Relationship between father and daughter in much ado about nothing

relationship between father and daughter in much ado about nothing

The father and daughter relationship in Much Ado About Nothing between Hero and Leonato has several interesting similarities to the relationship between. Leonato is evidently a caring and somewhat indulgent father. Unlike the fathers in some of Shakespeare's earlier romantic comedies and in. Presentation of Fathers in Romeo&Juliet & Much Ado and Leonato and Hero at the start of Romeo and Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing. This is useful if looking at father and daughter relationships in the two plays for.

Leonato & Hero's Relationship in Much Ado About Nothing |

I will stop your mouth. Alternatively, Benedick has proved himself to be a man that Beatrice can respect: This light-hearted way of staging the kiss results in the audience feeling that the line could have been delivered just as easily by Beatrice. This untraditional courtship between two independent spirits provides a refreshing contrast to that of Hero and Claudio. She possesses all the characteristics desired by men in the 16th century; she is obedient, meek and pure.

Hero rarely speaks, and in the company of men she remains quiet, only speaking when she is spoken to. For instance, when the events of the play reach a climax, in the scene where Hero is shamed, the most she does to defend herself with is to ask Claudio: Indeed previously Shakespeare has revealed her to be assertive and intelligent in the way she directs the gulling scene and in her witty responses to Don Pedro at the masked ball: Until this point Claudio prizes her, asking: As unequal as her relationship is with Claudio, so is her relationship with her father.

In the scene where Hero is denounced, Leonato makes it clear that his reputation is more important than his loyalty to his daughter. This shame derives itself from unknown loins. Such powerful imagery is shocking and it is arguable that a modern day audience might find such a betrayal difficult to respond favourably to. However, because the audience knows that Hero is innocent, their sympathy is with her and any hostility is directed at Leonato and Claudio for their mistreatment of her.

In the 21st century there are plenty of examples of arranged marriages in different cultures, enabling a modern day audience to relate to issues raised in the relationships between Hero and her father, and Hero and her lover. Many people would answer this question differently.

relationship between father and daughter in much ado about nothing

People fall in love, get married, and form families with children, pets and houses. Every family differs from one another. The reason that no identical families exist in this world is that people understand love in their own ways.

Leonato & Hero's Relationship in Much Ado About Nothing

There is no correct answer describing what love really is. That is why this topic is so Love in Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare words - 14 pages and Hero signifying closure and restoring order, which demonstrates that not only is their relationship superficial, but also their presentation within the play. Much Ado About Nothing explores the many nooks and crannies that lurk in the dark theoretical world of love. Shakespeare captures the essence of love, in his language, structure and content.

I believe eavesdropping plays a very important role in Much Ado. Therefore, I have chosen to answer this essay question, as I feel strongly about it. In the play, Shakespeare makes use of eavesdropping by using it as a comic device, but also to sort out situations so that the play is able to go on.

I will be focussing upon two events in particular to show this. She is feisty, cynical, sharp and witty.

relationship between father and daughter in much ado about nothing

Benedick has recently returned from fighting in the wars. He is also witty, and like Beatrice is always making jokes and puns. Both appear to be completely different in the beginning of the play but, as things progress and their characters develop, there are also some very obvious similarities between them.