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SCP is a humanoid creature measuring approximately meters in height. for several minutes before regaining his composure and becoming docile once again. will start to be highly agitated and aggressive against everyone he will meet, SCP's sitting animation with his hands over his ears in a lockroom. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular So We Meet Again animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>>. Description: SCP is a humanoid creature measuring . [Pauses again] We started firing when it picked up Corporal ·· and ripped off his.

What SCP is this?

For approximately twenty-four years, the Insurgency operated under the guise of Foundation defectors, using anomalous objects to secretly further the goals of the O5 Council. The guns Chaos spawn with are lethal at close range, but lose their effectiveness quickly if the person they are shooting are ten feet away or more. So try to be sneaky sneaky and kill them quickly. They spawn in at Gate A; being dropped off by a armoured car.

Class D personnel are typically drawn worldwide from the ranks of prison inmates convicted of violent crimes, especially those on death row.

In times of duress, Protocol 12 may be enacted, which allows recruitment from other sources — such as political prisoners, refugee populations, and other civilian sources — that can be transferred into Foundation custody under plausibly deniable circumstances. Class D personnel are to be given regular mandatory psychiatric evaluations and are to be administered an amnestic of at least Class B strength or terminated at the end of the month at the discretion of on-site security or medical staff.

In the event of a catastrophic site event, Class D personnel are to be terminated immediately except as deemed necessary by on-site security personnel. They are kept in small cells in which the players spawn into if they get this class; Class Ds are easily noticable from their orange jumpsuits and cute lil beanie and start in the holding cells.

Their job is to escape the facility by any means nessary, including violence. Class D's spawn with no loadout and have to run around on the floor they spawn on to try and find items to survive; or just hide and wait for people to die. Class D's start with health. Class D's can work together in which most do; but you can refuse to work with them and kill the scientists if you find a gun for their keycard. Though that usually pisses people off. Good places to hide are the exit gates if you don't have a card or can't find one; most people don't check them, including the SCPS!

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Most of the time they check the toilets though so don't hide there. So its a good idea to brand together with a few D'boys! To escape you must find a keycard with acces to checkpoints and gate acces, Doing so is easier said than done as its difficult to achieve one and usually requires time spent in SCP's chamber to upgrade the keycards to a level that is useful to escape with.

Try checking the Toilets, SCP's Chamber A room with a glass box, there is usually a gun inside the box, a keycard on the side or a item in the cabinet Getting a gun is also key; is a scientist gets a gun before you he will most likely go on a killing spree and will kill any Class D; so be careful and try to get it first!

However, that's when things get really weird with this thing. It has the unique and overpowered ability of being able to adapt to an opponent's abilities, and either 1 become immune to them, 2 use the abilities for itself, or 3 do both. For example, when faced with SCP, basically a quartz crystal that, if it touches anything aside from granite, turns whatever touches it into more crystal that explodes, SCP was able to become completely immune to the effects after surviving it once.

It's kinda like Doomsday from DC Comics, except doesn't have to die in order to adapt. SCP also has the ability to mildly control electromagnetism polarity and radiation. In extreme situations, he can send out a huge wave of electromagnetism, radiation and wildly varying levels of temperature out from its body as a defense mechanism, as well as produce and control other anomalies. To coincide with its adaptation, SCP has the ability to control its body at will, such as growing wings, instantaneously grow and extend bony spikes from its body Wolverine-style, or grow extra sets of eyeballs to keep track of foes.

Also, after getting dragged into another dimension by SCP, it gained the ability to travel in-between and through alternate realities by flying via wings. Strangely, after an encounter with SCP, it also gained the ability to die and revive at will However, SCP's by far most deadliest ability is the cause of it's nickname: Its ridiculous healing factor. The healing ability of SCP knows almost no bounds, rivals that of Deadpool and Wolverine, and actually gets stronger the more it has to use it!

we meet again scp 096 gif

One time, when SCP was attacked by chocolate ants yes, those are a thing, moving onits healing factor got even stronger and faster due to repeatedly having to heal and regrow body parts. He's defeated SCP, a tall humanoid that effortlessly tears through solid steel in order to find and kill whoever just saw its face! It's durable enough to survive nuclear blasts, as well as swim in hydrochloric acid all day long.

He's strong enough to effortlessly knock a titanium helicopter from the sky with a single sweep of its massive tail, and once grew big enough to rival the size of Saturn!

Not the Roman god, he once consumed so much matter that he grew as big as the gas giant planet Saturn and ate multiple planets like they were bite-size snacks! He once went toe-to-toe with and defeated SCP, who is basically like a semi-war god that can summon blades at will and tank a hail of bullet fire! He was able to nearly fatally wound the earlier mentioned SCP, who has tanked blows that could shred actual military tanks! Even SCP - God himself - won't do anything about him!

He's able to adapt and even use the powers and abilities of other SCPs such as and in extremely short periods of time, taking a maximum of minutes to gain usage of abilities used by other SCPs to the same level of skill and deadliness as their original users. Hell, SCP once fought and defeated a monster specifically designed to permanently murder it! He's strong enough to effortlessly cause small earthquakes, and once, he even regenerated back from being turned into a housecat However, his most extreme feat would be the time that he regenerated Yes, you read right.

