Trance gemini quotes relationship

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trance gemini quotes relationship

Photos, biography, powers, quotes, RPG stats. Trance Gemini was revealed to be a schemer to make it all happen and to create a perfect future as she saw it. May 26, In Heaven Now Are Three Dylan: What do you think Trance? Trance: I think your guess is as good as mine. pdl-inc.infoer she says that. Aug 7, Trance Gemini is a fictional female Solar Avatar in the Andromeda television series who was portrayed on screen by Laura Bertram. Trance Gemini's origins were a mysterious until the end of the fifth series when it is revealed that she's an Avatar of the Tarn-Vedran Sun.

Even Dylan Hunt acknowledges that her rank is nowhere near high enough to justify her talent, skill, and accomplishments at the end of season 2. At this point, however, there's nobody around who can promote her any higher. Beka is definitely a good person, but marred by a pretty messed-up existence and ends up as cynical foil to Dylan. A fellow captain to Hunt, but very much more in the pragmatic camp though Hunt's idealism seems to rub off, at least a little. Beka's stock in trade has been going to places and making deals no-one else dares to.

Beka has cybernetics installed that allow her to change her hair colour at will. She uses it to great effect. Her own uncle forces her to become addicted to "Flash. If she thinks her crew is threatened she'll even stand up to Dylan. A Mother to Her Men: The above Mama Bear note doesn't just apply to her crew aboard the Maru.

trance gemini quotes relationship

Everyone who finds herself under her command will see the same treatment. When he's indisposed, or unable to give orders for some reason, she's in charge. All the Maru crew would count for this, naturally, but she is the captain. Seamus Harper "Trust in the Harper. The Harper is good.

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Harper tries to hit on anything and everything female in his line of sight. His spectacular lack of success doesn't stop him from trying. He definitely doesn't like being in danger, but usually handles himself well when forced into sticky sitations.

Such a good one that he's capable of keeping a ship meant to be crewed by people running smoothly, and build multiple WMDs as a side project.

He hates the Nietzscheans with a passion, again with good reason, as they've enslaved and abused the entire population of Earth where he grew up. He only tolerates Tyr, despite the fact that they do have a sort of grudging respect with each other, because Dylan and Beka tell him to.

His suspicions turn out to be right even after Tyr has risked himself to save his life numerous times. His greatest fear in the universe is the Magog race, and for good reason.

Trance Gemini

He can keep year-old tech, which would have kept a maintenance crew of hundreds busy, on his lonesome, and has developed some pretty nifty tech on his own. He is awesome with tech, and he will not let you forget that. Is never adressed as anything other than "Harper".

Part of his duties as "tech guy" include stripping derelicts of useful bits and bartering for materials. Which he does, usually with unexpected success.

trance gemini quotes relationship

Rommie "The idea that the universe is a vast preprogrammed machine does have its appeal. Seamus builds her an android body in one of the first episodes after the pilot.

Rommie is the Master Computer of Andromeda Ascendant, one of the coolest ships in fiction. Rommie is rarely anything other than cool, composed and in control. And she's a warship.

Her avatar mows through armies given the chance. What else would you call a navy composed of intelligent warships created from construction for fighting but a Proud Warrior Race? Her avatar is a robot designed by Harper with this specifically in mind. As befits her mechanical nature, Rommie is usually cooly logical in her decisions. She does have her moments, though. Rev Bem "You ask me how this could be God's will? My answer is, how can it not be?

The Divine lives in all places. He wants to atone for causing the death of his mother during his childbirth which, to be fair, couldn't possibly be intentional on his part.

trance gemini quotes relationship

A cleric of the Wayist religion, and one of the few in-universe who actually seems to take it seriously. He's also quite capable of killing his own kind, who only live for war and destruction. Magog reproduce via Face Full of Alien Wing-Wonglaying their eggs inside of humanoid victims like parasitic wasps, which characters in the series including Bem himself view as rape.

Bem himself is once forced to parasitize a woman of a Human Subspecies with Genetic Memory who hopes the Magog children she births can be raised to defend her people. The Magog are the most feared and barbaric race in the Universe, yet Rev is clearly the exception to the rule.

Only Known by Their Nickname: Real Life Writes the Plot: Was Put on a Bus in season two because Brent Stait developed an allergy to the character's makeup. Most other species react with fear when the see him, yet he's the most peaceful member of the entire crew. He's also approximately the only nice Magog in the series, other than a clutch of young sired by him without his consent.

Trance Gemini "OK, Trance, you can do this, you know you can. There is a perfect possible future where everything will turn out just fine and the odds of creating that future are only one million, six hundred and seventy-one thousand to one.

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Beware the Nice Ones: Though she doesn't look it, she is very dangerous. On the Andromeda, she serves as their environmentalist and life support officer, xenobiologist, botanist and physician.

Trance plays the part to the hilt. Being the avatar of a star.

trance gemini quotes relationship

Which means her actor is starring as a star. Trance is a perpetually cheerful ball of energy. Trance is an attractive female alien with purple skin, which later changes into gold.

Trance is much more savvy than she lets on. Being a Celestial Avatar with precognitive abilities does that to you. How the relationship between her and Harper works is anyone's guess.

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She does her best to be completely optimistic and expect the best possible outcome. When she can't find it, she goes into a Heroic BSoD. She's actually the avatar of the Vedran sun and she can go supernova at will, tesseract and see multiple timelines. Your body reacted differently to the parasites.

Trance, are you dead or alive? Crystal clear as usual. I am the avatar of a sun, a star. All things come from the same thing, all from me. You are elements of the sun. As I make you, I am able to destroy you. As I destroy you, I am able to create.

Laura Bertram's Transformation into Trance

You had me at avatar. Awareness is where we travel, no path. I am all gravity, and exist in all universes between them. What destroys you in this universe will deliver you to the next. Are you ready to sacrifice everything?

trance gemini quotes relationship

Sacrifice pales against that which we will gain Trance: You will put your faith in me to destroy you? And remake me, yes. Then behold the expanding universe. Last Call at the Broken Hammer Trance: You're twice as big as me, and you look pretty scary, but I'm still standing up to you, so either I'm crazy, or I am really, really dangerous. Would you like to guess which? Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way. Aren't you supposed to be dead? Slipfighter the Dogs of War Harper: Trance, no offense, but I think we all remember what happened the last time you tried to pilot the slipstream.

You took us back years in time, into the middle of a humungous space battle where we, uh, fixed the course of history… Trance: Fear Burns Down to Ashes Rev: Trance, I have a confession to make.

I've always known who you are, but I did not understand, I could not grasp it. No, I hid my light until it was time. I, too, had much to learn.