Ayaz and priyanka relationship quotes

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ayaz and priyanka relationship quotes

Discover and read the best of weddingcard Quotes, one-liners and poetry on India's fastest growing self-expression platform for original writers - YourQuote Priyanka Acharya Ayaz Ahmad do-you-think-your-relationship-would-work- still-. to build positive relationships with staff and Dr Priyanka Nitin S., Ayaz Ahmed, quote and said that hard work and perseverance. I then realized that I since I am seen sharing a connection with Priyanka in my current show, MTV Splitsvilla, people have started called me a.

What was the army hoping to achieve? Silence on this score. Nawaz Sharif reportedly didn't say much, asking the participants for their views but not vouchsafing any opinion of his own. One of the participants asked whether we were hoping to take Kashmir militarily. When the question was pressed again, the answer was no.

Then why were we sitting on a few hills in Kargil? We were not prepared for war, we didn't want war, but our actions, if not reversed, had put the nation on a ski-run leading inevitably to war, trigger-happy and thoughtless Guderianism having placed Pakistan in this desperate position. How to get out of it and how to save face at the same time? The gravity of the situation had dawned on all concerned.

Then Centcom commander, Gen Anthony Zinni, takes too much credit for saying he helped convince the Pakistani leadership for a pullback by starkly portraying the consequences of "war and nuclear annihilation".

Zinni was in Islamabad on June 24 and By that time both Nawaz Sharif and Musharraf would have clutched at any straw to get out of the army's self-created mess. And Zinni was offering a meeting with Clinton which, although not much better than a straw, at least was a face-saving straw.


Look at newspaper photos of the Kargil period. The tension on the army commander's face is writ so large and plain that it is discernible even in black-and-white photos. Only after Nawaz Sharif visited Washington on July 4 and agreed to a troop pullback the 'mujahideen' fiction then wearing thin did this tension abate.

There was, however, the problem of explaining what had happened to an officer corps as mystified by the turn of events as the rest of the nation.

Azhar's son Ayazuddin dies in bike mishap - India News

If Kargil was such a good thing, why the abrupt withdrawal from captured positions? If the basic idea was unsound, why had it been started in the first place? In addresses at various garrison centres it was explained that Kargil had been an outstanding success which had 'internationalized' the Kashmir issue. The conclusion was left hanging in the air that but for the loss of nerve of the civilian government the successes from Kargil would have been still greater.

Was Nawaz Sharif kept in the dark about the genesis of Kargil? Of all the questions thrown up by the Kargil crisis this is about the most useless. He was the prime minister and should have known. But if, as he maintains, the wool was pulled over his eyes, what did he do when he came into the picture?

Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover reveal actor Ayaz Khan’s married now, introduce his wife. See pic

He should have asked some searching questions. He seems to have done nothing of the kind, not even at the June 13 meeting in Lahore. Kargil put national security to its greatest risk since the war with India. Truman sacked Gen McArthur for much less. All the evidence suggests that Nawaz Sharif was briefed or cursorily informed about Kargil sometime in April, probably at the Ojhri Camp, halfway between 'Pindi and Islamabad. He may not have been given all the details but then it was for him to find out.

If he did not, he was at fault. If he did not understand, he was at fault again.

ayaz and priyanka relationship quotes

The real question about Kargil is not whether Nawaz Sharif knew or not. It is something else. What accounts for the army's institutional capacity to dream up ventures lacking any geostrategic or political context? The war which ended up by derailing Pakistan and paving the way for the eventual separation of East Pakistan was one such venture.

The army crackdown on the Awami League in East Pakistan in was another. Kargil makes up the third of this holy trinity. Nawaz Sharif was supposed to have a limited attention span. Kargil throws up an intriguing question. Whose intellect span was more limited, Nawaz Sharif's or the army command's? Soon, destiny unfolds a bigger plan and Sachin debuts for India against Pakistan.

His resolute spirit and determination earns him accolades from all quarters, and from then onward, the world witnesses the emergence of a new star. Doctor Anjali decided to sacrifice her career as she realized that Sachin would need more support from her, and she performed her responsibilities perfectly.

They have two children now, Sara and Arjun. The book traces the ups and downs of an icon, and performs well in almost every front. All in all, you would really love reading this book, as we have all adored the exploits and success of the Master Blaster throughout the year. Sachin made us love the game, and this book will surely make you miss his brilliant drives and strokes all the more, albeit with a smile. This book comes as a relief in a sense where one might not like reading a book of pages.

It is a short and single-sitting read and worthy of keeping for future reference. Highlighting periodical breakthroughs of his career and what others thought of him is an interesting feature. Just flipping the pages and reading the highlights can give you a fair idea of his career graph.

The lan Though I have always enjoyed to see Sachin play, I never gave it a serious thought to read much about him.

ayaz and priyanka relationship quotes

The language used is pretty decent and highly suitable for all kinds of readers. For those, who have slightest of interest in cricket, can go for this series. It is useful in more than one way.