Boyd raylan relationship test

boyd raylan relationship test

The relationship between Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder has become the ' crux' of the FX series. After the four-year time jump, Raylan faces one more spiritual test, one But given the complexities of Boyd and Raylan's relationship, I have to. Boyd and Raylan's friendship would grow over the course of their young .. turn on my own people, no matter how contentious at times our relationship may be, However, Boyd had positive reception from the test audience, so he ended up.

Although Raylan and Ava do seem to find some peace. I think she cared very much about both Raylan and Boyd, but her number one priority was Ava. And when Ava kills Delroy, and then plans to kill—or have Boyd kill—Ellen May, I think it sort of seals the deal of her as both stronger and less romantic than Boyd.

I think it would be just as easy to see Boyd as the hero, albeit a violent one. He uses his friends, his co workers, and pretty much anyone to accomplish his goals.

None of his actions are heroic.

boyd raylan relationship test

So, for me, Raylan is more of an outlaw who finds himself on the right side of the law. Similar to Lucas Hood in Banshee. What do you think? I think the inherent competitive nature of their relationship was gone at that moment. It was a domino effect of conclusions, of the answers to these questions. Have these people grown or haven't they? And I feel that Boyd in that instance changed for the last time in a real way.

And I feel that Raylan, 30 seconds later, his life was forever changed by not pulling that trigger. Before Raylan even walks in, we see Boyd try to fire his gun at Ava but it's empty. Would he have killed her or did he know the gun was empty? That's the decision of the writers. I disagree with it, to be quite honest with you. He absolutely knew there were no bullets left in that gun.

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Something that we filmed that didn't actually make the edit, for whatever reason, was that Boyd pulls the trigger not once, but twice, and then points the gun to his temple and he pulls the trigger again.

It was just a symbolic gesture or metaphor for, "This is what you've done to me. This is how much pain I'm in. Walton Goggins breaks down Boyd's shocking choice Based on what we've seen of Boyd, Ava is telling the truth about what Boyd might do in the same situation.

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Does he realize on some level that she's right or is it just an emotional gut punch to him? She's the only person with authority to tell him something that would truly land, and she says it with conviction.

It's simple and it's the truth, and he hears it for the first time. Look, there are things that need to happen in order for a show to go a certain way, and there were conversations that were had about Boyd, and I disagreed with a lot of them.

boyd raylan relationship test

I fought tooth and nail not to sacrifice the person that I spent six years playing to become a convenient villain for the last season. You know, that's not who Boyd is. Boyd rarely killed anyone that wasn't trying to kill him.

He's not a psychopath, he's a sociopath, but every death that happened this season by the hand of Boyd Crowder came from an attempt for the writers of the show to make Raylan have the white hat. That's the way that the story needed to go, and I think that they did a good job. They didn't fully sacrifice Boyd's experience and point a finger in the face of the audience that fell in love with Boyd Crowder, and I think that's important.

Yes, I am sure there will be many fans pleased that Boyd didn't die. Yeah, and because of the sparing of his life, they both get to have the conversation at the end of the story, which is closure for both of them. It's real closure and something that was very cathartic, for Boyd at least.

Boyd never would have hurt Raylan. He never in a million years would have hurt Ava, ever. Sure, Boyd taunts Raylan that he'll kill Ava if he ever gets out of prison, but by refusing to engage in that gunfight, he spares him the weight of taking one more life.

Hell, he saves him from having to find out if he's still fast enough to finish this fight. The series' lead has always had the benefit of a terribly expressive face, and Olyphant makes sure you know every muscle fiber in his body is involved in this decision.

He's not quite sure he won't shoot Boyd. He knows he wants too. He knows he shouldn't, and that strain is evident.

boyd raylan relationship test

And as for that final scene? The line has always been an admission and sidestep at the same time.


It's his answer to Ava way back in the pilot, when he shoots Boyd but won't leave him to die. Yes, Raylan's lying to Boyd. But in a way, he's sparing him too. If we know anything about the "Justified" universe, we know Boyd will get out of prison some day. He's already cycled back into the street preacher skin he wore after his last release from prison in Season 1. At least this way, Raylan is sparing him the weight of killing Ava which he might do or pursuing her to the ends of the earth upon her release which he will most certainly do.

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So Raylan does the honorable thing by Ava. He leaves Harlan alive, and in a way, he helps them do the same. Sure, he didn't get Winona. Maybe he won't have the family life in Florida or Glynco he always dreamed of. But he's still got the hat. He never became Arlo. He wouldn't let himself become Boyd. No one ever wins in Harlan County. No one really leaves alive. But Raylan Givens got closer than most. A show whose character's were relatable in a way someone like Walter White or Don Draper can't be.