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June 18, respect nature has been the U. We have suffered flash flooding and the damage done is incredible. Many sites of pictures, drone footage and aerial shots are all over social media. Homes and businesses as well as area roads and trails have great losses. It is going to take time,patients, and a whole lot of SISU to bring our communities back Hoping that wildlife and 4 legged family friends have faired well through this storm. There will be many road and trail closers for quite some time ,some area businesses as well.

It will be best to ask locals what are best routes,check our FB page as we are trying to post updates. April 13, Fri. But it ain't over till the fat lady sings and I'm not a singing! Spring is in the air robins have arrived, little critters are out,skunks, ground hogs etc. We all would like to thank you for once again making us your home away from home,we were able to meet new folks this year and of course it is always nice to see our yearly regulars which rebook years in advance.

Yes for certain events especially at MTU and long weekends we book out 2 years in advance now thank you. Please always be sure to read our policies and cabin rules before committing to a reservation,again thank you!!!

March 18, March came in like a lamb, will it leave like a lion???? Yes there are bare spots and pavement in towns and crossings,some snirty spots are appearing in some areas but for the most part our trails are being groomed all reports have been positive, as for off trail one must wait until 11ish to hit the snow ,as the nights have been clear and cold so it takes a little time to soften up the snow.

There should be easily 2 plus weeks left to ride however grooming stops April 1st. January 23, input from all that attended AM Magizine clinic to all that attended if you could give your input to AM Magazine,Ashley, Matt, Skidoo ,and us we'd love to hear how it was,if another should be in the future,what could have been better We are getting calls from ares within 1 hour of us worrying about the for casted weekend warm temps. I'm sure we won't lose our snow, it might hit over 30 which could make grooming difficult but that just means going out after the temps.

Then the forecast is saying a significant snowfall storm is headed our way 8 to 12 some say 12 plus so it's wait and see. Like lake front property there is only so much available, well the same goes for private land use as well, once we get a land owner upset it takes for ever to find new owners to give us permission to use their land. I have no answers other ten to educate, confront when you see wrong doing, report or file complaints with the local police dept. Also want to thank those that were 1st.

January 1, dates left in Feb. It looks like it did back in Nov. The Superior Snowmobile Club has their monthly meeting tonight so hope to have updates on the south end, I am sure they will only be panning at this point ,the mat will go down when the ships are done for the season.

Very limited openings for Feb. November 12, wow mid way through Nov. My tags are filled as I prefer crossbow hunting but it was a good year for me a 6 pointer and a really nice mature 8 pointer that will become a mount for me! Some of you may know we have had 24'' if snow so far this season,and still have some on the ground,it has people fired up!!!

Dec, 1st is the official starting date for grooming lets hope we get things to freeze up and snow continues in our forecasts. Just a FYI our weekends usually book 1 to 2 years in advance there is a few limited open, we can put you on a cancellation list as they to do come in.

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If you mentioned you saw it here we offer a free day if you book a Sun. Last weekend was parents weekend at MTU and the weather was 1 day off but everyone made the best of it. The LSR rally is coming up next weekend try and get out in the woods to watch the action,lets hope the weather holds out ,they are saying a warm week coming up! Other then hunting and some pretty good fishing not much is happening in our area. Lots of snow shows is getting people fired up for this coming season, checked out John Dee's winter forecast and lets hope it holds true!

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Check out pics of my Summit XT-3 for sale on here and my FB page if your looking for a used sled this winter it still has a 2 yr, warranty left on it! Just a FYI for everyone weekends are almost all booked up, so we want to get you to stay at our cabins and get on the list for next year so we are offering a early week deal And please remember if you plan to attend any events at MTU please remember we book 1 to 2 years out!!!

September 20, time to get back to work on this page it was a slow start to summer,but as time went buy the tourist came, record numbers of visitors to the U. Thanks to all that choose us for their destination!

This weekend is the Superior Snowmobile Club's trail work weekend, it starts on Fri. Many lodging establishments have offered free or discounted lodging,area businesses are providing bag lunches, and others are donating dishes for the picnic. It is a fun time,try and join us!!! Well the MTU and Finlandia students are settled in and out population in the area doubled, makes for interesting travels to town. MTU parents Weekend is coming quick we did receive a few cancellations,so there's time to book.

LSR Rally is coming quick. The reservation book is filling fast and all of us are in high hopes of a awesome year of snow!! March 18, isn't over till the fat lady sings??? For our area it was a blessing but a curse,as we had the only snow in the mid west,so warm temps.

With that came a record number of complaints, Dave and I are snowmobile lovers that's why we built this resort, are involved in grooming trails, and get how you all look forward to your vacations.

