Dragon age 2 relationship with fenris

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dragon age 2 relationship with fenris

Fenris - Dragon Age 2: Once a slave to a corrupt Tevinter magister by the Anders, or Merrill also effectively ends the romance with Fenris. If A Bitter Pill is completed before Fenris's Act 2 Questioning Beliefs quest, it may not be possible to continue the romance because the flirt option will not appear. For Dragon Age II on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Fenris Romance (Spoilers. maybe)".

Be sure to pick it up, as his two gifts are needed for a bit of leverage in the romance. When you give it to him, be sure to tell him that you will help him learn to read it.

Though I haven't tried all the outcomes of the things you can say to him, I personally tell him that he needs to start a new life, rather than starting where he left off.

It's difficult for a person with amnesia to pick up where they left off, because they can't remember their past, and even when they do, it will seem more foreign to them than the one they've lived sense.

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So picking those options just made sense to me. You will run into Tevinter Slavers. If you don't progress the plot a bit, and come back to it.

Guide to Dragon Age 2 Romance – Building a Relationship with Fenris

You will learn his master's apprentice is here hunting him. When you find the lone servant, give her some money to start on her own. Don't forget to find his armor upgrade during this! It will be the only time you can! When facing down the woman, allow him to choose for himself what he'd like to do.

dragon age 2 relationship with fenris

He'll be upset, but it's okay. He will come find you and apologize. Available in Act 2. Flirtatious dialogue usually emerges from conversations about Fenris' past with Danarius and can be chosen as soon as Bait and Switch is completed.

The following quests aside from the other ones give way to flirtatious dialogue: Bait and Switch, Fenris Recruited Act 2: During A Bitter Pill, offer employment to or free the female elf to satisfy the elf. Then, let Fenris decide on his own what to do with Hadriana. As long as you are least halfway toward friendship or rivalry, find him locked in solitude at his mansion later to advance the romance.

In Act 3's Alone, you must obviously avoid turning in Fenris to his former master to avoid curtailing the romance. Later, Hawke receives a letter from Danarius stating that Fenris "is his usual compliant self now that his memories have been once again removed. Hawke can let him do it or persuade him against killing her. If Varania lives, she reveals that Fenris competed to obtain his lyrium markings and used a boon in order to free her and their mother from slavery yet states she resented their freedom as she was unable to cope with the hardships that came with it.

One of the dialogue options leads to him permanently leaving the party.


After the destruction of the Chantry, Fenris advocates for killing Anders. In the final battleFenris always joins Hawke who sided with the templars.

dragon age 2 relationship with fenris

Otherwise, Hawke who sided with the mages meets Fenris in the Gallows courtyard: Later, he shows up with a group of city guards inside the Gallows and Hawke has to kill him. Inquisition This section contains spoilers for: Fenris Alive and Well: The Inquisitor can ask Varric Tethras about his fate. Varric will state that he's been killing Tevinter slavers preying on refugees.

Later upon asking Hawke why they are alone, they will state that Fenris would have died to protect them, and they didn't want to give him that chance.

If Hawke survives the physical trip to the fade, Varric will state that Hawke told him to write to everyone in Kirkwall about Hawke's whereabouts, and that Fenris will want to know. Also, in dialogue with Varric and Cassandra, it is mentioned that they will likely join up again. Romance Edit Fenris can be romanced by either a male or female Hawke.

dragon age 2 relationship with fenris

Due to his strong aversion to mages and blood magic, a Hawke looking to fulfill a friendly romance with Fenris must either follow his views on magic, or leave him behind on missions where the player will be siding with or aiding mages. If the player would like to pursue the rival romance, it doesn't matter if Hawke clashes with Fenris.

In spite of his opinion of mages, Fenris will be no less attracted to a mage Hawke. Fenris's appearance before and after being romanced. When Hawke asks why Danarius is after him, the first flirt option becomes available. Later, Hawke can talk and flirt with him in his mansion Fenris Recruited. Also, if he is present in the party during the main quest Act of Mercy and Hawke chooses the dialogue option "I will help you", Fenris will give you a pleasantly surprised genuine smile.

Dragon Age 2: Fenris & Witty LadyHawke Romance (Beginning to End)

Act 2 In order for the romance to begin, use the flirt options during the quest Speak to Fenris. During the follow-up quest Questioning Beliefsflirt with Fenris again. Near the end of the conversation, a flirt option to say "Just friends?

Fenris Romance Guide (SPOIELRS!!) - Dragon Age II Message Board for Xbox - GameFAQs

Choosing this option adds a few lines of romantic dialogue. If the Questioning Beliefs quest has not been completed, inviting him to stay will result in him saying that it's best for both of you if he leaves.

If the Questioning Beliefs quest has been completed and the flirt option is chosen, they kiss and the scene dims to the Hawke's room. If he will not stay and Hawke completes Questioning Beliefs after that or if the flirt option is not chosen, once Hawke leaves and returns to the mansion, Fenris will be there waiting again to initiate a romance scene. Fenris always leaves after the romance scene. He tells Hawke that during their night together, he experienced flashbacks to his life before lyrium was burnt into him.

He sorrowfully claims that he is in no place to be with someone else or that all he wanted was to be happy for a little while. In a party banter in which Fenris and Anders are following Hawke at the same time Anders will wonder what Hawke saw in him; he replies "It's done. If Fenris has been successfully romanced before All That Remainshe will appear at the estate to comfort Hawke, acknowledging that they need him. The option "So you're ending it" ends the romance even though it doesn't have a "Reject" icon.

Fenris will still wear a red ribbon and companions may still make comments suggesting a continued romance, but the corresponding scenes and dialogues in Act 3 will not occur.