Relationship goals memes funny dogs

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relationship goals memes funny dogs

More memes, funny videos and pics on 9GAG. Relationship goals Cosas Lindas, Imágenes Graciosas, Perros, Gracioso, Memes Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ceramic Mug Dog Lover Gifts Collectibles Lovers Gift, Dog Lover Gifts. Whisper App ConfessionsRomantic ThingsWtf FunnyFunny MemesHilariousCute Funny AnimalsRelationship GoalsRelationshipsHigh Standards. 13 LISTS Relationship GoalsOnce you've found The One, what's next? principles of these long-term relationship memes with your cat or dog and take comfort.

Whether they're hilarious, just silly, too real, or anything in between, here are 15 memes encouraging you to "Get you a man who can do both," because we all deserve a man who can do both. This one, I feel, is particularly true.

Not only can Obama do both, but he can do it all. He can be casual, or he can be presidential. He can rub elbows with foreign dignitaries and sign bills into law, but when it comes time to chill, he can totally do that too. Remind me again why he he can't be president anymore? This is just one of the many times Obama's been used as a prime example of "get you a man who can do both," and let me just say this: Michelle is one lucky woman.

Not only does she have arms of steel, but she also has the best husband ever. I rest my case. He's a sweet, funny guy who likes to make his fans laugh and seems to be a perfect match to his wife, Blake Lively, and an awesome dad to their daughters, Ines and James.

But then, he can take on roles that are completely opposite who he seems to be in real life, like playing Deadpool. Get you a man who can do both? Get you Ryan Reynolds, then. If anyone can do both, it's him Not only can he be a lap for Nicki Minaj to sit in during a steamy music video, but he can also sit in someone's lap, too It's totally fine, Drake. I would feel the same way, although I am curious about what exactly is going on here. He's very in touch with his emotions, and also his raps are fire, so I don't know what more anyone could want from the guy.

Looking for a man?

relationship goals memes funny dogs

Find a guy like Drake. You know, if you can't actually date Drake. Sometimes she's laying down the law literally on national television, while at others, apparently, she's dressing in very well put together outfits while strolling outdoors in her sunglasses. This goes back to the transformation of a bit of liquid energy.

Cinderella was at her worst — degraded and bereft, her beautiful dress torn to shreds and her hopes dashed — when her fairy godmother arrived and made her the literal belle of the ball. Her smile reflected her joy, and she had the aura of the princess she should always have been.

Likewise, when we hit that pit of despair, our energy running out, coffee restores us to the beautiful people we imagine ourselves to be otherwise.

There are always conflicting studies coming out about the health value of any particular food or drink. For once, coffee drinkers have something to lord over the rest of the population, and this takes that to the max. A longer life from drinking coffee? If science ever uncovers the secret to everlasting life, it just might be through coffee! Huge, ridiculous quantities of it.

I Can Has Cheezburger?

He moves faster and has no trouble staying awake, and he probably fuels his reindeer with a brew that has an especially high caffeine content. Instead of milk next year, leave him cookies and coffee.

Grab that cup of brew quick, before you start pulling your fur or rather, hair out. Maybe you tried to give up coffee for a while, and then you caved to the craving.

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Either way, we love the tongue-in-cheek humor about anyone first getting into coffee and how it puts them on fast forward! That leads to a relieved, soulful perspective once we get the coffee in our systems.

Like the wise, old monkey here, we feel grounded and ready to face anything with a peaceful aura about us when we have the coffee we need.

His deep scowl made smiling awkward, and it was hard to comprehend if he could ever be truly happy. But did you ever see him drinking coffee?

The humor here is in the expression: You have to wonder if any member of the family ever offered poor Herman a cup of joe. What better way to interest a woman in anything than to offer her a delicious cup of gourmet coffee and a gorgeous, shirtless man to deliver it?

Thank you, Ryan Gosling, for lending your image to this meme, reminding women that there are other pleasures in life aside from great coffee! Yes, we may one day be able to catch up on our slumber, and there may come a time when coffee is a luxury rather than a necessity.

relationship goals memes funny dogs

But until that day comes, no one needs to give up the tasty vice. So it only makes sense that this particular line of satire would come into play with puns and other fun quips. How else did the Israelites have the energy to cross the Red Sea or continuously labor during their enslavement?

relationship goals memes funny dogs

Nicholson plays mentally disturbed faultlessly, and it is terrifying. We all know what the real problem was — the hotel ran out of coffee.

relationship goals memes funny dogs

We all get a little cranky without the proper dose of caffeine! Same drab, unhappy face; different quote. Her expression never changes, and yet, how we portray her in tens of thousands of memes changes constantly.

relationship goals memes funny dogs

Squirrels — the root of jokes about hyperactivity — are perfect subjects for coffee jokes. This baboon seems to be in Stage One of subtle nudging.

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The bright, goofy smile, the mention of his love for the subject of conversation Considering that they are fickle creatures, you might begin to understand the complete one-eighty turnaround in this particular meme. Or, to be more realistic, falling off the electrical lines. Cute creatures are much cuter and inspire much more laughter when they seem to be disturbed, like this homicidal squirrel who just needs to be left alone with his coffee!

In this case, we have a gorgeous cat narrowing his eyes in a threatening manner, and based on his reaction, you can just picture the person behind the camera trying to get him to strike a pose.

Have you ever accidentally bought a diet cola and discovered later that it was decaf? The taste is different, and anyone can recognize it instantly. The coffee addict can also taste the vile betrayal in a cup of decaf. You might have been a victim of this crime yourself: The harsh, bitter taste of this ultimate sin caught you off guard, and when you addressed it, the culprit likely realized you are far more dangerous without caffeine than with large quantities of it.

But when comparing to coffee and reminding people humorously that coffee is a much less detrimental source of pleasure in the brain, it becomes an ever-popular joke. In this case, you can relate to a form of the plea, likely having been in a position where the only way to make it through your workday was to keep the caffeine coming.

How many times have you tried to speak in the morning and nothing made sense? Something has to jumpstart the mental process. Others have trouble with the idea that we have to get up and refill our cups over and over again.

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How many times have you considered the merit of picking up the pot and drinking straight from it? If you drink coffee every morning to kickstart your day, you probably feel harried and dishevelled until you get it. And the feline here knows it. Maybe you showered first, or perhaps you had to stand in line at the Keurig at work.