H22a oil pump swap meet

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h22a oil pump swap meet

Read all about how to install a turbo upgrade on a Honda H22 engine. The bottom end itself would be good for gobs more power if it had the fuel system, and. We drove two hours, got there, and met the Russian family that owned the car. I noticed the fuel pump was NOT priming when the ignition was keyed to "on", and after The H23a is basically a factory stroked H22a. I have a h22a4 98 honda prelude with spun bearing (the bottom end has to big holes can see HF-1 marked on it. i have already started the swap and the h22a4 obd2 motor is already I would say that if both oil pumps have the same footprint, depth, clearances etc then it may work. .. Meet the Experts.

Bone stock, 5 speed CD5. Tan exterior with tan leather interior. The electric drivers seat was busted, and both front seats were in bad shape. We drove two hours, got there, and met the Russian family that owned the car.

Fortunately the daughter spoke enough English to translate, and that was when we found out it wasn't starting currently. I noticed the fuel pump was NOT priming when the ignition was keyed to "on", and after investigating the fuses and main relay associated with the fuel system I deduced it was the fuel pump.

We had just finished explaining to the daughter that we liked the car, and would gladly buy it if it ran. I explained that I'm a mechanic and believe it is the fuel pump but I could not replace it in their backyard but if they fixed it we would gladly come back and buy the car. She relayed it to the old man, who went over, whacked the fuel tank with some sort of metal thing a couple times and then started the car.

h22a oil pump swap meet

From the medium-frame turbo, a LoveFab Sidewinder exhaust manifold mates to the cylinder head in equal-length fashion. A TiAL blow-off valve and wastegate, along with fuel components from RC Engineering and Aeromotive, make up the brunt of the forced induction system.

h22a oil pump swap meet

You'd not be mistaken to assume that, like the mid-'20s Boattail Bentley he'd once worked on, Wylie's Prelude follows similar suit, all but shunning forum monkeys and instead reading from its own script.

That an auto shop instructor would use his own lab to modify his own sled isn't surprising.

h22a oil pump swap meet

That he'd do so with the help of his students just might be. Hear Wylie's words and you'll understand that his Prelude wouldn't be were it not for his students, though. And perhaps that's exactly how the former dealership-technician-turned-auto-shop-teacher wanted it.

Some of my advanced students worked on the car with me so that they could get the experience. Today, most of them are modding their own cars. It's really cool to see them creating and doing work on their own cars. The Prelude half shafts are stronger and should be considered a necessity if you plan to use the extra power. The Accord's inner CV joint has a splined shaft that engages an internally splined section of the half shaft. The Prelude's assembly has a male spline on the half shaft that engages the beefy CV joint casing, a stronger design.

Apart from this difference, the sets are dimensionally the same and you'll have no trouble using the Prelude parts in the Accord knuckles and hubs. Exhaust The exhaust system is another example of the great planning or maybe just laziness of Honda engineers.

How many engine swaps are out there where you can use all OEM parts? The Prelude already comes with a nicely made header. Using the Prelude downpipe and cat, the rest of the exhaust system from a '90 to '93 Accord will bolt up. Another option for the exhaust system is to use the Prelude SH header, which comes with an adaptor that allows you to use the original '94 to '97 exhaust system.

With either approach, plenty of shops can supply a freer flowing system so the H22's high end isn't snuffed out. Intake The Accord throttle body is smaller than the Prelude part, so all that work you just did will be gasping for air right about when the VTEC switches.

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The Accord's throttle body works fine for regular sedan driving. The H22 will breathe deeper, especially at high revs where the Accord engine never ventured. If you don't need cruise control, you can use the Prelude throttle body and Prelude cables. Unlike the Accord throttle body's integrated MAP sensor, the Prelude's sensor is mounted on the firewall in a mystery box.

Use a MAP from a '90 to '93 Civic DX mounted to the firewall in place of the Prelude mystery box which has other emissions control functions we don't need.

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You'll need to extend the MAP connector lead from the engine harness and come up with a piece of vacuum hose to make it all work. To keep the cruise control, stay with an Accord-like throttle body and cables. No engine swap can be emotionally complete without a hacksaw, drill and file--here's your chance. You'll need a bracket to bolt the Accord's cable support to the H22's intake manifold.

h22a oil pump swap meet

Look at the photo to see our masterpiece. A bored-out throttle body will actually be put to good use here, so send the Accord piece off to meet the machinist. To finish it off, you'll probably want something bigger and shinier for the intake tube.

h22a oil pump swap meet

If it will fit the Accord, it will fit this hybrid. If you marked the vacuum system out well before you plucked the F22, you'll know how to connect it to the H Use the vacuum system on the H22 as is, but connect the appropriate tubes to the existing ports in the engine bay.

jdm h22 oil pump swap

Fuel system When you try to hook up the fuel line, you'll notice the Accord's rubber line bolts onto the opposite side of the fuel rail as the Prelude. Fortunately, a '97 or newer Prelude fuel rail will marry the fuel systems.

The part number from the dealer is PT3-A Cooling Heater hoses from a '96 Prelude are slightly longer than earlier Prelude or Accord pieces and will fit better.