Sandor clegane sansa stark relationship

Sophie Turner teases the Thrones romance we've all been waiting for | SYFY WIRE

sandor clegane sansa stark relationship

I've seen people suggest that Sandor sees Sansa as a sister replacement, but I “romantic” (though problematic) aspects to their relationship before the BoBW, and Lady Astrid Clegane & Squad Reply to: Sansa Stark. ^^. Sandor Clegane & Sansa Stark. Love their weird relationship, especially in the books. But as the complex relationship between him and Sansa unfold, we find out both the .. how YOUNG the Stark children are supposed to be, Arya, Bran, Sansa, Robb, Jon. And then I have the sneaking suspicion Sandor Clegane is a figure .

sandor clegane sansa stark relationship

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