2 of wands reversed relationship outcome

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2 of wands reversed relationship outcome

Prepare for setbacks in plans for travel when the Two of Wands appears reversed in a travel related reading. In relationships, you may choosing to stay in a. how would one read this in a relationship question? i know the 2 of wands upright is where to put your energies, could rx be not knowing where. The Two of Wands represents the sense that there is something money, relationships, or status symbols can get you nowhere fast!.

He may decide to travel and or do some research into the matter before making his decision. Because the man appears to be standing still we know that his decision will not just come out of the blue. It may take others by surprise but when The Two of Wands appears, depending on surrounding Cards, the person represented by the Figure may have moved on some time ago and is now just waiting for his physical self to catch up. You may have a new plan of action or a burning desire to do something else.

You may have been given a wonderful opportunity to travel, a door may have opened for you career-wise or you may want to start something completely new. You may struggle with the decision The Ace demands of you in the Two of Wands.

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 2 Of Wands Reversed

The decision you need to make may effect others. It may entail leaving someone or something behind as the less baggage you have, the lighter you travel.

This card is notorious for highlighting sudden unexpected actions or departures. This can often cause turmoil and upset to those around you but if they had been paying attention they would have seen you were not happy with your present circumstances.

One partner may have become remote and detached withdrawing love or even walking out suddenly on a long relationship causing shock all round. It may be a case of choosing between two possible partners.

2 of wands reversed relationship outcome

Suddenly leaving a boring job after a long time, just jacking it in and taking off. It may have been a very secure position but it offers little in new challenges or interest. Your are bound to be spending considerable time doing research on the internet to see what is out there and where you might fancy going to.

You may have wonderful qualifications and experience but with recession and high unemployment, you may be forced to leave home and go overseas to find work.

If in business it may be a time to decide whether or not to expand into the international market. This may involve the decision to join two big businesses or the forming of a Partnership that will yield greater results and profit.

2 of wands reversed relationship outcome

Fear prevents movement which eventually causes paralysis and stagnation. Someone or something may have quite a control over you leaving little room for free thinking. You may feel held back by a person and carry deep resentment.

2 of wands reversed relationship outcome

If there is a choice to be made between two partners, then you will probably choose the safest and most reliable one. You may have a keen sense of adventure and desire to travel or emigrate but your partner prefers the safety and security of home and what is familiar. Or you may have your pick between two positions in your current company. If you are in business, you may be choosing whether or not to expand or to link up and partner with another company.

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In a financial Tarot reading, the Two of Wands represents financial stability. You should be finding your financial balance when it appears. This can take the form of having two possible treatment routes for an illness or injury or having to choose between sticking with your exercise regime or quitting completely and going back to old habits.

Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Meaning Guide In a general context, the Two of Wands reversed represents indecisiveness, fear of change and fear of the unknown. When reversed, it is a Minor Arcana card of lack of planning, restricted options, being held back and disappointment.

2 of wands reversed relationship outcome

It can represent staying put, deciding not to go, cancelled or delayed travel or cancelled emigration. The Two of Wands reversed can also signify choosing the safest bet, choosing a mundane life, anti-climax and self-doubt.

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 2 Of Wands Reversed

It can also signify the sudden arrival or return of a person into your life. This Minor Arcana card reversed can also signify that the relationship may be holding you back but you are afraid to leave as you fear the unknown. Love is unlikely to come knocking while you're sitting home in the dark reading a book or watching television. You may have a positive surprise headed your way with regard to money when the reversed 2 of Wands appears.

Don't bet the farm, but this could be a small lottery or gambling win. More likely, the increase will come from money you have earned a surprise pay rise at work or the discovery that something you own is worth much more than you thought.

When the reversed 2 of Wands appears in the context of a health question, know that no one in the world holds all the answers as to what will happen with your health. If you are in need of healing, start by imagining that healing is possible and read up on positive health outcomes that doctors call "idiopathic," - other people call those surprise positive outcomes "miracles.

If you are healthy, this is not the time to take stupid risks. Know your physical limitations.