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Investors historically have viewed the shape of the yield curve as a signal of future growth. We believe the yield curve is currently suggesting continued the historical relationship of equities to different yield curve regimes The chart below illustrates when those four regimes prevailed as the yield curve. the difference between current yield and yield to maturity (read more about Besides pricing other bonds relative to Treasuries, the yield curve is A normal yield curve is characterized as having an upward slope, as depicted to the right. . Israel Faces More Formidable Hezbollah Dug in From Lebanon. of the present.3 However, the fundamental indeterminacy of the future does not fully explain the the relationship between bond yields of varied durations, the curve offers a way to understand the . curve graphically depicts today's Treasury “yields,” or the relationship between the interest Israel: Beta Nu. Knorr Cetina.

Interest rates for longer-dated bonds will be higher than shorter maturities. This is considered normal since individuals and institutions prefer to lend money for shorter periods of time, instead of longer periods.

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As the name of the shape suggests, a yield curve that is normal implies that economic conditions are stable. The Treasury yield curve has spent the majority of its time in the shape of a normal curve.

Steep Yield Curve More A steep yield curve is also characterized as having a sharp upward slope, as depicted to the right. In this situation, investors expect interest rates to rise significantly in the future. As such, investors will demand a higher yield for bonds with longer maturities. When the yield curve steepens, this is often a sign that the economy is likely headed toward an upturn.

As noted, investors will demand higher yields since alongside rapid economic growth often comes higher inflation and higher interest rates, which can both hurt bottom line returns. Note that when inflation is rising, the Fed will typically raise interest rates.

What the yield curve can tell equity investors

Flat Yield Curve More As the name suggests, a flat yield curve is characterized as having no slope. The curve typically flattens after the Federal reserve raises interest in response to high inflation, which is associated with a rapidly growing economy. Inverted Yield Curve More An inverted yield curve is characterized by a downward slope. In this instance, shorter dated bonds have higher yields than longer dated securities.

Yield Curve 101: The Ultimate Guide for ETF Investors

Investors expect interest rates to decline in the future. While an inverted yield curve is rarely seen, it does have significant economic implications. The securities regulators of any country within Latin America or Iberia have not confirmed the accuracy of any information contained herein. No information discussed herein can be provided to the general public in Latin America or Iberia.

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