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tales of symphonia sheena relationship counseling

The characters from the game Tales of Symphonia. SPOILER ALERT: NOT ALL SPOILERS ARE MARKED. Playable Characters Lloyd IrvingVoiced by. Do storyline decisions (helping Sheena at Luin etc) matter? . to think logically so make Lloyd follow his teacher's advice despite the thoughts. For Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube, a GameFAQs message board advice giving don't add up to a dating/marriage relationship, but a.

PChapin PChapin 7 years ago 8 Sheena is a great character. Really, this game is full of all-around great characters. I really don't have a problem with Colette being the canon "soul mate" though.

This way you have the way the story is "supposed" to be, but while you're playing you have the option of deviating from it and getting any of the other characters, in the process learning a lot more about them.

Although in practice the "canon" is only used for adaptations and such, because game-wise there is only one other game with the same characters and it preserves the choice of soul mate. I like my brain more than them. They can have mercy when they can spell it. Just because it's a game doesn't mean that she likes him because she expresses dislike for him. He sleeps around evidenced by what he says about the Meltokio sewersadmits to wanting to molest women with that darkness power in the Dark Temple, peeps on the girls bathing and is generally very disgusting in regards to his sexuality.

However, that doesn't mean I don't like him. He's a decent character with decent development but I can't get past his sexual depravity.

Sheena clearly hates this about him as well as the others. She is more vocal about it however.

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I believe they had SOME sort of relationship in the past though, due to that. Perhaps they had gotten close at one point but Zelos being Zelos, he betrayed her feelings before anything could truly develop. Whether he had sex with another woman the most likely outcome or simply kept flirting, this betrayal would be cause for her apparent disdain for him while at the same time giving cause to keep some sort of relationship with him.

Colette and Zelos seems like the best pairing to me, despite my annoyance with the former and disgust for the latter.

tales of symphonia sheena relationship counseling

They share similar experiences due to being Chosens. She would be a good balance for him, keeping him in line while also allowing some sort of freedom, and he would most likely help her become more open and get past some of her numerous flaws. Flaws such as always apologizing, always taking blame, never sticking up for herself, speaking up about her own problems more, etc.

Now if only he could do something about her trouble walking and balancing straight Lloyd, while not the most fleshed out character, is a good match for Sheena. The two are similar yet still distinctly different, Sheena clearly values Lloyd's opinion greatly even if her affection isn't highest, the two work together well and converse easily. Any relationship Lloyd has, though, suffers due to being a player avatar. While the game clearly wants to push you towards Colette, as she sports a ridiculously high affection from the start and tries to make Lloyd concerned which comes across as forced imoSheena simply fits better, makes more sense story wise AND personality wise.

Mithos chose to try and destroy a world that had wronged him, but Genis chooses the opposite and forgives the world. An interesting thing to note is that if Mithos hijacks Genis's body, both Mithos and Genis's voices speak when Mithos used Genis to talk to the party. This is a key hint that had Genis gone down a different path from where he was, he would have become Mithos's ally and accepted his ideology above Lloyd's.

If, by the end of the game, Lloyd's closest relationship is with Genis, he goes off with Lloyd to search for the remaining Exspheres at the story's conclusion, while also traveling with his sister Raine in an effort to make it easier for half-elves to live in the new world.

Dawn of the New World. Genis returns in the sequel Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World as a playable character. Although still small, he has grown a lot in the last two years. He is extremely worried about Lloyd, so he and Raine split up to find him.

The relationship between Genis and the new protagonists is complicated; although he is happy to have made friends close to his age once again, he feels sad about their hostility toward Lloyd.

He also tells Raine, in a short cutscene skit, that he wanted her to notice he was "taller". When she asked how much, he says he grew a sixteenth of an inch.

Genis, like Raine, also mistakenly calls Tenebrae "Tenebie" when they meet, due to speaking with Colette before hand. When he goes with them to Triet so they can enter the ruins, a short cut scene shows him remembering Presea after hearing Marta mention how walking in the recently snow covered Triet seemed romantic, showing he still has feelings for Presea. At the core's altar, they encounter Lloyd, and Genis asks him what is happening. Lloyd then threatens to attack them, but after hearing a howl from a nearby monster, he leaves.