We understand the frustration when trails are poor, this year we did ask you all to get involved by reporting trail conditions to the MSA, and can't thank you enough for your involvement, it caused contraversy,but at least voices were heard. We cannot help you without involvement, we get it, you work hard all year, look forward to your time and are blessed that you choose to spend your monies here in the U.

I just wish others understood the concept of pleasing customers with service. In the perfect world of grooming ,trails would be groomed after 8 p. This year is at the end and next year will be here sooner then we think, can't thank you all enough for choosing us to be your home away from home and your continued support of rebooking year after year!

This sport is picking up by leaps and bounds and with good reason we have alot to offer, good trail systems,inland lakes,the big lake, waterfalls,light houses,parks,shopping, galleries and theaters,and the prettiest scenery in the mid west.

We have great spring river fishing close by, lots of inland lakes and soon the golf courses will be open all with in 5 to 20 miles of us. So consider joining us for the other 3 seasons you won't be disappointed if you enjoy nature, peace and quite, and outdoor activities. There is grooming still going on and limited riding to be had.

February 6, please note we have a price increase for our winter rates starting March 1st. February 4, ground hog saw his shadow 6 more weeks to bbbbrrrraaaaapppp!!!!!

January 30, Jan. Hoping that LES kicks in soon. MTU's Winter Carnival is soon approching the statues are taking shape, dog sled races are coming up as well, the ski hills are doing well.

Winter isn't over yet we have very limited dates open for Feb. We are blessed to have another 1' added to the total of around ''. Do check out our face book page there are a few openings left for the women's riding clinic sponsered by Diva's Sled Gear, the snow is perect!!!

March weekends are almost booked up! December 28, almost are you braaaappppin' yet??? The snow chasers are chopping at the bit as the 3 famous letters are in our forecast LES to our surprise as everyone was experiencing warm temps.

I'm happy for our customers that keep coming back and reserving very early in the year as they have a place to come home to, it's been really hard to find lodging for people that are trying top stay in our area, things really do book up to a year in advance around here especially if there are events at the 2 local collages, lodging is limited especially if your looking for a cabin. Well is almost here let's hope it is good to all!!! Please join us in the great room from 9 pm to midnight on New Year's Eve there will be a soup bar and munchies served!

Sleds are here ,ski teams are booked we're ready to rock and roll!!!! Next weekend is MTU's winter graduation congrats to bot the parents and the students may your futures be bright!!

I did a brief trail report for those who are curious. As o now the trail cam is down John had to bring the computor in sorry! December 3, a start to the season has begun for us in the South Range area,there is a trace of snow on the ground so it's beginning to look like Christmas!

Everyone's been doing the snow dance and play it's song,so fingers and toes are crossed. Tis the season to get ready for Christmas, here like every where Christmas craft sales, programs, and small business sales are every where, towns are decorated but a little help from Mother Nature would truly set the setting. Again all of us in business are glued to the Weather Channel in anticipation, snowmobile clubs are starting up their meetings to get this years agenda in place, and those with reservations are chopping at the bit they are asking is there any snow yet, when and where will it come?

Just in case I don't get in a new journal before the holidays David, Kathy, Helen, Torey and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,for those of you with other faiths and beliefs my your events be filled with fun,friends and families as well, we here at the cabins look forward to your return visits or your 1st. We thank you for choosing us to be your destination! Please if your here to snowmobile, please respect private property, ride to ' your' ability, know trail rules and etiquette,stop or move over for the groomers and let them know if your the last or more coming and give them the thumbs, up as many are volunteers!

And please don't thrash or trash that fresh groomed trail as many more are either ahead or behind you,lets all try and keep the season fatality free! November 19, 1st snowfall for the season was at A welcomed site for both hunters and a start to the upcoming snowmobile season as grooming hopefully will start on Dec. I went bow hunting for the 1st. Of course with the upcoming snowmobile season coming I love to put on a few wildgame feeds for my guests, it's tradition we do potluck!

Well I have had a whopper of a year with 2 awesome hunts, and I get a new ride this year for the up coming sledding season, as Dave is getting a new sled so I get his from last year, and to top it off, I get a big girl truck, as a deal of a lie time came up for a F King Ranch dually diesel pickup whew what could top off this year A few positive changes for the area has come We wish them both a successful season and future!

The Keweenaw received a new groomer this year 1 of the 2 released for the year in the state of Michigan! Here's hoping the season will be a good one! October 26, winters coming after getting 2 busy weekends caught up and a fun huge wedding it's time to take a breather and get caught up.

Road rally weekend and parents weekend at MTU was 2 of the nicest weekends weather wise that we've had in quite sometime.

