Celebrity relationship tumblr

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celebrity relationship tumblr

Should you really be coveting that celebrity couple?. TUMBLR. Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. Here's a few of the more memorable boomerang relationships in Hollywood. READ MORE. Couple Name Generator combines two people's names into a unique supercouple nickname.

He didn't have any major drama, he didn't get all glammed up for red carpet events, and he was basically just the afterthought in many situations. Then, he met Blac Chyna — and for the first time he got a taste of what his sisters might have felt, being in a highly public relationship and being tabloid fodder week after week.

His relationship with Blac Chyna was volatile, with a baby springing up in the mix, huge drama and issues — it was basically just a big old mess.

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However, for a while the two ended up getting their own reality television spin-off, and both of their names were splashed all across the tabloids for weeks on end. We have to wonder if this relationship was real, or if it was just their attempt at extending their respective fame. Giphy 10 Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston via: Let's get the facts straight, though.

celebrity relationship tumblr

First of all, Tom Hiddleston's star is definitely on the rise, and a highly public relationship would only help bring more attention to all the amazing projects he has going on. Second, Taylor Swift's career basically always get a bit of a boost when she's in a relationship, because everyone wonders what songs will be penned about her latest guy.

These two jumped into a relationship seemingly headfirst, getting super serious, super quickly, and did things like stroll on the beach together.

celebrity relationship tumblr

They tried to make it seem genuine, and Hiddleston tried to give an explanation for the 'I Love T. Giphy 9 Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth via: Cyrus and Hemsworth first met and began dating when they were co-starring in the cheesy flick The Last Song.

They got engaged — then they split up. Then they got back together again — after having dated other people. It's just a bit of a confusing relationship, and we can't help but wonder if this is one for the cameras or if they're truly just two young starlets trying to figure out the crazy thing called love. It's easy to think of these musings as all in good fun, part of the celebrity-worship complex that we all seemingly buy into willingly.

Relationship Goals

But can idolizing these A-list couples serve at the detriment to our own romantic lives? It might—but first let's get a gut check on whether we should be letting ourselves fall for RelationshipGoals after all. No one has ever declared that love is dead when they hear about a high school classmate's divorce.

Top 10 Celebrity Couples That Make Us Believe in Love

And no one friend has the power to influence so many people with a single romantic decision. According to the British Office for National Statisticsthe Prince's welcome into the world shot the name George into the top 10 most popular baby names. Retail sales rates rose significantly, tourism boomed, and the pound did better than expected.

celebrity relationship tumblr

Just try and tell us that it's not because of all those midsomething Londoners who suddenly started picturing themselves pushing a tram with a bouncing baby boy in it. If Kate made it look so easy, why can't the rest of us do it? If Janet Jackson can have babies at 45, why can't I? People start thinking about the new year and how to find new beginnings and new relationships," said a company spokesperson.

celebrity relationship tumblr

Is this a coincidence? We chose to think not.

celebrity relationship tumblr

Hope airs a warning to any that may be affected by this phenomenon: You'll want to hop off Instagram real fast or at least keep your celebrity social media stalking to outfit posts and SponCon. No matter how much we evolved, we have never stopped wanting those story lines to come true.

The Psychology of Celebrity Couples: Are #RelationshipGoals Killing Our Romances?

We seek this 'fake love' for relief from our own life. But this is Valentine's Day, you say. We want to be eternal optimists, and total suckers for love.