Judgement tarot relationship outcome

judgement tarot relationship outcome

I met this guy 6 months ago. Even though we are not in a relationship together, from the first time I met him I had this overwhelming feeling of. Judgement is also the card of letting go, especially letting go of regret. There is nothing you can do to change the past, but you can change the future. You can. Whereas the Justice card can be a good sign for your legal outcome the Judgement card neither good nor bad as it doesn't state whether you will win or lose.

You poison your life, not theirs, and keep reliving an experience you would rather forget.

judgement tarot relationship outcome

In contrast, when you forgive someone, you release the poison you are holding onto and escape the coffin or tomb. You choose to feel good rather than feel imprisoned in the past with bad memories.

Judgement as the outcome many times?

Judgement is also associated with a spiritual awakening, the time when you are looking back at all the decisions you have made and where you are at today and understand that if you had not made changes in the past, you would not have grown and be where you are at today. It's also possible that this awakening brings you into the time of reevaluating your lifestyle and looking deeply at the changes you could make that will bring happiness.

This number is related to a learning experience. When you are desperate to be secure, you might make bad choices and later experience heartache and loss. Sometimes you lose your personality when overpowered by a stronger personality, wind up in the wrong relationship and experience a separation in order to heal your spirit to find yourself again. Judgement's 20 consists of: The Element of Water: This card is usually a time of re-establishing goals, values and commitments within a relationship and is heeding you to not rush decision making but to use time and reflection to move into your soul before making any moves, you may need to step aside to do so.

In business, goals and projects this card is asking you to sincerely assess your soul purpose and see if it is sitting comfortably with your logic. You may be moving ahead too fast or without consideration of the value of the project. You may have lost the soul of the business or project.

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Sometimes the judgement card is warning that you may be at a crossroads and it is time to take stock and recall your initial intentions. It could also be suggesting that you are being called to seek out your motives and see if ego is driving you. Service is important to any project or goal or business.

Rewriting visions, motives and service ideals can help in this area if the Judgement card appears. Spiritually you may be in an awakening stage.

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Awakening is ongoing, it is not just one event. Something external may have occurred to pull you back into beginners mind. Going back to basics, going inner and re-birthing is often a necessity with the Judgement card.

Inside is the place to find the answers you are looking for. Alternately it may be time to look at your own judgements, your mind chatter, how it is effecting and affecting you life.

judgement tarot relationship outcome

The past will always remain the past and the deeds you performed will always be with you. Now is a good time to come to terms with the things that you have done. Judgement is also the card of letting go, especially letting go of regret.

There is nothing you can do to change the past, but you can change the future. You can also change how you perceive the past.

Judgement can indicate a spiritual rebirth or awakening. This is a time for change. When Judgement appears in a reading, major life changes are most likely coming your way. You still might have a little work to do. You may have a change of consciousness that leads to a new spiritual awareness. Judgement indicates a soul and life assessment.

You may look back on your past and see things in a different way. When you get Judgement in a reading, someone from your past may suddenly make an appearance. This is a karmic lesson that you will need to work through.

Judgement in Love When you are asking about love and Judgement comes up, there is a strong possibility that you have known your potential lover or partner in a past life many times over.

judgement tarot relationship outcome

Judgement in love indicates that you and your partner keep getting married over and over again. This can create a calm feeling of knowing and trust between two people.

Judgement tarot card meaning love

There will be a magnetic attraction that goes beyond physical. But love in Judgement isn't all sweetness and roses. There can be negative aspects that you two may have to work through, which you probably keep repeating through out the lifetimes together. There is a tendency to lose yourself in romance and with your partner.

You or your partner may feel as if you are one soul. If you are asking about an old boyfriend or girlfriend, then they have been put to rest. You should move on.