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Lamba Jatan, Rajasthan, India. Current city. Lamba Jatan, Rajasthan, India. Hometown. About Ravindra. Happy's boy. Favorite Quotes. No favorite quotes to . BJP leader LK Advani's niece married (second marriage) to muslim. Mukthar Abbas Naqvi married the daugter of Ashok Singhal and Shanawaz . Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. isn's it a love jihad whom did subramanya swamy of. State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi made an embarrassing statement. The beef ban, Mr. Naqvi said, “is not a matter of loss or profit; it is an issue Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Ashok Singhal called Mr. Modi the “ideal overtime to communalise social relations and saffronise the polity.

Classical percussionist Taufique Qureshi is married to vocalist Geetika Varde. Their son is Shikhar Naad. She is the daughter of Neena Mehta. They have two sons, Ali and Amir. Social activist Teesta Setalvad is married to Javed Anand. Their daughter is Tamara and son Jibraan. Comedian Ehsan Qureishi is married to Rachna. They have two children. They have a daughter, Alya. Their other son is Nafees. Their daughter is Alina.

Actor Imran Khan is married to Avantika Malik. Their daughter is Imara. Imran prefers to use the surname Khan, perhaps for commercial reasons. Tamil actor — producer — director Raj Kiran whose real name is Qadir not to be confused with s bollywood actor Raj Kiranwas married to Chellamma. Both Chellamma and Padma Jyothi had to convert to Islam. Their son is Jackie. Jamim was gunned down by assailants allegedly belonging to Chhota Rajan gang on 7th Feb Their daughter is Sarah.

They have a son and a daughter. They have a daughter, Ayana. She converted to Islam. They migrated to Pakistan in Their children were raised as Muslims. Her children Harin and Deven, however, were both born to her first husband, Vishwanath. Harin was married to renowned theatreperson Vijaya Mehta. With Rashid, she had no offspring. They have a son, Nino. Kashmiri painter Ghulam Rasool married Santosh, a Kashmiri Pandit woman and added her name to his own.

He called himself Ghulam Rasool Santosh thereafter. Their son Shabbir is married to a Sikh girl. They also have a daughter who is married to a Hindu. Their son Arshad is Muslim and is a lawyer.

Their son is Rup Arohan Promestheus. Designer Shahab Durazi is married to Kavita. They have two daughters, Amaesha and Aashya. They have three sons, Jad, Kais and Jai. Kannada film actress Shirin Shringar is daughter of Ali and Yashoda. She converted to Islam and assumed the name Saeeda bano. After partition, they migrated to Pakistan.

Humayun Kabir, educationist, politician, writer, philosopher also a minister in Nehru govtmarried Shanti Devi. Their children were Leila and Prabahan. Leila married socialist leader George Fernandes, a Christian. Social activists Javed Alam and Jayanti Guha married each other in The event became a political battleground between the leftist and rightist camps.

However, the marriage survived. Javed, who claimed to be an atheist, died in Their son is named Aniket. This is a rare example of the family getting incorporated into the Hindu fold in spite of the man being Muslim.

Thus, Anwar Hussain is stepbrother of these two. Their son is Ayaman. They are divorced now. Their sons, Ammar and Zain are both Muslim. They have one son, Adam.

Not a sprinkle, but a spread of saffron

Their daughter Zara is Muslim. Their daughter Runa who is a Ghazal singer, married Hindu musician Sivamani. He died in while Gauri Dutta died in They had one son, Pushan. Gauri Dutta also wrote a book of memories about her only granddaughter whose name was Shreya religion not known. She converted to Islam after marriage and was renamed Sameena.

Their daughter is Sonal. He ended his first marriage with a Muslim woman. Mastan later produced a number of films in which she acted. This is the second marriage for both. Their children Zafar and Sasha are Muslim. Businessman Rishad Nathani is married to Priya. She converted to Islam and moved to Afghanistan.

After overthrow of Taliban regime, she moved back to Afghanistan to join her husband. She worked among rural Afghan women. She was shot dead outside her home by suspected Islamic Jihadis. They have two sons, Shariq and Shamshad, both Muslim. He later became a citizen of Bangladesh and died as one.

He was given an Islamic burial. She uses the name Anjana Mumtaz. His younger brother is Nandkishore. Narendra Kumar was married to Kadambari Lakhani but they are now divorced. Nandkishore is also married to a Hindu. This is another of those extremely rare examples where the family has adopted a Hindu identity and not the Muslim one.

Their daughter Mana originally Monisha is married to film actor Suneil Shetty. Their other daughter is also married to a Hindu. Their son Rahul Qadri is married to Shimula Jhaveri. Their son is Sohail. Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui is married to Anjali. They have a daughter named Shora and a son Yani. Siddiqui was previously married to a Muslim woman. Their son is Ayaan. She has been an MP herself.

This is her second marriage. Their daughter is Rahi. Ayub himself is son of a Muslim father and a Hindu mother. Poet and bollywood lyricist Nida Fazli who died inwas married to Malti Joshi.

BJP drops mention of 'love jihad' from resolution -

Their daughter Tehreer Mohammed is Muslim. Their son is Akaar. Their children are Aman and Nafisa. Their son is actor Mashaal Durrani. They have a son, Asad. Nafitullah, brother of Best Bakery case prime witness Zahira Sheikh had married a Hindu tribal woman, Kailash Vasava a few weeks before the riots. She had to convert to Islam and be renamed as Hina. Nafitullah died a few years later. They have one son who is also married to a Hindu. Most remarkably, Hirabai and her four siblings were brought up as Hindus by their mother, although they were given dual Hindu-Muslim names: Eventually, they all chose Hindu identity for themselves, married Hindu partners and were subsumed into Hindu society.

