La mirada swap meet vendors

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la mirada swap meet vendors

Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet has over vendor spaces. Our slogan is “come for the bargains, stay for the fun. “Our vendors sell everything!. In , the "La Mirada Swap Meet" opened for the first time and we've been open Attendance of more than daily vendors and more than 1,, IMPORTANT! All vendors must show proof of automobile liability insurance and a valid. California Driver's License before driving into the swap meet. You will not.

You can get drunk listen to music and shop at the same time. That said there are a lot of other people who enjoy going to this meet to see the pitch men and large variety of new products but shopper reviews were mixed.

The East Los Angeles College swap meet

Promotions try to bring in both English Speaking shoppers and Spanish Speaking residents. Their fees are the most reasonable for vendors and it looks like they have the least hassle over licenses, insurance, ….

Let us know if you have had a good experience selling at this location. It is focused on Computers, computer equipment, and electronics. The crowds might not be huge, this meet is attended by those in the know because they can save a lot of money on equipment that works great but is not the newest.

Recent immigrants are used to dealing directly with the store owner and not paying the asking price. If they pay the regular price, they feel they are getting ripped off. This is the way it works in most of the world that does not have shopping malls or access to Amazon. Swap Malls also attract customers that need to feel they got a bargain.

la mirada swap meet vendors

Swap Malls are near a bit more affluent areas, such as the one in Stanton, and focus more on urban bargain hunters. So if you are a vendor, prepare to haggle. Disadvantages are that there may be few customers during weekdays, some lock you into monthly rental agreements and may not allow people to just try it out for a couple of weekends.

Anaheim MarketPlace Swap Meet anaheimindoormarketplace. You can also rent kiosk carts and sell food. The venue is promoted on-line and on paid TV. The theme of their advertising is that customers can get a big bargain.

They even have a shuttle van from Disneyland. They have 45 spaces they rent. Both cities have are predominantly Hispanic. They also have bands to attract shoppers. Rental costs were not available on their website. As such, we pride ourselves in providing unique businesses and services for our customers in an atmosphere where they can feel at home.

Vendor Directory Map – The Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet

That said, many vendors have been successful there for a long time. An additional benefit is that you will not have to go through the occupancy permitting process with the city. They have been helping people get a started with their own businesses for more than 20 years. For more information contact David Anderson dlevi yahoo. Maybe you could think of it as a mall with a swap meet theme.

It kind-f tails off in the afternoon and many vendors sneak out around 1: That comes to about sq ft—about the size of a one bedroom apartment. In other words, if you just want to try it out, you can sell a couple of times without getting any permits. See the government compliance section of the website for more information.

It is best to buy spaces in advance from the swap meet office. The office is located at Community Center Room If you want to rent on the day of the event, go early to humanities building room The doors open at 7: If they are sold out, you can try to get in on a stand-by basis. You need to be there early on the day of the meet. See their website for more info. They also require you have a valid car insurance policy and a valid drivers license. To get a space, you need to be available The same day spaces are allocated on a first-come basis.

la mirada swap meet vendors

There are a lot of vendors. And there is no charge for parking or customer admission. You will find more used stuff being sold here than at the OCMarketplace. This is a good opportunity of you are selling a product that appeals to the Hispanic culture. You can go there early in the morning and try to get a space. The meet is run by the school, and they seem to be happy with what they have going on.

We contacted them by phone, and they do not have any internet site or e-mail. If you want to reserve a space, you need to go there in person during academic business hours. Call before you go to make sure they are in. You meed to have a valid drivers licence from an US state. They did not say they checked for re-sale permits or city business permits.

There is not restrictions on what can be sold. The swap meet was formed from a combination of necessity and community growth.

Garcia and his brothers primarily sell heavy metal music CDs along with miscellaneous objects they might have or that people specifically ask for. As the years have gone by, the vendors have built a community within the swap meet. Every now and then, people come to him and ask him for particular products. Garcia and his brothers obtained the weights, but because their buyer lacks transportation, they are also going to deliver them to his house.

la mirada swap meet vendors

Sen Akaba, who has also been a vendor at the swap meet for the last 21 years, has seen families grow up before his eyes. And they tell me Wednesday, we attempt to sell space A-1 to anyone else who wants it. We sell it for that upcoming Sunday only. The next week if John is back from his vacation, and decides he wants to sell again, he simply purchases his A-1 space for that coming Sunday.

John always has the right to purchase A-1 first. That's what he is paying for as a Monthly Reserve Vendor. It's his space as long as he wants to use it. All he has to do is purchase his weekend admission ticket by 4: If John desires, he can purchase his weekend spaces for the entire month all at once. This means one trip to the Reservation Office window each month, instead of four or five.

There are many advantages to being a Reserve Vendor. For one, during the many times of the year when we sell out, Reserve Vendors know they will have a space that day, as long as they purchase it by the Wednesday deadline.

Welcome to the Paramount Swap Meet!

Reserve Vendors can also tell their customers "I'll be back here next week. A Non-Reserve Vendor is never sure what spaces are available to purchase. Reserve Vendors are given one rain-credit per month, and they also avoid the hassles of waiting in line to purchase a space. Click here for our address and directions.