Dealing with betrayal in relationship

dealing with betrayal in relationship

When betrayed, we're given a choice—let ourselves get stuck or put it behind us for says clinical psychologist and relationship expert, Dr. Carmen Harra. You' ve already dealt with one betrayal; you don't need anymore. Click here to discover our guide to dealing with liars and moving on. Learn how to get over betrayal and discover how you can trust again! Whether you want to rebuild a relationship or let go, you still need to forgive by letting go of the. Do you want break up or just forgive her, check our article to find some guidance and tools to overcoming betrayal in a relationship.

It can also cause you to start to distrust others once a betrayal has happened to you. You can control who you spend your time with, so make sure they are worthy of your time and treat you with the respect that you deserve.

If you can spend time with people who you can trust and keep you positive you will feel a lot better.

Dealing With Liars: How To Get Over Betrayal And Trust Again

Find out more about removing toxic people from your life with 9 simple steps just click here now. Take Time For Yourself When someone betrays you there are a lot of different emotions that you have to deal with, which can be very difficult. This can be particularly hard when you still have to be around the person who has betrayed you. If this is your partner, it is probably worth asking for space and taking some time apart.

Dealing With Liars: How To Get Over Betrayal And Trust Again

Hang around with other people who you can confide in and will help you to stay positive. This is still very true when it comes to speaking about betrayal. When someone has hurt you it is very easy to feel angry and make a hasty decision if you want to know more about dealing with anger take a look at my anger management tips. Anger and violence is not the answer, and will also only make you feel worse.

dealing with betrayal in relationship

Retaliation will cause you more grief and anger, it is not a good way to deal with betrayal. If you can take control of your feelings and not let the betrayal take over, you can find many more positive ways of dealing with a betrayal that will benefit you. Choose To Forgive Forgiving can be one step that you take in dealing with your betrayal. If you can forgive that personand let go of the negative feelings that you have you will start to feel much better.

You will most likely be able to do this after you have taken some time for yourself.

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However, forgiving does not always mean rebuilding a relationship with that person. Who is this person? Affairs are more complex. Should we gather our dignity and end the relationship? Or, is there a way to maintain our dignity while attempting to heal and rebuild trust?

Perhaps love is still alive and our partner admits his or her mistake and expresses remorse.

dealing with betrayal in relationship

Would it be a courageous risk to give our partner another chance or a foolish mistake to trust again? Repeated expressions of heartfelt sorrow and regret by the betrayer may offer some hope for healing. Perhaps with helpful support, the betrayed person can take a risk to reveal vulnerable feelings that lie beneath the initial anger and outrage.

It takes courage to consider whether we might have played some unknowing role in a betrayal. Maybe we neglected our partner in some subtle way.

Dealing with Betrayal

Or, we repeatedly overrode his concerns and desires with our own pressing needs. We may not have noticed how our lack of attentiveness created a growing resentment that led our partner to find someone who offered kindness, listening or affection not present in the partnership. The possibility that we co-created a climate for betrayal can be an empowering realization. It offers a basis for hope that we might find some resolution by facing the issues that were being ignored in the relationship.