Spain uk relationship

Spain raises Gibraltar, as EU and UK talk post relationship

spain uk relationship

Positive talks held on UK-Spain relationship post-Brexit talk about the deep bilateral relationship between the UK and Spain and to reiterate. Britain's relationship with Spain and France can be characterised as one of conflagration and conciliation as they fluctuated between war and peace. The king and queen of Spain will travel to the United Kingdom on is going to break up the framework used for bilateral relations between the.

The transition period was originally planned to end in Decembersome 21 months after Brexit day, to give time for adjustment and for the future trade deal to be agreed and ratified.

That transition period could now be extended until the end of EU member states could agree to that, with one official saying it would not create a headache for the EU - so long as it manages to sort out how the UK will continue to pay into the EU budget during that period.

spain uk relationship

EU countries are also keen to see an ambitious security partnership - but want to make sure there is a level playing field among the EU and the UK, so that Britain does not have an unfair advantage through undercutting EU standards and rules, and also to have reciprocity on fisheries.

While that would give more time for the EU and the UK to negotiate a future trade deal, it means the UK would have to continue paying to the EU budget until after the next general election in the UK scheduled for the summer of - which could cause political backlash in Britain.

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British prime minister Theresa May herself suggested, in a speech to business leaders in the UK on Monday - that she wants the transition period to end before the next general election.

The EU is preparing for a special meeting of EU leaders with May on Sunday 25 Novemberwhere leaders will formally sign off on the withdrawal agreement and the accompanying political declaration on the future relationship.

May is expected to meet EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker this week, but the exact timing is still unclear. As May fights for to push the draft Brexit deal through the UK parliament and struggles to stay in power against a mounting internal Conservative plot to unseat her, her domestic opponents have called for a renegotiation of the deal.

Brexit and the (stronger than it looks) UK-Spain relationship

That was immediately ruled out by ministers arriving to the meeting in Brussels. Regarding the financial settlement, Madrid believes that London should respect the agreements it has signed and has joined other capitals in pressuring the UK to abide by its commitments.

Nevertheless, the amount of money the UK is willing to pay is still very low. Even 20 billion euros would not cover elements that have to be taken into account, apart from the Multiannual Financial Framework. Thus, a higher offer, which would include the pensions of the British EU bureaucrats or the participation of the UK in European institutions such as the European Investment Bank, would be welcome.

In any case, Spain will not be the most belligerent country on money issues. On the question of the Irish border, Spain has aligned itself with the EU, following what Ireland has asked for, regarding the Common Travel Area to safeguard the Good Friday Agreement that put an end to the conflict in Northern Ireland.

That does not mean it will be easy to find a solution, but it will require willingness on both sides.

spain uk relationship

Actors and interests The Spanish economy is highly exposed by Brexit, for the reasons outlined above. Business has a strong interest in negotiating a successful outcome. At the same time, there is a strong concern about the rights of the citizens to move between the two countries.

Both factors encourage the political actors in Spain to take the negotiations seriously.

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A situation in the future very similar to the status quo today would be preferable for everyone in Spain. In these negotiations the most important actor is Michel Barnier, the EU negotiator, who receives his mandate from the European Council.

A second success was achieving EU support for the Spanish goal of having a say in any negotiation concerning Gibraltar. Taking advantage of Brexit to reach an agreement with London on the final status of the Rock is high on the list of Spanish priorities, but this would be a bilateral negotiation and not part of Brexit talks between the EU and UK.

There is also some role to be played by the Spanish Parliament, which has multiple parties following the elections. The lack of an absolute majority and the emergence of two new parties, Ciudadanos, which is centrist and liberal, and Podemos, which is leftist, have made parliamentary debates more difficult for the government but, as regards Brexit negotiations, there is a broad consensus on how to deal with them.

It is also interesting to stress that Brexit negotiations will coincide with a period of reflection on the future of the European project. One positive effect for Spain could be its recovery of a more central position in the EU. The aim is to regain that credibility that was lost due to a combination of a period of introspection, an enlargement that changed the nature of the EU, and the severe economic crisis that hit the country.

Too early to figure out how the future is going to be It is too early to anticipate how negotiations are going to be finished, although one thing is clear: Fifteen months after Brexit and seven after the activation of Article 50, which gives only two years to finish the arrangements for exiting the European Union, leaves little more than a year and a half to complete the first phase.

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That would grant some certainties to UK and EU businesses until oras they would all still be part of the Internal Market. Being part of the Internal Market would require the UK to pay its fair share, respect the European Court of Justice and the freemovement of people, and all with little or no say in the decisions of the EU for the duration of the transition period.

Thereafter, a new framework will apply. So far, all the predictions, hopes and even threats by the UK have collided with reality: For this reason, Spain is likely to adopt a more UK-friendly position when it comes to its future economic arrangement with the EU.

Gibraltar dispute rocks UK-Spain relations