This past weekend and for the most part for the whole week the Goodson families were here was great as well.

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The wedding they had was so fun and family and friend oriented, they hosted a Halloween themed wedding, the decorations and food was so clever and fun. Good luck to all, I'm hoping to get out with the crossbow and bag me a record keeper myself,after my 1st.

All signs in nature are showing signs that winter is on it's way my Mt. All predictions of weather are in the positive for a good snow year as well. Reservations are coming in, some however are disappointed that we were already booked or their dates and that they were filled in already a year ago.

We are looking forward to being the host site for the 2nd. Winter Carnival was booked up a year ago,but keep in touch we may end up with cancellations. October 10, need info for Feb. October 3, 2 months and counting Dec. Youtube Lake Superior Road Rally.

For those of you looking for less excitement and wondering how the colors are in our area,my guess is this coming weekend should be close to peak. Well hunting season is in full swing,last weeks of bear season, archery deer season has started, bird season to star then of course we will be into the U. Also for the families of MTU students we still have availability for winter graduation.

So how many of you are disappointed in your preseason orders for the new Skidoo's rumor has it they won't be arriving till mid Dec!

Just a reminder we still have a few openings for the 1st. For the girls that booked early you won't be disappointed in our facility, and for those of you that were not able to book with us we have plenty of parking your more then welcome to drop and ride.

As always we are sorry to say we are booked up for Winter Carnivaland now taking reservations for ,but booking up fast! September 18, whew fast 1st. Thanks Frank and Angie for everything so fun seeing the kids.

Also a big thanks to all that donated bag lunches vand brought a dish to pass for the picnic that Krupp's hosts. This year I was lucky enough to get a bear hunting tag and I really wanted to try a hunt this year and learn how to shoot a crossbow. Much to Dave's surprise I think, no actually I know he was happy that I wanted to try so he set me up to practice shooting and getting a spot ready for the hunt, giving me pointers and advice I took it quite serious.

To everyone's surprise he was massive, dressed he came in at I was told before cleaning him he was easily over ,lots of congrats was given and thank you all It is still like a dream and I can't believe I hunted and bagged one. I now understand the big to do of hunting. This month is and has been busy busy next up is MTU career days, then family.

Yes it is time to get your dates set for your snowmobile trips we look forward to seeing you I you can't come please join the club in a area you ride in.

The season is approaching fast this week end is Hay Days looking forward to seeing our friends from far and wide!!! This year is extra special I pulled a bear permit, so it's a hunting I will go!!! Trying to get the resort in top notch shape for the busy season ahead of us August 24, summers end in sight after many hot days, we are blessed with a few cooler ones in the mid 70's and rain to cut down on the dust and dry.

Last weekend the area received the doubling of our area population with the return o the collage students,the weather did not cooperate however,those that stayed through Sunday were able to enjoy the local area and it's beauty as well as events.

So the end of summer events are now upon us Houghton Co. A fun event coming up in Oct. This year there will be ALOT of work as we had high winds that took down alot of trees. As always the local businesses take care of those that come up to volunteer,with bag lunches,picnic and free lodging.

It's such a fun time to see old faces and meet new people that want to come and work on the trails they ride. Don't forget to join a local club that grooms the trails you enjoy,we all need your support and tourisum. Speaking of trail work,the grand opening to the snowmobile season is soon approching,Hay Days, another fun event where we get to see our patrons! For those of you that follow us on Facebook there is a small request from Dave and I, there is a go fund me article posted on there it's or our friend and employee Kathy's husband Bob, many of you have probably met Bob,as he has probably lent you a tool,canoe,tow etc.

Trust me Kathy and Bob are proud people and have come to accept they need help and their niece set this up much to their disapproval,but as many have told them it is not a hand out it is from people that want to help and know you August 13, all is in the air Could hardly wait or the hot weather to pass, we needed rain and in 1 day all was in the air, cooler temps.

Another sign of fall is getting ready to fill my bear tag, we can start scouting and baiting. The days are shorter already and just a few weeks away it will be Hay Days weekend the grand opening to the snowmobile season looking forward to our mini get away to see good friends and customers that weekend. The collage students and families have already started their trek here getting the kids moved in, and you know it's fall when your husband is watching football!!! Still lots of events on the calendar in our area,and Sept.

Be sure to check us out and make us your home away from homecheck out our facebook page as I try to post area events and places to see June 20, 1st. My husband points out that from today on the days now get shorter,getting closer to his favorite times of year For today I am going to enjoy summer, the gardens at home and the cabins, and look forward to the local events that go on here in the area. Bridgefest is now over, Pasty fest, numerous 4th of July celebrations in the area, fishing tournaments, Strawberry Festival and more.

