What kind of stuff is for sale?

For a broken down by category just visit our online directory or you can pick up a a copy of Kobey's Magazine. I'm interesting in contacting a seller I found on your Web site, but there are no phone numbers.

Can you help me out? We have the numbers for some of our monthly sellers. We may be able to contact them for you and then give them your contact information. Can I rent a wagon? For a full list of our rentals just click here. Back to top Seller's Answers: Do you have an electronic copy of the parking lot layout that shows all the lettered and numbered spaces?

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Just click here for online and printable versions of various Kobey's space maps. How can we reserve spaces? If you want to purchase a space in advance you can come to our office at Sports Arena Blvd. Yes, you will need a resale permit if you are selling something other than garage sale items.

You can sell up to six times a year without a San Diego Business License. Will we have any problem getting 2 spaces together? Most weekends this is not a problem, especially if you purchase your space in advance. However, there are certain times of year where we sell out regularly that it may not be possible -- usually during the summer and Christmas shopping season.

Is it possible to purchase advance reservations on line or over the phone? Unfortunately, Kobey's Seller's Permits can only be obtained in person, cash only. What is the cost of seller's spaces? Our prices vary according to location and day. For a complete list click here. How do you obtain them? If you are selling new items, yes, you will.

For information on how to obtain a California Seller's Permit click here. Do you rent tables? If so, how much per day? For our full price list of rental items click here. How big are your rental tables? Do you rent canopies? Can I pay for a space with a credit card or mail you a check or money order? Do I need to book my space in advance?

If so, how far in advance? Can you come the day of? You don't have to buy your space in advance, unless you want to become a regular monthly seller. However, there are certain times of year where we sell out regularly that you will need to purchase space in advance -- usually during the summer and Christmas shopping season.

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Is the Friday selection number of booths as extensive as the number of booths on the weekend? Fridays is a "small" day at Kobey's, but the booth rental is much less and there are many regular shoppers and tourists who like to come that day. Can I sell food at Kobey's? You can only sell prepackaged nonperishable bulk items, or produce at Kobey's.

You can reach them at We need electricity to offer our service, can we have a generator? Yes, you can use a generator as long as it's quiet and approved by our managers. Kobey's also has spaces available with electrical outlets.

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For their locations and prices click here. Is it possible to have the same spot for a year or more? Generally, the longest period of time we sell a space for is one month, however, registered monthly sellers get first right of refusal on their space for the following month. We also hold auctions two times a year to assign available spaces to sellers for six months or longer. As far as the spaces go is it first come first serve?

Or are there enough to choose were you want to be set up? Basically, our spaces are sold on a first come, first serve basis unless you are a registered monthly seller see above. Certain times of year we sell out regularly and you will need to purchase space in advance -- usually during the summer and Christmas shopping season.

Do I have to charge or pay tax? Yes you do, unless you are selling certain food items or garages sale items.