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josie love blog relationship

Feb 1, Ten years into their relationship later, Melanie told me Tom still considers it one of the best Love jar note ideas + things to write in a love jar. Dec 1, Read all of the posts by Josie on Poly Chicago. These are the people who go through life with me, and who love me and who I love no matter what. But we chatted about relationship anarchy, intentional living, family, and all kinds of stuff. I promise I have a real blog post in the works; in the meantime. Oct 11, Relationship anarchy is a way of engaging the relationships in your life, based on Carolyn Yates (@c_yates) interviews Josie Kearns, a 33 year-old queer, poly, Relationship Anarchy Takes The Judgment Out Of Love The Thinking Asexual has a lot of good blog posts, and much of what is written.

God never moved or separated himself from us, we just tuned out truth and started walking down our own path. That is a dangerous yet very common place to be. We were just too numb to feel His presence the time. I buried myself in excuses and lies. The word love awakened something in me. I grew up in church, so of course I knew that in 1st Corinthians 13 it talks about what love means.

The Spirit led me to go read that chapter again. I remember sitting outside of my hotel room in New York City after walking in fashion week. I was trying to hide from my family and friends so they would not see the makeup that was running down my face after an intense fight I just had on the phone. I clicked on my bible app and I re-read 1st Corinthians chapter This is when I decide to seek truth and invited these words to tear down walls of lies that had been built up for so long.

I remember comparing the conversation I just had with my boyfriend to the words I was reading in the bible, and let me tell you…it was the furthest things from the words we ended with…I love you.

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I followed after the voice of truth and began a pursuit of peace. After reading all of the stories in the bible that showed a clear example of what I should be expectant of when it comes to the word love, I knew it was time to end the relationship.

josie love blog relationship

Ever since then, I have noticed that the word passion has a new meaning in my life. It is a passion that is pure, and it is the very thing that fuels me to press past the feelings that rise up and make me fear the future.

God gives me the strength to pursue my dreams and the purpose He planned for me long ago. I no longer live in survival mode or pursue temporary feelings of happiness.

josie love blog relationship

I strive to live life the way it was meant to be lived — to the fullest. My story does not end in heart break or death. I have an abundant life full of joy, hope, freedom, and a word I have come to fall in love with… PEACE — which was waiting for me on the other side of trust. I used to make list of what I want in my future husband, but now I just write prayers that circle around the list the Lord help me write.

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My husband will be a man who has practiced and respected patience. He is charmingly and truthfully kind. He is not jealous, because He trusts in the Lord enough to trust in me.

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He is not boastful or proud because our love speaks in actions. He surely is not rude. Our love most definitely does not demand its own way for we know and long for the Lord to lead our path. He is not irritable when times are stressful.

Together we will keep no records of wrong.

josie love blog relationship

He dances with me and rejoices when truth wins. His joy carries us through the valleys. In the hard times, he will love even harder. He will help silence my fears, but he will not accept them.

He believes in truth over convenience or being comfortable. He feels my cry, is encouraged by my laugh, and joins me in song no matter how off key to worship our father God. He will never give up, because his eyes are on God and not me. He will never lose faith. Even if the whole world is against me, he will be for me because he loves the Jesus in me. He knows a river brings joy into the city of God even when the nations are in chaos.

He sits still with me and knows that God is God. He will be able to endure all circumstances, because I will be right there with him holding his hand — striving to do the exact same thing. The Gottman Institute Run by Drs. Julie and John Gottman, the Gottman Institute is committed to providing a research-based approach to strengthening relationships.

They provide live workshops and take-home training materials for showing people how to sort out relationship problems or even just how to talk about your relationship problems. The Gottman Referral Network is also able to offer couple therapy referrals. Science of Relationships This is a data driven look at fixing relationship problems.

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Their Valentines cards are great too. She offers relationship-counseling blogs, courses, events, a book and even a series of podcasts to those who need them. Love in 90 Days Dr. Diana Kirschner is a bestselling author, relationship advice and dating tips expert and she would like to be your master mentor for love. Relationships Reality Love Life Coaching with Sarah and Sophie offers some frank advice on when a relationship is too toxic or too damaging to continue.

Subjects like boundaries, affairs, control, communication and breakups are all covered. Modern Love Long Distance Being separated from your lover can complicate your relationship.