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deus swap meet

It wouldn't be a Venice Summer without a Deus Surf Swap Meet. Every summer the Deus parking lot transforms into a proper Southern California surf swap meet . If you find yourself in Sydney this weekend, consider heading along to the swap meet being held at Deus Ex Machina in Camperdown. After an incredibly long wait, Sydney City Council finally gave us the green light and we are pleased to announce (if you didn't already know) that our Swap.

Espresso bar, pretty girls, rockabilly boys, and a FULL helping of clothing. Shiny bikes, too - the kind that you walk around but don't get within a foot of, because you are not quite sure if you are allowed to. Where's the welding and the oil and the hard work? Where do you guys earn your cool? Luckily, Mike's face lit up when I challenged him and I was whisked off into the back where I arrived at what I wholeheartedly call a shop.

Deus swap meet

Reassuringly, Mike had greasy hands to prove it and walked me extremely knowledgeably through the current projects, sure to eventually end up on the posters for sale out in the store. We chatted about design lines, tricks to hiding batteries, elusive vintage parts, jetting carbs with those troublesome velocity stacks, scouring Japan for that one halo piece and indeed, simple geek stuff like clocking the screws to all line up.

I was then taken to the second shop, accessed through a maze of storage containers and housed in a false back to a warehouse. In here lives a brain bending volume of parts, ready to be picked through for the next build.

Walking back, I saw the parking lot where the locals meet for group rides, where Deus host swap meets and where they plan to have build teaching days in the future. Honestly, I was just plain impressed by everything they achieved. Sure, their bikes are expensive, as are their clothes, and well, everything is. They are my go-to travel pant and come from a motorcycle company. So why some of the hate? People like to bitch, it's a universal fact, so it's just too easy for people to question Dues's authenticity because they have grown bigger than the cafe culture wants to allow them to.

They have become successful in other avenues, so some might see them as sell-outs. Bullshit, it's just bloody good business.

deus swap meet

Unfortunately, however, the hill that led to the old vineyard of which we already knew the history at this point, knocked out a couple happy farmers, some bikes and about a dozen tyres, but that was fine: In the end, everyone managed to make it to the top, some heroically on bikes, others walking to save face and still others no names mentioned on board the Ape Piaggio, a race service as special as it was fundamental collect the fallen during the day.

And at the top it was a toast and photographs for the APEritif, with a breathtaking view which, all agreed, was well worth the effort.

deus swap meet

After the scenic APEritif, our tipsy cyclists divided up: The more "cyclist" of the group, left for the 40 km ring, followed by Volkswagen support vehicles and preceded by the Ape Calessino where photographers and videographers resumed the race.

Some managed to finish and others did not, but our congratulations go to everyone for having given it their all. The "chill out" moment had officially begun and relaxation was interrupted only by those who met the challenge of the second special trial - the timed circuit immersed in the vines which our open-air lounge overlooked. Between personal challenges to the death and those who tackled it as a leisurely ride, in the end, each cyclist had a respective time.

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But the sums were drawn at the end of the day during the dinner with tasting at the San Guido tavern, where we had the chance to taste the famous labels produced by the Estate. The awards ceremony also held plenty of surprises.

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In fact, despite the fact that Guido had struck a blow to all with a great time in the second trial, the top step of the podium was occupied by none other than our own Deus Cycleworks manager, Paolo.

The winners were awarded with a unique medal created specifically for the occasion: During the entire day, there was also a photo contest sponsored by our partner, Leica, who awarded the most beautiful and significant photograph of the event.

deus swap meet

The winner was one of the San Guido hosts, Edoardo. The morning after, there were some with aching legs and others with aching heads, but this first edition of Deus CycleWine was a special experience for all.