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See more ideas about Bk shivani quotes, Brahma kumaris and Sisters. Relationships - Avoiding Parent Child Conflicts With BK Shivani - Awakening With. Bk Shivani Quotes, Brahma Kumaris, Hindi Qoutes, Quotations, Om Shanti Om, Brahma Kumaris, Om Shanti Om, Hindi Quotes, Wisdom Quotes, Relationships, Relationship, Life .. How to become a good leader in network marketing?. She gave me free passes for Sunday evening of a talk by BK Shivani on “ Harmony in Relationships”. Most of you would have listened to BK.

Blissful Relationships (Part 1) - BK Shivani (Hindi)

Yes, the sweetness needs a little salt of detachment otherwise you might get hurt. I would say, making love can be a good way to clear psychic blockages, to earth yourself and it is part of growing up. You cannot trust the Brahma Kumaris for advice because all they want are slaves to work for them, their advice is not based on spiritual salvation or improving genes, it is similar about mind control and resource management.

An individual having relationships is influenced by their partner and has less time and energy available to be an unpaid servant for the Brahma Kumaris.

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Making love makes a women stronger and more independent. Give the young people some commonsense and let them sort it out themselves. I would say most Indian males do not like strong, independent, Indian women, especially sexually independent Indian women, because it makes them feeling threatened, insecure and inadequate. I would say most Indian women are sexually unsatisfied You have been a BK for 40 years and you have experienced love, sex and affection? Please check, I did not say that I experienced sex.

So what do you mean You are ish and have not had sex Your spirit guides cannot give physical affection Sex is allowed when you have gained energy through Brahmacharya celibacy and now you are ready to shoulder the weight of Family life, as producing children is your commitment to the society and responsibility that you provide healthy species to the world Really, what you are repeating They are ready to share their problems with councillors in school but not with their parents.

But when our children make the same mistakes, we lose our cool and give them a tight slap.

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Can we become councillors to our children? Just give it a thought. Small children always have the habit of coming to their parents and sharing with them whatever happens in their life, whether it is classroom, friends, play ground etc. They will share everything.

But do you remember when your child first time came to you and told innocently and excitedly that today he bunked the class with his friends to watch movie.

What was your reaction? This innocent child did not know bunking and going to movie was wrong. What he got was rejection from you instead of acceptance. He saw hatred in your eyes. From that day onwards, he stopped sharing with his parents. Instead he started sharing his thoughts with his friends. And then a day came, when his friends told him to come for hard drinks and cigarettes.

He knew it was wrong. Parents are always right as far as their intention towards the well being of their children is concerned. But children are also right from their own perspective.

Talk by BK Shivani on Harmony in Relationships

The day we realize this trust will be created. Sister Shivani tells that each soul travels through various bodies in the previous lives. And events and experiences of previous lives shape up our soul to a large extent. It is a CD on which each life copies its events.

She tells about a mother who told her that her son was afraid of water. Mother found it strange because all other members in their family loved swimming.

And they wanted their son to learn swimming. So initially the mother tried to persuade her son to go into swimming pool. But when he refused despite several attempts, mother just pushed him in the swimming pool so that his fear goes.

Sister Shivani tells this mother that this soul lost his life in the floods of Kashmir in his previous birth. So his soul has come again to this earth with a genuine fear for water. Similarly think of the souls who lost their lives in the earthquake of Nepal. Imagine what will be their feelings just before death. Obviously it will be a feeling of anger, fear, agony, pain and hopelessness.

When these souls take rebirth, obviously such a tragic ending will have some carry forward scar on their personality.