Teaching relationship between multiplication and division word

Grade 3: Relating Multiplication and Division: Overview

teaching relationship between multiplication and division word

36th annual conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of developing a relationship between multiplication and division is more Grade 3 use to independently solve quotitive and partitive division word problems? The. Here are lesson ideas for teaching multiplication and division to the Common Core. This lesson aligns with Common Core Standards: MathOA Use this and. Students recognise the relationship between multiplication and division. but teachers can use fact families from the multiplication tables currently and get them to write other number sentences, also explained in words.

If someone walked up to you in the street again, and said blank, blank, divided by, divided by two, blank divided by two is equal to, is equal to nine.

teaching relationship between multiplication and division word

How would you figure out what blank is? Something divided by two is equal to nine. Well, one way to think about it, and if we just follow here, if you said 50 divided by five is 10, you could say 10 times five is 50, so right over here we could say well, nine times two, nine times two, must be equal to blank.

teaching relationship between multiplication and division word

Must be equal to our blank. Well we know what nine times two is, that is 18, so this must be And that's really describing how 18, two, and nine relate to each other.

Relating division to multiplication (video) | Khan Academy

Two nines is 18, or nine twos is 18, or if I were to divide 18 into two groups, each group would have nine. Or if I were to divide into groups of two, you would have nine groups. Any way you look at it, 18 divided by two is nine, nine times two is Ask students to share their ideas and write them on the board. Circle the multiplication and division equations and rewrite them on the board stacked on top of each other.

teaching relationship between multiplication and division word

With multiplication and division, if you multiply to get a product, you can use division to reverse the operation by dividing the product, and vice versa. The product is the answer when two or more numbers are multiplied together. Provide a simple multiplication and division problem using the same numbers.

Relating division to multiplication

Model how you can change a division problem into a multiplication problem to make the division problem easier to solve.

Highlight that converting multiplication equations to division equations is a strategy to divide by focusing on memorized or familiar multiplication facts. Check your answer using the picture representation of your choice e. Conduct a multiplication fluency game in which there are two teams placed in two lines perpendicular to the board. Project the Division Facts to with One-Digit Divisors exercise and have one student from each team compete to quickly convert the division equation to a multiplication problem and provide the answer.

The Connection Between Division and Multiplication

Fact families from arrays uses real objects, counters and squared paper as representations of number facts. Students generate fact families themselves.

Recognising different fact families encourages students to group facts into families.

teaching relationship between multiplication and division word

Fact family fortune is a simple game designed to highlight which combinations of three numbers are in the fact family and which ones are not. Fact family bonanza encourages students to extend the notion of fact family creatively. Fact families from arrays Arrays in common objects Many objects found at home are arranged in arrays, for example, egg cartons, muffin trays, trays for organising nails and screws, and boxes of chocolates.

Fact Families (Multiplication and Division): Level 3

As well as using real objects, a digital camera can be used to bring pictures into the classroom. Ask the students to choose an object or picture and write down as many multiplication and division number sentences as they can about their array. For example, consider a muffin tray which is a four by three array.

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They should also write a sentence or story about these facts e.