Relationship between indonesia and malaysia

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relationship between indonesia and malaysia

Differences: * Indonesian government is very different than Malaysian. Fathan Yuda, studies International Relations at Universitas Pembangunan Nasional. With the advent of a new government in Malaysia following early data point of how Indonesia-Malaysia relations might look like going forward. The Indonesia-Malaysia relationship can be described as one of the most important bilateral relationships in Southeast Asia. Both states are.

Malaysia and Indonesia pledge to build on strong bilateral ties

This was not the first time in the tournament the stadium was filled to capacity, either, as Indonesia had already played Malaysia before in the group stage. The group match was also marked by the Malaysian national anthem being drowned out. Much was made of the fact that the Malaysian coach refused to let his team practice on an outdoors pitch, due to the expected hostile reception of local Indonesians. Instead, the Malaysians trained behind closed doors within the hotel grounds.

Second, the Malaysian media correspondents based in Jakarta and Palembang made it quite clear that the anti-Malaysia sentiment was pervasive. The Malaysian karate team was booed throughout the three-day tournament, the entire badminton team was not spared and even Malaysian pole-vault athletes had to contend with an openly hostile crowd.

relationship between indonesia and malaysia

None of this hostility was directed at the other nations competing. As the Malaysian chef-de-mission Datuk Naim Mohamad observed, the Indonesian fans directed almost all of their invective and jeers at the Malaysian competitors. Finally, when the dust settled, the backslapping and soul searching began.

In terms of the backslapping, it appeared that apart from boasting the prized gold medal in football, Malaysians could reflect proudly on the fact that they would never bow to intimidation nor would they ever be ungracious hosts.

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The fact that the exhausted Malaysians lost to lowly Syria was of little concern. Still basking in the Jakarta victory, media commentators congratulated Malaysians on appearing to overcome, at least momentarily, the barely-suppressed socio-political divisions which still seem to be threatening the national fabric at its most fundamental levels.

Very little was made of the Chinese ethnicity of the U23 coach, Ong Kim Swee, for example although some TV commentators remarked somewhat patronisingly on his good command of Malay. Indeed, sport is a unifier like no other. In terms of soul searching, some commentators were happy to fan the bilateral flames and others preferred to play everything down. I believe the love-hate relationship between Indonesia exists because we are so close.

It is a tendency among neighbours to have more than a few squabbles. Moreover, in recent years, Malaysians have demonstrated little interest in responding to Indonesian hostility on the cultural front.

Indonesia and Malaysia's love-hate relationship

Batik plays an important commercial role in the national GDP. Inthe total sale of batik crafts amounted to as much as RM The robust popularity of batik is demonstrated by the large number of Malay women wearing batik fashion on a daily basis.

relationship between indonesia and malaysia

A woman arranges batik in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thus, the asymmetrical consequences of such editorial mistake remind us that we should not take the Indonesia-Malaysia affairs for granted, especially as we welcome the 60th anniversary of the bilateral relations.

relationship between indonesia and malaysia

If anything, the two nations should have already established solid footing in the sixth decade of their relationship instead of being easily provoked by small matters.

Expected to be held at the end of the year, the Colloquium aims to foster closer ties by suggesting methods to improve the strongest links between the two as well as proposing ways to safeguard the relations from potential flashpoints. The Colloquium hopes to broach contemporary issues, among others, the future of Indonesia-Malaysia bilateral relations in the shifting geopolitical calibration in Southeast Asia, the problematic nexus between palm oil production and transnational haze, as well as the impacts of hoaxes on the bilateral relations.

The events surrounding the flag episode, too, concerns the susceptibility of the Indonesian population to provocation and anger, especially on issues relating to Malaysia.

relationship between indonesia and malaysia

There are a few reasons why Indonesians were quick to squirt out emotive reactions. Economic theory stipulates that competition is likely to be more intense when competing parties do not possess comparative advantage over one another. When a tension arises, there would be a tendency to constantly compare one country with the other to ascertain the superiority between the two.

relationship between indonesia and malaysia

Second, atavistic memory is a strong element in the Indonesia-Malaysia dynamics. Any bilateral tempest between the two in this modern era would always be affected by past turbulent events. Chief of these events is the konfrontasi, which set the tone of how Indonesians and Malaysians perceive each other. This array of past events has entered the current unfriendly discourse which sprouted out of an unfortunate editorial blunder.

Such an occurrence is far from new and will likely repeat itself unless people from both nations work to dismantle this regressive mentality.