Relationship with myself essay

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relationship with myself essay

Regardless, you try to convince yourself that the naysayers are wrong. Time passes and the relationship has begun to plateau, even decline. Recently I was thinking about all the relationships in a persons and I realized, that my relationship with myself is the most important of all. Your relationship with yourself is arguably the most important relationship in life. Self-relationship is the foundation of everything else — even altruism. It's easy.

Here are 11 ways you can begin: Create self-love habits These habits will help you stay grounded in loving energy, which will support your well-being.

relationship with myself essay

A few examples of self-love habits could be: Turn off social media It sucks you into a comparison game! Take a day off from social media every week to actually live your life in realtime, not through a box. It'll help you become more present and increase joy!

Practice forgiveness When you don't forgive, you hold onto a burden. You don't do it for them, you do it for you. To forgive yourself is release and let go of the energy that is not serving you.

relationship with myself essay

When we forgive, we make peace. Practice forgiveness by using this mantra: Peace is my power. Walk barefoot on the Earth This neutralizes our energy and allows us to release any negative energy directly into the earth.

You will feel lighter, happier and calm. Do this daily if you can. Eat for your well-being not your tastebuds Ask yourself: If not, then you don't need to eat because you'll only feel bad afterwards. Think from the end.

How do you want the food you eat to make you feel? Help someone else When you feel helpless, help another.

relationship with myself essay

This shifts your energy away from wallowing in self-pity to being of service, which will only uplift your mood! Write it out If something is bothering you or on your mind, let it out.

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Give it to the paper, let your thoughts free flow, then read back to experience clarity in your thinking. It's a truly magical experience to understand how you process thoughts.

relationship with myself essay

Mirror Work Look at yourself in the mirror. Some of us cried for everything, and for nothing.

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Talk about being creative amarite? Being in a healthy relationship with anyone, requires first, that you get a healthy relationship with yourself. Being in a great romantic relationship with anyone, requires that you have an amazing relationship with yourself. I brandish my introvert badge with chutzpah. But, deep inside, whenever I got with someone and I needed to take time off to replenish, I always felt guilty.

My Relationship with Myself

That if I really, really wanted a relationship, I would not have this need to be by myself. I handled this internal conflict badly and it, obviously, spilled over into the relationship. That I had strong opinions, that I loved my work, that I had goals I was willing to die for. I loved being single. I admire single people.

Why It Is Important to Love Yourself First Before Someone Else

I also love being in a relationship. Or maybe I take things too seriously. Maybe I realized that a relationship has room for newer experiences that require humans who are comfortable with themselves to delve into an adventure that is a blink in the human timeline, but an eternity of connections, discourse and emotions.