Taking relationship for granted quotes children

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taking relationship for granted quotes children

16 quotes have been tagged as take-for-granted: Criss Jami: 'Feel what it's like to truly starve, and I guarantee that you'll forever think twice before. Start at a young age and teach your kids to not take everything for granted. ' Having a go' at your partner can weaken your relationship when it needs to be at . Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old being taken for granted quotes, being taken for granted sayings, and being taken for.

She lived with her family in a small village in the countryside. Many people told her not to put her children in school so she could have some help with work. But she insisted on letting her children be educated so that they could have a shot to live a better life than hers. It meant working ten times extra, but she did it anyway. She lived more strictly than a monk.

7 Warning Signs That You Are Being Taken For Granted In Your Relationship

Fast forward nearly forty years later, she suffered from heart disease, blood pressure problem, and many serious illnesses. She became paralyzed and she forgot her children and grandchildren. Later she died in the arms of her family. That was the life story of my grandmother, the woman who sacrificed her entire life to take care of other people and expected nothing in return. And everyone took her for granted. But we were just too busy with our lives.

And most importantly, our society raised us not to express our love and feelings to others, because it was considered a sign of weakness.

taking relationship for granted quotes children

I remember just a couple hours before she died, we were all expecting it and we gathered together to be with her. It was the first time I saw her cry. A couple years later, my aunt told me she never hugged my grandma and told her how much she loved her.

They took her for granted.

taking relationship for granted quotes children

A mother of four children, she found herself in a familiar situation. She raised her four children herself while her husband was away to work for many years. She never had good food because she tried to save money to provide for her family. And honestly, I also took her for granted. She was always there for me when I needed her. She never left me when I got sick.

taking relationship for granted quotes children

She fixed my clothes and bought me some pretty shoes when I asked for them, even though money was tight. And magically, she still managed to do the same for my siblings.

She was a superwoman to me. It was not uncommon for her to do all the household chores while we just sat around, studying, chatting, or playing. Until she was diagnosed with cancer. Life was so brutal. When she was in the chemo, the house was a mess. No one cared to clean, cook, or talk. My family and I only talked about Mom, who was becoming weaker by the day. I remember when she finally came home after the first chemo session, we kept asking her what food she could eat and how she felt.

That was the first time she received so much attention. There will come a time in life when you would just stop hoping to be treated the same way. When it feels like letting go is better than holding on, maybe you are not given importance. Stop trying to give effort to the people who never try to give you anything back at all, girl.

May you not waste your time with people who do not care about anyone but themselves. I wish I can tell you that I love you and I appreciate you so much so do not feel alone, girl. You are important to me, let me just remind you of that so you know I care for you so much.

There are moments when you need to leave someone because they do not appreciate you. I find it sad that people can forget you so quickly until they need something from you again. People will always remember the time when you chose not to help them, that they would.

taking relationship for granted quotes children

I suggest that you just try your best in everything and forget about the people who forgot you. Attitude Quotes For Girls in love When your heart is breaking already for being taken for granted, that is the time you stop. I hope you realize that some things in life are not meant to be lived the way you are doing.

Sponsored Links Let them ignore you, try to see what they would do when you are no longer by their side. Smart Self Love Messages with Images — Start with Yourself It is okay to leave when you feel like you are not being given enough credit for your work. I may be here all the time but it does not give you the right to try and ignore me all the time. When someone truly cares for you, he will go through all the lengths to make you feel okay.

The moment you feel underappreciated is the moment you should leave the side of that person. What is worth fighting for when everything you have seems to have gone to waste already? Stop being at that place where you are only tolerated and start being where you are loved. I love you and I appreciate you so please forgive me for the times I did not show you that I do. I care for you, that is the truth, I am just not used to showing it, so forgive me for everything.

I will give you all the time that you need just ask me for it, that is what I can promise you. This time around, I will no longer stick with the people who does not care at all for me, girl. Be brave enough to learn when to say goodbye so that you can get a new hello with your life.

When you break up with someone, it will hurt a lot especially when you felt unloved during. I want to be found, I just want to be recognized for the things that I do and yet I am not, why? Is it so hard to appreciate someone for the things that she gave, if not then why do you not? I do not have an attitude, I just hate people that do not know how to appreciate things, a lot.

From today onwards, I will drop those friends who are only good when they need me. Stay away from those people who just want to take advantage of you, stay through to yourself. One day you will find someone who knows how to make you feel special so never let him go.

You will realize that some things in life can never be brought back and time is one of them. Life will never be easy but I hope you know that you can make it better when you try to do so.

7 Warning Signs That You Are Being Taken For Granted In Your Relationship

Stop being the one that is underappreciated and never do the same to other people, okay? Learn to say thanks for every favor that you ask, for everything someone does to help you out. It may not seem obvious but I am highly sensitive and not being credited for work sucks.

How is it possible that some people chooses to ignore others for the work that they did?

24 Spot-on Quotes and Sayings About Being Taken for Granted

I would like to be appreciated in some way more than others, that is the truth of this life. Unique quotes about taking for granted by someone you love I want to be with you, I want to be able to look at you and see that you care for me too.

Life is but a challenge to every one of us, one that we must learn to face on our own. I sincerely hate you because you made me feel as if I am worthless, like I am stupid enough.