Come check us out and all that our area has to offer! June 1, summer soon to start Well we are in the very beginnings of the summer season. Perhaps more importantly, it reduces the approach angle from driver to skidframe.

This means the track rolls with less resistance, and you know what that means…yup, more speed. We were also surprised at how well the SRX continued to absorb bumps and trail chatter.

In fact, we could nary tell the difference in ride quality between the SRX and a Sidewinder. The improved balance and spring rates that are softer initially, ut ra u to t e sa e final force at the end of stroke, has allowed Yamaha engineers to attain more speed and i ro e t e andlin it out sacrificin comfort. Even in big trail chop, we never experienced harsh bottoming.

The newest version is faster; smoother; better handling; quieter; and more comfortable by a wide margin. The shocks from the IQS system look very similar to QS3 versions; the primary difference is an insulated wire leading to a compact servo motor, residing where the knob is found on the manual adjust Quick Switch units. For certain these runners produce laser-straight tracking and nary a hint of hunting or darting.

Unlike the hyper sleds of old, the SRX can be driven, as happy running 40mph on a twisted trail as it is turning a frozen lake into a blur, something the hyper sleds from the 90s could never accomplish.

The new controls feature a redesigned throttle that touts improved ergonomics and reduced throw, making it more comfortable on long rides, especially for those who have smaller hands. Other new features include left-block switches and a stand-alone kill switch that can be rotated down to avoid accidental contact, and a new Hayes brake reservoir with contoured brake lever that is both closer to the bar and easier to manipulate with one or t o fin ers.

Obviously speed and ligament stretching acceleration is the coveted attribute of the modern SRX, but we were shocked to discover the sled was something much more during our time spent in the saddle this past spring.

The combination of shallow lug track, lowered ride height, and instant ability to break traction made the SRX in many ways, more trail friendly than similar Sidewinder models. Enter the corner hot, tap the brake to set and kick-out the back of the sled, approach the apex, and then hammer down for a power sliding exit that is simply too grin worthy to ignore.

With taller lugs and more aggressive trac s eco in t e nor fe ill ar ue t e enefits of additional traction when it comes to acceleration and control. But there are also unwanted attributes of having this additional grip. This force is then fed into the suspension which must manage the movement.

Because of this, we found the SRX to actually deliver a more compliant ride in moderate to light trail chop. Instead of feeding the force of each bump into the suspension, the Ripsaw 1 track would more often than not, slide across the face of the bump. Coming into the season, we were fairly certain another Sidewinder would be in our stable.

We deemed the SRX would be too one dimensional for our varied riding needs. Turns out e ere ron. The top button with the analog gauge icon is used to activate and control the IQS shock technology. Along with dash gauge indication, you can leave the suspension feature active, so you can make quick changes at any time throughout your ride.

A new Hayes master cylinder has been mated with a short throw brake lever that offers greatly improved ergonomics over the previous design. While easily within one-finger reach, brake response, feel, and effort remains heavy and vague. Your girlfriend tells us you have small hands. The improved shape, proximity to the bar, and shorter throw combine for dramatically improved throttle control.

The exhaust note of that triple was nothing short of intoxicating. When the Sidewinder was introduced, the force-inducted power was harnessed by a new YSRC roller secondary and upsized primary. However, the big power and abundant under-hood heat have made belt life an issue for some. We know our Sidewinder would hit, and even exceed mph indicated based on personal experience last winter.

Yamaha claims the SRX is even faster. When the Genesis Turbo was introduced, spring of we were given a small taste at that time as to what spurred the development of this beastly motor.

I think Sidewinder reinvents not only the way we think about 4-stroke snowmobiles but also turbocharged snowmobiles. Previously the industry had seen turbocharged snowmobiles capable of making a lot of power, but with the tradeoff being turbo-lag. Utilizing technology previously reserved only for supercars, we were able to almost eliminate turbo-lag from the T.

The SRX project had two main goals. One, to be the fastest snowmobile at the end of the lake or drag strip; and two, to be the flattest most predictable handling, groomed trail snowmobile.

We knew the more seamless and predictable we could make the power delivery, the better the inherent handling and control would be. Obviously when you have a sled producing horsepower with a turbo under the hood producing a lot of heat, belt life is always a concern. Any advice on how to obtain the best performance and belt-life with an SRX or Sidewinder?

From our experience there are a few rules to live by with a snowmobile with this much power. One - proper drive belt break-in is very important when it comes to belt life. Second — You need to let the snowmobile warm up in extreme cold, and this includes your clutches. Number three - Proper maintenance and inspection of your clutches, including belt height is more critical.