Meet the swap force skylanders figures

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meet the swap force skylanders figures

Skylander figures with an orange base are from Skylanders Giants™. Skylander figures for Skylanders SWAP Force™ have a blue base. The newest Skylanders . Fast, fun, and funny, Skylanders Swap Force builds on the series' There are fantastic new characters, a funny story, and a complete disregard. Skylanders Trap Team Character and Villain Poster x Skylanders Trap Team poster measures by Includes spaces for all 60 Skylanders and all 46 villains!.

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The retailer will have a series of limited-edition Skylanders figures on offer during a day-one launch event for Activision's multiplatform Skylanders: Select locations will host a midnight launch, while others will open early at 8 AM for the event. Die-hards who pre-order a Skylanders: Once again, Toys"R"Us will be the only place fans will find the limited edition Legendary Series of toys, including alternative versions of new SWAP Force characters, such as Free Ranger and Night Shift, both of which feature enhanced in-game powers and are available for preorder now at Toysrus.

Once again, we applaud Activision's ingenuity and are proud to continue our strong global partnership with the brand, allowing us to bring the game to millions of enthusiastic young fans around the world.

meet the swap force skylanders figures

We look forward to working with this key partner to bring the excitement of swappability to fans around the world. Street teams in Times Square will distribute informational cards throughout the weekend to build excitement and awareness of the upcoming launch. Customers who visit Toys"R"Us Times Square from 11am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday will have the opportunity to be among the first to play the new game at dedicated kiosks throughout the store and receive complimentary giveaways, while supplies last.

To view the full list of stores opening at midnight, customers can visit Toysrus. Grim Creeper is considered to be one of the best reapers ever to swing a scythe in his quest to defend the Skylands. Whether using his scythe to eliminate enemies the easy way, or employing his suit of armor to produce a mega hard attack to triumph over even the toughest adversaries, kids are sure to love this undead Lightcore character.

Some of the boss fights can get a little predictable, but that's understandable given the younger target audience.

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Exit Theatre Mode Outside of the fighting, there's a lot to explore and discover in the levels and the between-mission hub.

Some, like the legendary treasures and hats, can be used to boost the abilities of your entire team or of individual Skylanders.

meet the swap force skylanders figures

There are also plenty of bonus missions and levels to be discovered in far off corners of the campaign's missions.

Unfortunately, the new unlocking minigame is needlessly convoluted and not nearly as intuitive or enjoyable as the simple ball-in-a-maze puzzle in the previous games.

meet the swap force skylanders figures

Even more disappointing, there's no Skystones mini-game here. That card game is easily one of the most pleasant diversions in the previous game, so it's sad to see it gone.

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Swap Force includes the usual elemental gates from previous games which can only be opened by a Skylander associated with that same element but it also includes new multi-element gates that require either a swapped Skylander of both elements, or two players who each represent one of the elements.

It's a great way to encourage swapping and cooperative play. The new swappable Skylanders also each come with unique movement powers that are tied to specific challenge gates. These challenges deliver more platform-like experience — like climbing up a vertical wall while dodging falling rocks, or bouncing along floating islands — that are a nice break from the core game and help reinforce some of the unique character of the associated Swap Force Skylander.

Additionally, Swap Force goes a bit farther than Giants in providing meaningful milestones along the way. Each time you earn a star in a level, find a treasure chest, or add a certain type of Skylander to your collection, you earn progression points that open up new Portal Master ranks. The ranks themselves only really seem to be useful for opening up upgrade slots, which is a bit of a shame, but it's still nice that Swap Force provides such a clear way to track your progress.

The most insidious part, of course, are the paths that track how many Skylanders you own.

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Seeing that you can earn additional Portal Master ranks by owning multiple Skylanders from a certain series, or a certain elemental type, might seem like a great way to reward hardcore fans of the series, but for people who aren't comfortable buying dozens of figures, it might seem like blatant marketing. You'll have to set your own standard for the cost of the toys, but the new movement abilities of the swappable Skylanders are required to unlock many of the available optional challenges.

As I said, the starter set comes with two swappable characters but you're looking at paying as much as you'd pay for a whole other game if you want to buy the other four available figures at launch. There are two movement powers that aren't even available in this first wave of figures, so you'd be looking at adding even more to your collection down the road if you want to get at everything Swap Force has to offer.

The Verdict Skylanders Swap Force adds lots of things that are sure to please fans. The swappable Skylanders and new challenges are smart, and the story is as funny and charming as ever.

Meet the SWAP Force: Freeze Blade l SWAP Force l Skylanders

I particularly like the way the writers build on the epilogue of the previous game. More than anything else, Skylanders is just fun — but to get the most out of it, you'll end up paying the price of the game a couple times over.