When talking about Lloyd's possible plans, Genis is looking down with a sad look. Light and Darkness Although hurt and sad by his best friend's rejection, Genis goes with the rest of the party to Izoold where they find Regal Bryant in prison. In order to prove his innocence, they go to the Camberto Caves to find some rosemary.

After finding it and releasing Regal, he and Raine go ahead head to Flanoirwhile Emil, Marta, Tenebrae and Regal try to find out the mystery behind the recent fires. Genis and Raine are not seen again until the Temple of Icebut leave afterward to go find Lloyd. Eternal Bond Genis and Raine permanently join afterward, and in Genis's conversation in Palmacostahe tells Emil about the critics they all got after the Giant Kharlan Tree destroyed the city.

He says that he is glad he and everyone have Lloyd, and that it is good that Emil now is friend with him. At the end of the game, Genis says how cool it is that he made friends with a Summon Spirit before leaving the Ginnungagap. Appearance and Personality Though he is often portrayed as a coward, Genis is actually a very strong boy.

When he was born, his family was being chased by the Elemental Research Laboratory in Sybak because of his sister's astonishing intelligence for such a young age.

About the time he was born, Genis and Raine were abandoned at the Otherworldly Gate by their mother in a last-ditch effort to save them from half-elf persecution by transporting them to Sylvarant. The two later came to reside in the village of Iseliapassing themselves off as pure elves.

As a result of the heavy persecution directed toward half-elves like himself, Genis expresses a dislike of humans later in the game. He is very intelligent like his sister Raine, but unlike her, he is a superb cook whose skills are rivaled only by those of Regal.

Genis's intelligence is demonstrated more than once on the trip, from an incident on the Ossa Trail to an academic competition at the Palmacosta Academy.

Since he is a half-elf, he is sensitive to the amount of mana in the air and is easily able to gauge how much of it there is. At the beginning of the game, Genis merely has access to the novice spell Fire Ball.

As the story progresses, however, he develops and becomes a great mage. While his magical abilities are the best of all playable characters in Tales of Symphonia, he possesses no close-ranged skills other than swinging his kendama at the enemy.

Playable Characters

Genis is able to make use of nearly all the elements in the game, lacking only the ability to learn a Dark-elemental spell. His novice spells consist of the aforementioned Fire Ball, Stone BlastWind BladeAqua EdgeLightningand Icicle ; these spells eventually pave the way for similar mid and advanced elemental spells that vary depending on his particular Technical-based or Strike-based arte progression.

He is also able to learn the massively powerful Meteor Storm arte. Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology as a playable character, and is one of the few pure magic casters beside Arche Klein from Tales of Phantasia. He is classed as a Mage with the "Genius" title, which can be a parallel with his Japanese name. Most of the time, he demonstrates his intelligence and wonders about his future, but is also trying to get taller, even asking Reid Hershel from Tales of Eternia for advice.

Together with Lloyd, with or without Raine, it is possible to fight him in a "Trial Quest". Radiant Mythology 2 Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Genis and most of the Symphonia characters appear as playable characters in Tales of the World: Genis arrives on the Van Eltia along with Kratos and Presea.

During the third story mission Genis and Raine go along with the Protagonist to the Peri Mines to investigate the causes of the earthquakes going on. In the mines they find out an army is using the mana from the World Tree in weapon experiments. Genis plays no important role after this event, but the player can take up other quests with him. After Goede is finally defeated, Genis is seen with the other Symphonia cast on the Van Eltia looking at the mana spreading across the world.

tales of symphonia sheena relationship counseling

The kendama Genis uses throughout the game is the "Nova". Radiant Mythology 3 Genis appears in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 as a playable character. He, along with Raine, are recruitable in a personal quest sent by Raine in Almanac Ruins.