Father son relationship quotes in the book night who was idek

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father son relationship quotes in the book night who was idek

Quote #1. Quote #3. The first primary example of father-son relationships occurs early in the novel, during the first days at Auschwitz. In this tragic scene of Night , Elie and his father are moving from Auschwitz to get to. Quote Book for Night by Elie Wiesel. Quote. Theme/Character Page #. Why did I him. Not to be left alone. Relationship with his father. I pinched my face. Was I still . child. He was lividly pale, almost calm, biting his lips. The gallows threw . awoke, in the daylight, I could see Juliek, opposite me, slumped over, dead. night quotes and important facts Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. -before they had a traditional father-son relationship -now they both rely.

It may be that such sympathy and encouragement was given more frequently than Eliezer notes. He does give plenty examples of the cruelty that occurs among mistreated people. They recognize each other from the warehouse and spend the evening reminiscing.

father son relationship quotes in the book night who was idek

She is, in fact, Jewish, but made it through the war with forged papers stating she was not. Speaking German was a risk, she admits, but she trusted Eliezer.

This woman's survival is an example of how some Jews who were more aware of the dangers they faced were able to take measures—even if risky ones—to avoid being marked for death in the concentration camps. Active Themes On another occasion, Eliezer can only watch as Idek beats his father with an iron bar.

Eliezer's instinct is to move farther away. He feels anger, in that moment, more towards his father for not avoiding the Kapo than towards Idek. The concentration camp perverts the father-son relationship.

For fear of being killed on the spot, neither son nor father can stop the beatings. For Eliezer, this powerlessness feeds a misplaced resentment. Active Themes The foreman, Franek, demands the gold crown in Eliezer's mouth.

father son relationship quotes in the book night who was idek

But his father isn't good at marching, so Franek starts to beat him every day for not marching in rhythm. Eliezer tries to give his father lessons.

father son relationship quotes in the book night who was idek

His father still can't march, and still gets beaten, until Eliezer relents. A dentist takes the crown out with a rusty spoon and gives it to Franek. The foreman is nice enough to Eliezer until he sees the chance to use his position to take Eliezer's small amount of "wealth. Active Themes One day, Idek brings the entire unit to the warehouse even though there is no work that day.

Eliezer wanders around and accidentally sees Idek having sex with a Polish girl. Later, Idek gives Eliezer twenty-five lashes with a whip in front of the rest of the prisoners.

Notes on Night, a book by Elie Wiesel

His father watches helplessly. Idek has the power to punish the Jews underneath him for whatever reason, and in any manner he feels like.

father son relationship quotes in the book night who was idek

Active Themes During an air raid the SS guards go into bomb shelters. A prisoner tries to get some extra soup but is killed by shrapnel from an exploding bomb. The prisoners are overjoyed at the bombing by American planes, even though it puts them in mortal danger. At this point, the destruction of their torturers seems more important to the prisoners than their own survival and liberation. Active Themes A week later the prisoners are assembled in front of a gallows that has been built in the center of the camp.

One prisoner, a strong young man, is condemned to death for stealing. He curses Germany and shouts "Long live liberty!

The prisoners think about their delayed supper, and Eliezer later enjoys his soup. The public hanging is meant to set an example for the rest of the prisoners, and it does make an impression on Eliezer.

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But his needs are so elemental at this point that the desire for food overcomes the disturbance of the hanging. Active Themes Although he is forced to watch other hangings, one in particular stays in Eliezer's mind. The young assistant of a Kapo is arrested along with the Kapo and two other prisoners after a power station in Buna blows up. The Kapo is tortured and sent to Auschwitz.

Review Project for Elie Wiesel`s Night

The assistant, still only a boy, is tortured and then brought with the other two men to the gallows before the assembled camp. These men and women were called Kapos, and the subject of this lesson, a man named Idek, is one of the Kapos in Elie Wiesel's work Night.

Idek is the Kapo of Eliezer the narrator's Kommando, or work squad, at Buna, the concentration camp that was part of Auschwitz in Poland. Idek is overall not too terrible to have in charge, but he is prone to fits of madness and extreme, violent anger.

While he's in these fits, he acts with startling violence, although it's clear these episodes of cruelty are never planned. An aerial view of the Buna camp Idek as a Kapo Being in Idek's Kommando isn't the worst assignment for young Eliezer and his father, because the work detail for this squad is very light, especially compared to the squads that have to do manual labor.

Those men were often worked to death very quickly; at least in Idek's Kommando, Eliezer and his father have a chance to survive.

father son relationship quotes in the book night who was idek

But of course, danger and death are everywhere in the camp and some of that danger still comes from Idek, a young man with terrible fits of temper and rage. These fits come out of nowhere, and anyone who's in Idek's way has no defense. Eliezer is the victim of one of these rages very soon after being assigned to this Kommando. He's beaten severely by Idek for no reason, who never mentions it again.

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