When a relationship serves no purpose

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when a relationship serves no purpose

A relationship is not meant to make you happy. A relationship ends when you' ve each served your purpose to each other, in terms of growth. Letting go of things that do not serve you is as simple as dropping the Invariably these relationships drain you and provide no personal growth for either party. Whatever way the universe decides is best to re-purpose your. What is the real benefit of staying in a relationship that no longer serves you, and When the purpose of a relationship is to love and evolve and work through.

It's powerful and it's healing. I had a romantic fantasy that the one who broke my heart was my sole true love. I thought it would last forever. It lasted for many years and I learned what unconditional love was about, even it if didn't last forever.

Unfortunately in order to experience this type of love, you have to become vulnerable and open your heart. I had to ask myself, why can't we look at our romantic relationships as a full-length movie, or something that we could have forever, 'til death do us part?

Why are some relationships and friendships just chapters in our lives, and not an entire book? Within a year after my heartbreak, I got engaged and later married the man who was the next chapter of my life.

I thought about my long-lost love for a moment, but I had moved on. I received an email from the guy who broke my heart wishing me the best in my new marriage.

A Relationship Will Not Make You Happy (So Stop Looking For Happiness There)

I chose to ignore it and close that chapter. As I'm always one to lend and ear and an opinion in matters of the heart, I have consoled many friends during their heartbreaks.

After all, we take our life lessons and pay them forward. I used these exact words, "Every relationship serves a purpose, but is limited" to console many girlfriends who were jolted by the demise of their relationships that prematurely ended either as a death or a divorce, which more often than not felt like death as well. It gave them comfort to hear those words.

when a relationship serves no purpose

What I didn't realize at the time, as I do now, is how this statement transfers into friendships that abruptly end. When your best friend dumps and discards you, or you have outgrown a relationship and decide to move on, it can be as hurtful as a death or divorce. One day, a very close girlfriend of 25 years decided to discard me in an email. She had been the maid of honor at my wedding. I held her hand during her divorce. I diligently sent birthday cards to her children every year. Although we lived on separate coasts, we were best friends.

It was as close to a sister as I had ever had. Suddenly, one day in my inbox, I received an angry email, telling me she was done with me. She broke up with me from the stroke of her keyboard.

Every Relationship Serves a Purpose, But is Limited

It was a unilateral decision. There was no discussion. I tried to use my own words, "Every relationship serves a purpose, but it limited" to get over it.

when a relationship serves no purpose

I realized that she had a history of dismissing people in her life, and then returning back again, as if nothing had happened. It was just my turn. As a natural instinct and reaction, I thought about defending myself. Yeah, this is the confusion I have battled for a long time.

While I am no relationship expert, what I have come to figure out along the way is this: I know this so well that my heart is beginning to pound even as I write it.

How do you know if you have abandoned yourself? This really is no place to live. What is the real benefit of staying in a relationship that no longer serves you, and what is the cost?

What will your life look like? Another subtle benefit is accountability. This allows your life to continue its stroll, never changing and never causing any waves in either direction.

We are comfortable in our problems.

A Relationship Will Not Make You Happy (So Stop Looking For Happiness There) | Thought Catalog

Our problems validate our core beliefs which are way more rigid than a simple lie we told ourselves to get by in the moment. This is how powerful a fundamental belief is. It sabotages all your best intentions and goes to show how the work and the relationship with yourself must come from you first.