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Hey ♀️girl can i get your number. video for this beauty in my · HOT HAIR STYLESHair Dyed HairHair and nailsHair looksGorgeous HairHair ideas Hair. Ephesians “For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to Therefore, the relationship is doomed from the beginning. You are: Worth it, beautiful, smell good, eyebrows on fleek, your bed to drop to the floor and flop like a dying fish, can make us do anything. My Hair and a Bit of Jesus. Books. Relationship Rules Style on Fleek Boutique, Mehreen Pirzada, K"offee. rise, Quoteapic, Grandmother recipes and cooking, Akkineni Fans, Bro.

When you let your inner beauty shine out past your outer than you can ignore what other people say about you. Because the God in you is shining brighter than what any tabloid can say about you. Be kind to yourself!!!!!!!!!! You are your own best friend and worst enemy, but you have to choose which one you will be.

I know that I am not better than everyone else but I will always strive to be the best me that I can be. This is going to sound weird but its true, you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you completely. Therefore, the relationship is doomed from the beginning. You are asking for things that just will never happen. Yes I know this is not suppose to be about ourselves but for now it is. He can take the moments where I have problems looking at myself in the mirror and turn my frown upside down.

He can say look at that beauty, look at that Proverbs 31 woman, look at that man who is wearing that armor of God. If you let Him take control of the outlook of your life you will find the beauty in even the smallest of things. He called you chosen, loved, worth it, beautiful, cherished and much much more. He found worth in us even when we were at the bottom of the barrel.

He wrote our story at the beginning of time and He is the one who writes the ending. He is the one who will bring Revelation to pass and take us home with Him.

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They have an unhappiness in their lives that they need to work on and through. They were going through something and God told me to pray and whatever was going on was lifted away. They were going through something and their outlet was taking it out on me, and I in return took their pain to God for Him to fix it.

Most people are not yelling at you, they are yelling to you. They might look at their bank account and see it in the red so they make fun of your goodwill shirt. Their house might be in ruins physically or emotionally and you just happen to get the backhand of it. Some people might just be mean period but most people are mean because something is going on behind the scenes.

And if The Rock is the ultimate in manliness then imitating him cannot be wrong. From top to bottom, here are thirteen things that you can do to make yourself look more attractive than you really are: Haircut - Although I know some guys who are obsessed with their weekly buzz cut or tape up, for maximum attractiveness, you get a haircut every weeks.

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If you have an electric trimmer, you should be able to maintain the sides of your head for about a month. In determining whether you need a haircut or not, follow these two simple rules: Use whatever works for you, just make sure your hair is clean and not dead. Every part of your look should make you feel Clean, Comfortable and Confident. Hair Gel - I use gel my whenever I go out. Your mane is one of your main attractions.

Wash Your Face - Dirt, oil and pollution get into your pores when you go outside. Wash with an acne moisturizer if you have acne prone oily skin. Use the moisturizer if your face is dry. Ask your dermatologist which soap is best for your face. Better yet, walk into the pharmacy with the prettiest cosmetician and ask her for help in choosing a face wash. Moisturize your face accordingly. Walk in the next week and thank her for her opinion.

Jesus gets a HOLY HAIRCUT!

Constantly go to her for advice. She might think of you as a future husband who will do whatever she says — which is what all women want.

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Sun Protection - Use sunscreen on your face to prolong inevitable wrinkles and, more importantly, reduce the risk of skin cancer. This will make you feel as if your face is coming alive every time you use it. Exfoliation - Exfoliate using St. This particular brand is perennially awarded as the best affordable face scrub by Allure magazine. A girl recommended it to me and I now use it every days to rid my face of dead skin cells.

Women say childbirth is the most painful thing they will ever experience. For you, a deep cleansing facial might be just that. You lie down while a woman goes over every pore of your face with what feels like an X-Acto knife. When she sees a clogged pore I had about sixty the last time I got a facialshe removes the blackhead with her little tool. I took my facial like a man although I shed tears like Denzel Washington did while being whipped in the movie Glory.

The procedure is painful and your face will be sore for a day or two, but afterwards, you will look at your real face and stare in disbelief at how clean and clear it could actually look. Eyebrows — For most of my life, I never touched my eyebrows. My brother started having his eyebrows threaded in Junior High School but I never wanted to commit to the practice.

One day, I noticed a pretty Middle Eastern woman at the threading salon near work, so I got my eyebrows threaded just so I could feel her delicate hands on me. It hurt, but I did end up looking better after my eyebrows were cleaned up. I returned to the salon every month until she moved on to greener pastures. If want to look extra sexy, use lotion or baby oil on exposed arms and legs to make them glow.

Rule 10: Be Attractive: Body, Mind, Soul, Money, Clothes

Nails — I cut my own fingernails and toenails. You should too, as soon as they begin to look long or dirty. Your fingernails are more important than your toenails since people see them more.

But if you want her to see it again, you should keep it neat and clean. If it looks like an elephant in dire need of a haircut, shave it — but do that about a week before you have sex. Shave your head or try Rogaine. All Rogaine does is slow the balding process so that you can salvage more years of healthy-looking hair. You just have to commit to applying Rogaine every day for as long as you want to keep your hair.

Studies show that women prefer bald men to men who do the desperate comb-over. God Made Some Heads Perfect.

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He Put Hair on the Rest of Them. If You Have Acne Problems: I have battled acne from age and I have used all the prescribed medication from Retin-A to Tazorac, Tetracycline and finally, two rounds of Accutane — a drug so strong that it arguably causes suicidal thoughts and it requires biweekly blood tests.

It took ten years, but my pimples finally went away. You should do the best you can to look as best as you could. Groom Exercise Diet While you are cleaning up your body, you should also focus on building up your mind. As you should have learned throughout reading this book, being attractive is about much more than looks. You need to be intellectually stimulating and make women think when you speak so that you stand out from the crowd.

Remember, beautiful girls have their pick of any man they want to be with. A surefire way to be rejected like everyone else is to be like everyone else. Attractive Mind I love the Rocky Franchise.

In Rocky, Rocky Balboa is already has-been amateur fighter who is just hoping to go the distance with the heavyweight champion of the world. In Rocky II, Rocky is determined to win the rematch and become a champion himself. After agreeing to fight Drago, to the dismay of his wife, Adrian, Rocky gives Adrian a whole speech about people not being able to change who they are. Ironically, he disproves this philosophy at the end of the movie when he realizes that the Russian fans changed from booing him loudly to cheering for him later in the fight.

He also points out that his feelings for the Russian fans changed as they started cheering for him. Could you repeat the process tomorrow? Would people notice a change in you? I bet that the ladies would. This means that they had to go from scoring 91 points per game as a team the previous year to scoring about points per game the next season.