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11eyes kakeru relationship quotes

Five years ago, Kakeru Satsuki's older sister committed suicide. The quote is first uttered in episode 5, but it becomes the band's motto for the rest of the series. .. the main antagonist of 3days, a prequel of 11eyes, have a relationship which . Kakeru Satsuki(src) Kakeru Satsuki (皐月 駆 Satsuki Kakeru) is the main protagonist contains information from the optional Misuzu Route in 11eyes: Resona Forma. . In the anime, Tadashi often teases him about his relationship with Yuka. The anime character Kakeru Satsuki is a teen with to shoulders length Relations | Edit No quotes have been assigned to this character.

Yuka is so blinded with her so-called love that she won't let Kakeru protect himself, or his friends, or the world. So basically, if Yuka had her way, she'd destroy the world just to spent time with Kakeru, except thanks to her foolish actions if she'd listened to Kakeru, and wouldn't have followed him, the witch never would've been freed she and Kakeru will have no place to stay together.

So she ruined her own chances with him. And I'm not even sure if she's aware of the fact that Kakeru slept with Misuzu. Either way whether or not she knows is largely irrelevant because the entire time, it was Liselotte possessing her bod. Yuka was only conscious long to say "I don't want to do this! So no, she's not going yandere on him.

The fact that he got pwned was because Liselotte killed him to get the Eye of Aeon, not Yuka to get revenge. So that's a tiny, tiny positive thing amongs all the negative things Yuka's done And based on the scene at the end of the credits, I now have some doubts as to whether Kakeru is dead.

Exactly what I've been saying. Yuka would go to leaps and bounds just to make sure she can keep Kakeru on a short leash because clearly, she thinks her time with him makes Kakeru her property. Any deed Kakeru does would eventually be controlled by the clingy and obsessive person Yuka is. Takahisa continues his battle with Invidia but both reach their limits.

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Yukiko and Kukuri arrive on the scene and attack Invidia. A cyclone then traps them with Invidia and she reveals her explosive blood. Yuka suddenly appears and cries for Kakeru, activating her latent power.

Invidia's power, Misuzu's sword, and Kukuri's chains all disappear. When Yukiko realizes Invidia has been neutralized, she stabs her in the head. Then Yuka faints because she used her powers too much. A beautiful woman morns Vlad's death and vows to destroy the world as he wanted.

11eyes kakeru relationship quotes

Yuka awakens the next morning to see Kakeru dozing on a chair beside her bed. He enquires if shes ok and Yuka assures him and declares she wishes to protect him. Downstairs in the living room Misuzu and Takahisa discuss Yuka's power, Red Night and the reason they are chased by them. Kakeru confronts Kukuri about the note book and asks her to leave Yuka alone.

After Takahisa leaves to go in search of Yukiko, Misuzu checks the oni barrier around her house, which shows hairline cracks. Meanwhile Yukiko tells Takahisa about how much everyone means to her and how much loss she has suffered as Kakeru follows Misuzu to her dojo. Unknowingly they are all being watched. Misuzu tells Kakeru about forbidden magic, an ancestor that she admired and about her suspicions of Superbia being Misao Kusakabe.

Kakeru says impossible then Misuzu shows him the mark branded into her shoulder. She then cuts her self and offers Kakeru the power of the Kusakabe by drinking her blood. Yuka witnesses this intimate moment and then blackouts. Lieselotte stares out at the night vowing to end the world for her beloved Vlad.

Takahisa has made his way back to school but is caught by Saiko for being late after scolding him she wants him to meet her after school to go out to eat. In class Shiori gets a love letter which she destroys then asks to go to the nurses office. A raven goes to attack Shiori but she reveals magical abilities by destroying the bird. Remarking to herself that she can't stay out of it any longer. Yuka wakes from her blackout as Kakeru and Misuzu duel. Kakeru finds his movements light and agile. He uses the eye and predicts Misuzu's next move hitting her hard and wounding her.

Yuka walks in and offers Misuzu a hanky for her cut then suddenly leans forward and licks her blood exclaiming she's just like Kakeru now. Yukiko found Takahisa at school and they share a very warm moment. Kukuri and Misuzu are walking to school, Misuzu comforts Kukuri about Kakeru not trusting her.

Back at the house Yuka and Kakeru start to do some chores around the house when they hear a noise. Kakeru goes to check it out and finds Shiori who blasts him with magic then tells him cryptically, "you are the one who awakened the demon.

