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Shiva Spinfab (P) Limited is a Private limited company .. to any wilful default or neglect of the Acquirers or failure of the Acquirers to diligently pursue on the form of acceptance-cum acknowledgement in relation to this. When a relationship is failing, there are usually some pretty obvious signs, like an increase in arguments, name-calling, and more time spend. CRISIL has been consistently following up with Gee Emm Spinfab Limited (GESL ) for obtaining Despite repeated attempts to engage with the management, CRISIL failed to receive any information on Media Relations.

In present petition the petitioner has prayed, inter alia that: So far as factual backdrop is concerned it has emerged from the record that the petitioner company engaged present respondent in January The petitioner company styled the respondent and his appointment as appointment of the respondent as "Trainee". The appointment order dated The application was registered as T-Application No.

After completion of the pleadings Labour Court received and recorded evidence form both sides and when the parties to the proceedings closed their evidence, Labour Court heard rival submissions. Learned appellate Court heard the appeal and vide order decision dated Learned Industrial Court heard the review application. After considering rival submission, learned Industrial Court rejected the said review application vide order dated Before Labour Court and before Industrial Court the company claimed that the applicant was engaged as trainee and that therefore he cannot be and should not be considered "employee" within the meaning of said term defined under Section 2 3 of the Bombay Industrial Relation Act.

The company also claimed that the claimant was engaged as trainee for period of 3 months but the period was extended at the request of the claimant. It was also claimed that the performance o the claimant was not even satisfactory and despite verbal warning office memo dated It is mentioned in the order dated He also claimed that actually he was appointed and engaged as R.

He denied that he had requested the company to extend the period of trainee. He denied that he was engaged as trainee and that his performance was not satisfactory. Learned Senior Counsel for the petitioner assailed the decision by learned Labour Court and Industrial Court on the ground that both the Courts failed to take into account and appreciate Clause 3 i of applicable Standing Orders which defines the term "Permanent Operative" as well as Clause v of standing order which defines the term "Apprentice".

He would also claim that both the Courts failed to appreciate that burden to prove that he was permanent employee was on the claimant and that the claimant failed to place on record any order confirming his service or any order whereby status of permanent employee was conferred to him or any order appointing the claimant as permanent workman or even appointment order appointing him on probation basis. It is also contended that the claimant was engaged as trainee and that total period of his engagement with the company was hardly six months.

It is also claimed that the learned Courts misread and misconstrued evidence by Mr. Bhatt, Deputy Manager and the evidence by Mr. The company also contended that the conclusion by learned Courts that the claimant was permanent employee is merely presumption and conjecture of learned Courts and it is not based on any evidence.

According to learned Senior Counsel for the petitioner learned Courts ignored that in his cross examination the claimant admitted that his first appointment was as trainee and that the claimant did not place on record any order appointing him as permanent employee and that the finding by the Courts considering that the claimant's appointment and service with company was as permanent employee is perverse.

It is also contended that the learned Labour Court has recorded finding about victimization in absence of any evidence and that therefore the said finding is also perverse.

The Cycle of Failed Relationships

The submissions by learned Senior Counsel by the company are opposed by learned advocate for the respondent. It is submitted by learned advocate for the respondent that both the Courts have recorded concurrent findings and that therefore there is no need or justification to disturb said concurrent findings.

It is further contended that even if the claimants initial appointment is considered as that of trainee, then also, his service, on and from 1. It is also contended that learned Labour Court has rightly held that the performance at the rate less than expected standard cannot be termed misconduct. It is also claimed that since subsequently other person was placed to perform work which the claimant perform established that the service of the claimant was terminated illegally and though work was available the procedure prescribed for retrenchment was not followed.

The learned advocate for the respondent submitted that there is no error or illegality in the order passed by both the Courts. I have considered rival submissions and material available on record including appointment order, identity card which is relied on by the Court and the deposition of the witnesses and impugned order as well as other material available on record. At the outset it is necessary to mention that there is no dispute with regard to the date from which the respondent came to be engaged and the date on which he came to be relieved.

A copy of the appointment order and copy of the order terminating service of the respondent are available on record.

Why No Relationship Is a Failure: 5 Lessons on Love That Doesn't Last

For example, dating someone with a lot of female friends showed me that I was pretty insecure; while at first his social circle seemed to be the problem how dare he hang out with other women, right? Through examining my buttons rather than the button pusherI was better equipped to do the self-work that would allow me to show up more fully for every future relationship, romantic or not.

Relationships allow us to practice vulnerability. After all, none of us really know what the future holds, right? Those of us who have experienced our fair share of heartache have even more reason to be cautious: Yet, being vulnerable in the face of potential loss is truly the bread and butter of life.

Sure, we could play our cards close to our vest and lessen the likelihood of possible harm—but in turn, we also lessen the likelihood of truly being known. No love is ever wasted. When in the throes of a relationship, we often have our heart set on not just our partner, but on our future with that partner.

SPIN selling summary

A buyer's request for a proposal is not an Advance unless the buyer also agrees to take some action. The outcome of a call that does not reach agreement on action that moves the sale forward is termed a Continuation and considered unsuccessful. Top sellers reach their goals by consistently planning and conducting calls that move the sale forward in steps. Really skilled sellers then select those ingenious small actions that the buyer is likely to agree to. They also generate alternative actions to propose as needed for the actual sales visit.

There are safe and dangerous areas and times to use various question types. Opening Demonstrating Capability Obtaining Commitment And their research shows that the Investigating stage is the most crucial in large, complex sales. The book also proposes in relation to Demonstrating Capability that you need to sell Benefits rather than Features and Advantages. Moreover, the author contends that If you try to sell using Advantages it leads to objections which slow down the sales process.

In my opinion the concepts of "SPIN Selling" are sound and represent a logical and teachable way to move towards a large and complex sale. The whole focus of the book is on logical objective planning, investigation of the prospects needs and selling the Benefits of your offering Benefits which are based on the prospects needs.

The problem I have with the model is that not all sales are based on logic and objectivity. At the opening of any sales call you need to develop Rapport with the buyer. Developing Rapport is not a conscious thing.