A most rare example. Hirabai married Manikrao Badodekar. Saraswati married Sundarrao Rane. Suresh too married a Hindu. Radha Saluja who acted as leading lady in many movies in s also known as sister of film editor Renu Salujamarried Shamim Zaidi. Her first marriage to Raunak Samson had ended in a divorce. They seperated and now she is married to a Hindu, Vishal Madlani. They have a son, Vivaan and a daughter, Sairah. Actor Sunil Dutt married Nargis, a Muslim. She was named Nirmala after marriage.

Their son Sanjay is now married to Dilnawaz Sheikh screen name Manyata. They have twins — a boy named Shahraan and a girl named Iqra. Urdu author Krishan Chander married Salma Siddiqui ——— 3. One of the three daughters of politician Najma Heptullah is married to a Hindu. The couple have a daughter, Alizeb and a son, Ayaan. He married a Hindu lady.

They had a daughter, Brinda. Thereafter they divorced and Nana married Munaira Jasdanvala, a Bohra Muslim who was also a divorcee. They have two children- Akshay and Shaina, both of whom are married to Hindus. They have two daughters, Ahana and Ashti. Actor Aditya Pancholi is married to actor Zarina Wahab. Their children are actor Suraj Pancholi and Sarah. They have a son, Raj. Their children are Atiya and Ahan. Zubeida, a Muslim girl from a prominent Mumbai family was pushed into marrying a Muslim youth in The husband divorced her when she refused to migrate to Pakistan with him.

She later married Hanuwant Singh, the then Maharaja of Jodhpur. Both later died in an unexplained air crash. They have a son, Mikail. But they were never married and never lived together. Mahesh Bhatt had a very public affair with Parveen Babi. He later married Kiran. They had a daughter, the film acress and director Pooja and a son, Rahul. They have two daughters, Shaheen and actress Aliya Bhatt. They have triplets — Anya, Diva both daughters and Czar son. Seema later divorced Arvind and married producer Chander Sadanah from whom she had two daughters, Radhika and actress Jyothika and one son, Suraj.

Thus, Jyothika and Naghma are half-sisters, born to a Muslim mother. Jyothika is now married to Tamil star Surya Sivakumar. They have two daughters, Avantika and Anandita. Geeta is an active politician in Mumbai. Manoj Bajpai married actor Shabana Raza whose screen name was Neha. Their daughter is Ava Nayla. Parents to actor Shahid Kapur, they are divorced now.

Shahid Kapoor is a devotee of Radha Swami. He is married to Meera Rajput. Their son is Ishaan. They got divorced too. Rajesh Khattar later married Vandana Sajnani. Neelima is now married to Ustad Ali Raza Khan, a singer. Nayyara Mirza, Miss India finalist ofwas the first Muslim to participate in the pageant.

She converted to Hinduism after marriage and became Nalini Patel. She is settled in the USA. She is married to actor Robert Taylor, a Christian.

His screen name was Kamaljeet. She has a son, Sohail and a daughter, Kashvi. Kamaljeet died a few years ago. She got married at young age to bollywood dance master B Sohanlal. But Saroj did not know that Sohanlal was already married. Then she married businessman Sardar Roshan Khan who also was a married man. Her children, though not Muslim, use the name Khan. His children are Prayag and Mukulika. Raj Babbar married stage actress Nadira Zaheer, daughter of Communist parents. Their kids are Arya and Juhi.

Juhi also did a couple of films. She is now married to TV actor Anup Soni. She is herself a child of a Muslim father and a Roman Catholic mother. Armana is married to Adil Singh Akoi, a Sikh. Hindi writer Nasira Sharma is a Muslim married to a Hindu. Their daughter Natasha, is married to actor Fardeen Khan. Other daughter is Tanya. They had a civil marriage without ceremony due to staunch opposition from both families. It is said that Kishore had converted to Islam for the marriage.

Madhubala died in without becoming a mother. After her death, Kishore married Leena Chandavarkar. Their son is singer Amit Kumar. Her post-marriage name is Madhur Bhushan. He has taken the name Kabir Suman. He is now a Trinamool Congress MP.

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi Reacts To Beef Ban

They have one son, Gaurav. They have no children. Social activist Shamim Modi is married to fellow activist Anurag Modi. Their daughter is famous Odessy exponent Kiran Sehgal and and son, Pavan. Her post-mariage name is Tanisha Nerurkar. Tasneem is a daughter of a Gujarati Hindu mother and a Muslim father.

They have one son.

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The beef ban, Mr. During the election campaign, the Sangh Parivar, to which the BJP belongs, did not seem too pleased with the development and personality-oriented campaign style of the party. An opportunity to seize Over the past year, the manner in which the Parivar has conducted itself shows its enthusiasm in spreading Hindutva in India.

As it believes that the BJP government is its own, it also apparently believes that it can stride confidently ahead by injecting vigour into Hindutva programmes. Modi might express unhappiness when forced to, about the outrageous public conduct of his Sangh family members, the latter has been working overtime to communalise social relations and saffronise the polity. We must not forget that Mr. Modi and his development team also belong to this very Sangh family; they have been nurtured and moulded by the Hindutva agenda.

The question we need to ask therefore is not whether Mr. Modi is for development or Hindutva, but rather how Hindutva has moved in the last one year. Where there are 20 to 35 per cent of them, serious communal riots take place. She later withdrew the remark after coming under fire from the opposition, but the damage had been done. He added that those involved in conversion and cow slaughter must be punished with death, though ghar vapsi, the process of converting minority communities to Hinduism, is not equivalent to conversion.