The fire demon, as he calls it Meanwhile, Shiori informs Kakeru that only he can stop the demon. Things start to stir up when Tajima is fighting a Superbia clone, and at the same time Misuzu is fighting the real Superbia. Kakeru and Kukuri come to aid Misuzu, and Superbia retreats. Kusakabe Misuzu realizes that her and Superbia's power are far too great a distance in strength.

Yukiko confronts the group as they are discussing about the Black Knights, covered in blood. She killed Tajima Takahisa. Lisette is actually Lieselotte, who seeks to destroy the world, just like her lover, Verard wished for. However, by doing so, the Disciples turned into hideous creatures who are now called the Black Knights, who guard Lieselotte's seal. They also seek to destroy the 7 fragments of the "Void Stone" which were separated into parallel worlds when she was sealedbut have now been brought together in the red night.

If all the fragments are collected, Lieselotte's seal will be destroyed and opens up the Hell's gate which is the black moon, which will bring the end of the world. Yukiko, who is grieving for Tajima, now seeks vengeance against the Black Knights.

She comes alone to fight them. Yuka becomes increasingly protective of Kakeru, but then the red night shows again and the monsters came.

11eyes kakeru relationship quotes

Yuka uses her power to nullify them, and faints. Kakeru puts her into a room and joins the other to search for Yukiko. Meanwhile, Yukiko loses to Superbia. Expy - Lieselotte strikingly resembles Suigintou from Rozen Maiden. Kakeru Satsuki bears more than a passing semblance to Minato Arisato from Persona 3. And someone capitalized on the fact that Misuzu resembles Mitsuru, and came up with this.

Warning Danbooru link Eyepatch of Power: To cover Kakeru's heterochromia Fate Worse than Death: Lisette's fate is the best example of 11eyes. And even the death is impossible for her. Fanservice with a Smile: There's the entire ongoing subplot to get everyone who's not Yukiko into the outfits of Cyberiada, the cafe where Kakeru and Yukiko work. It ends up succeeding.

Pixiv user Zouazarashi drew fancomics featuring the Black Knights around the time of the game's debut, and is now drawing them for the anime's website. The Black Knights act a lot goofier in these than they do normally. Yuka worries about this between Kakeru and Misuzu in the anime, noting a change in dynamics between them. Kaori is the one from Crossover. Good Is Not Nice: Yuka at the end of the anime.

It's however kinda subverted in the game. Can be applied to Takahisa at the beginning. Somehow Shuu in Crossover but he had a good reason to be so cold toward everyone. Can be applied to the Black Knights. They want to save the world but their actions toward Fragments aren't really viewed as good.

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Played straight for many of the characters that get killed. Strangely averted for Yukiko, we get to see Superbia rip the fragment out of her, and get to hear her scream and die. Probably why Kakeru loses it and charges Superbia before Yuka "intervenes". Gotta Kill Them All: The Black Knights appear to have this goal for the heroes.

The reason is because each of them except for Kakeru holds a fragment of Liselotte's soul or to be exact, a smaller fragment of Liselotte's fragment of the Emerald Tablet. In the anime version; the most noticeable location being the episode titles, which get worse every episode.

Which begs the question why no one asked for his opinion on the translations. There's also a bit of Gratuitous Italian in episode four when Tadashi is trying to get close to Shiori and failing horribly. In the visual novel, it's shown that no character is truly good or evil. Actually, It looked like a Black and White Morality first but the Black Knights weren't all bad actually, and some of them had a particular goal to act like this toward Fragments and still kept some human qualities.

Furthermore, even Liselotte isn't all bad either.

Kakeru Satsuki

Yukiko shrugs off some pretty serious damage during the course of events. That she was a child soldier who had this ability exploited really reveals what she's gone through. Another of Kukuri's powers. She even equates it to an RPG.

Velad in episode 12, after seeing Kakeru talk about how there can be hope for a better future, and ends up helping to banish Liselotte. Misuzuafter she learns the truth about the Fragments. Avaritia holds Liselotte from behind in episode 12 to ensure that she gets banished to an alternate dimension where she hopefully can't escape.

Unfortunately he gets sucked in as well. Subverted with Sebastianus in Before Story. It's a Stupid Sacrifice but heroic anyway. Saiko-sensei, the school nurse, who smokes, drinks and is frequently sniffing around for virgins.

Kakeru wonders how she became the nurse in the first place. Liselotte's motivation for wanting to Kill 'em All. When Takahisa starts to lose control of himself, he asks Yukiko to kill him.

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Lisette before the final battle, begs for Kakeru to kill her.