Jim and miss watson relationship quotes

jim and miss watson relationship quotes

Mrs. Watson's Slave, Jim heard the noise and went to go see what it was. . In this quote Twain's character, Ben Rogers, is describing Huck's father and how he was Adding to the emotional connection the reader begins to develop with this . Everything you ever wanted to know about Jim in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn This may all sound a little silly, but is it any sillier than Miss Watson's religion. Huck is pleased that he will not be alone on the island but shocked when Jim explains that he has run away. Jim says that he overheard Miss Watson discussing.

The main character is Huckleberry Finn, a homeless child.

jim and miss watson relationship quotes

Huck's mother is dead and his father, Pap, is abusive, drunken, and frequently absent. At the opening of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck and his friend Tom Sawyer have become rich after finding treasure in a cave. Pap has disappeared from the town, and no one knows where he is or even if he is still alive. The Widow Douglas is a wealthy, highly respected member of the St. Before his death, her husband had been a justice of the peace, and he was highly regarded for punishing dangerous criminals such as Injun Joe, the villain of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

The Widow is kind and generous to the poor, and she had fed and given shelter to Huck even before she formally adopted him.

However, a conflict arises between Huck and the Widow Douglas because she's determined to 'civilize' him. She wants him to observe the strict social rules of the upper class, go to church, and go to school.

For his part, Huck wants to continue living like a homeless person, which he finds far more comfortable.

jim and miss watson relationship quotes

Huck runs away, but Tom Sawyer convinces Huck to go back to her. Tom promises Huck that he will allow him to join Tom's 'robber band,' a group of boys who play 'make-believe' and pretend they are highwaymen. Tom insists that Huck can only join the group if he is a 'respectable' member of society, so Huck agrees to go back to the Widow Douglas.

The Widow Douglas & Miss Watson in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

She moves in with the Widow Douglas shortly after the Widow adopts Huck. He thinks things through before he does things and is a kind boy for his age.

Huck lives with Widow Douglas, and Miss Watson. He becomes good friends with Miss Watson's slave, Jim. The character Jim fits the stereotype of the "dumb Negro. Chapter 2 in particularly interesting because I think the role that Tom Sawyer takes on in this chapter is much like many areas in society. When gangs are created there is one intelligent and manipulative person controlling everything, and there are many followers that might not think things all the way through.

huckleberry / Chapter 2

This is a great example of how a very smart and influential person can ruin a lot of people. Tom Sawyer seems like someone that could be a political leader as well. Just like the rise of communism and the nazi regime, Tom Sawyer's role is like Hitler's. He was a man in power that was able to get a group of people to follow him and do what he told them to do, no matter how morally wrong it was.

This quote is explaining how Tom is a risk taker, and wants to always be mischievious. Going back to what Twain is trying to persue in the chapter about metaphoring an adult, Tom has the power to take charge, and get everyone to do what he says.

We stop stages and carriages on the road, with masks on, and kill the people and take their watches and money" 20P. It also shows that he isn't a realistic thinker and says things to try and act tough because that way he is the "cool kid.

He used to lay drunk with the hogs in the tanyard, but he hain't been seen in these parts for a year or more" 19P. In this quote Twain's character, Ben Rogers, is describing Huck's father and how he was never there for Huck.

He uses this to give readers inside on how Huck grew up before he went to stay with the Widow.

jim and miss watson relationship quotes

Twain is showing that Huck never had a father figure and was on his own when he was younger. This makes the reader feel sympathic to Huck. Adding to the emotional connection the reader begins to develop with this character, we also begin to understand why he follows Tom around so much.

A father is a leader, and Huck has never really had a father, so he's never had someone lead him in a right or wrong direction.

jim and miss watson relationship quotes

This is why Huck follows Tom and the direction that he leads him. Unfortunately this is the wrong direction, making him into a troublemaker.

Huck says this when he is describing the "Tom Sawyer Gang," and what would happen if you didn't follow the rules of this gang.

Huckleberry Finn project:Miss Watson by Ben Simmons on Prezi

Twain uses this to tell how Tom Sawyer has a big imagination and tries to be adventurous. It shows that he likes to try and be tough, but he would never really go through with his plan.

It also shows how Tom would only be willing to get the other boys to do his dirty work, while he collects the rewards that they earned.

In this quote it is showing how Huck is feeling about not having a family. In the gang, they need to have families so that they could kill the boys and their families if they told the secrets. He doesn't like the fact that he can't do certain things because he doesn't technically have a family, but then realizes that Miss Watson is his family, and that she can be considered someone close enough to kill.

It shows that he feels comfortable and close with Miss Watson. This quote shows how Huck kind of looks up to Jim as well because he knows that he is a famous slave and I think he likes the fact that he knows someone somewhat "famous. Many critics read Huckleberry Finn as a lesson in the way that identity is formed by social realities.