Is us india relationship losing steam

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is us india relationship losing steam

Narendra Modi-Arun Jaitley-India Cabinet-Budget-Finance minister As the buzz about a possible Cabinet reshuffle gathers momentum, so are suggestions growing pressure to move Arun Jaitley out of the crucial finance ministry. Follow us Facebook's complicated relationship with Indian politicians. The India-US relations is certainly experiencing some turbulence but it is cut off from the US, these companies will most likely pull out of Iran. India–United States relations (or Indo-American relations) refers to the international relations .. Exploring opportunities on how to move the relationship out of a state of morose, Lisa Curtis, senior research Comrades at Odds: The United States and India, – (); Roy, Dr. P. C. Indo-U.S. Economic Relations.

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Premier Li Keqiang has annnounced that foreign firms would be treated the same as domestic firms when it comes to licences applications, standard setting, government procurement and would enjoy same preferential policies under Made in China initiative. China is scared it might lose FDI race to India. This has set the alarm bells ringing in the Chinese establishment.

is us india relationship losing steam

Manufacturing China is also scared of India overtaking it in manufacturing in the long term as labour costs in China are rising. Though China has a big edge over India in bilateral trade, it wants to see if the rise in Indian exports is a flash in the pan or a trend.

is us india relationship losing steam

Talent US-based software firm CA Technologies disbanded its almost person research and development team in China while setting up a team in India with some 2, scientific and technical professionals over the past few years. This is one instance that signals India having a better pool of technological talent. The Chinese state media has agreed that India has better technological talent than China.

is us india relationship losing steam

Recently, Global Times wrote, "Over the past few years, China witnessed an unprecedented boom in tech jobs as the country became an attractive destination for foreign research and development centres. However, now some high-tech firms are turning their attention from China to India due to the latter's relatively low labour costs.

India–United States relations

Attracting high-tech talent from India could be one of China's options for maintaining its innovation ability. Technology When India launched satellites, breaking the Russian record of 37 satellites being placed in orbit at one go, the Chinese media made light of this achievement. But a few days later, it corrected its stand and said China could learn from India in space technology.

is us india relationship losing steam

Mayawati India-US relationship going to get stronger under Trump: White House "India is a natural ally of the United States, because of the shared commitment to democracy and to counterterrorism, and because the region is so vital to the US security," Raj Shah, the White House principal deputy press secretary, said. Nov 14, US-India relationship should stand on its own leg, he added.

India is a natural ally of the US due to their shared commitment to democracy and counter-terrorism, according to a senior White House official who said the bilateral relationship is going to get stronger and better under the Trump administration.

is us india relationship losing steam

The two countries are going to have a "strong relationship and it's going to get stronger" under this president, Shah, the highest-ranking Indian-American ever in the White House press wing, told a group of Indian reporters on Monday. Shah said that the US-India relationship should stand on its own leg and "not be contingent" on any other relationship.

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He likes him ," he added. They have also spoken over phone on several occasions after Trump was elected as the US President last year. The fundamentals of the relationship are set for a kind of a rising tide," he said.