SCP was once converted into a pile of nothing more than mere ions - which are the building blocks of living cells that you and I are made of - and completely regenerated back into its normal size in only a few minutes. While it is indeed impossible to override his healing factor with our current knowledge, and said healing is now instantaneous, SCP is only shown to adapt when it needs to.

Don't get me wrong, once it has been through a form of pain or harm, it grows a new form of bodily control and function to combat it i. And, while his vast strength, incredible adaptation and extreme healing has enabled him to battle and succesfully defeat other powerful SCPs like andkeep in mind that his arrogance and temper were usually what started those fights to begin with and therefore could have been averted.

Despite this, however, SCP is still one of the most dangerous anomalous entities in a world already full of reality-benders and physic-breakers. If the SCP Foundation, an organization that holds thousands of reality warping entities couldn't put this thing down for good, chances are that you won't able to destroy the Hard-To-Destroy Reptile either! Sans Many eons ago, monsters and humans once lived in complete harmony. Literally no racism or prejudice going on whatsoever. However, all of that came to an end when a huge war broke out between the two races.

It ravaged the lands and went on for years, but eventually, humans emerged victorious. They locked the entire remaining monster population underground using a magical barrier that can only be unlocked by 7 human souls, or at least someone or something that possesses that power. The ruler of the monsters, King Asgore, planned to unlock this barrier and start the war all over again, but needed some help. He enlisted several of his monster buddies to find any humans that happened to fall down there, bring them to him and harvest their souls.

Among the cast and crew that stood by him were his Royal Scientist Alphys, his protege and captain of the Royal Guard Undyne, a random skeleton named Papyrus who wanted to join the Royal Guard From what little we know, they just appeared in Snowdin Town one day and, this is a direct quote, "asserted themselves".

What we do know he was around when monsters were first sealed into the Underground and that he has some ridiculous abilities.

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Now, he may not seem very intimidating or threatening at first glance, but Sans has claimed that he could have easily killed the player character Frisk during their first encounter. And many Undertale players who went through the Genocide playthrough know first-hand that he isn't joking or talking smack.

He can summon them straight from the ground beneath his enemies to skewer them or make them float telekinetically as to fire at opponents. They vary in size and power, but usually deliver a vaporizing blast and can be summoned in large numbers max at once by Sans.

They can also be used to block weaker attacks, as well as stand on top of to float off the ground. Sans also has several unique abilities that are what makes it so hard to beat him!

One of which is his teleportation prowess. Sans has the power to instantly teleport to nearly any area on the planet as long as it ain't sealed off by a magic barrier, as well as teleport other beings to various locations. He also has the power to manipulate the very gravity that holds his opponents down, and can slam said opponents to the ground or into a nearby wall.

Similar to his brother Papyrus, Sans also has access to blue attacks. Blue attacks are basically attacks where his bones are coated in a blue energy and will actually phase through the opponent if they stay still, though that'd be impossible to know without prep.

However, his by far most strange and rage-inducing powers that any Genocide player knows is his Karmic Retribution and his incredible speed. Basically, Karmic Retribution is a weird ability that has two main effects: The other, more prominent effect is that Sans's attacks grow much stronger the more sins and murders his foe has committed. For example, if he Gaster Blasted someone like Goku or Superman and removing their ridiculous durabilitythen they theoretically wouldn't feel a damn thing since they are pure of heart and killed someone that didn't deserve it.

On someone who has committed uncountable atrocities Hitler orhowever, it'd be like getting hit bynukes. Aside from his Karmic Retribution, Sans's other frustrating power is his ridiculous speed. Although he isn't seen running whatsoever in the entire game of Undertale, Sans is known to be able to dodge ridiculously fast attacks and keep up those speeds for extended periods of time.

He's been able to keep up with Chara in battle, someone who regularly and casually dodges lightning and laser blasts, which puts Sans at aboutmph and above! He was able to easily defeat and kill Flowey thousands of times, who is able to take about hits from a fully powered Chara! Sans is harder to beat than Undyne, who is Asgore's the strongest monster in the Underground protege, and scales to said monster king in terms of skill! He's also a combat genius, being able to teleport Chara to numerous locations mid-battle that were near impossible to escape from, and can tell and remember exactly how many times he's beaten the player character!

Sans is also incredibly patient, to the point that even killing his own brother doesn't get more than a couple hateful words out of him, and can apparently wait for eternity for his foes to give up.

There appears to be no limit on how many skewering bones he can summon at any given point, and his reflexes are fast enough to teleport out and into view faster than the player character can shift their eyesight, which as stated before, is pretty damn fast. His Gaster Blasters are able to damage the incredibly determined and therefore near-indestructible souls of Frisk and Chara, and the bones he magically summons and controls are much stronger and tougher than normal human bones.

He has enough magic to keep teleporting and attacking for large amounts of time without tiring, and while not explicitly stated, he's heavily implied to come from a scientific background, so he has plenty of intelligence to use. Unfortunately, Sans does have his fair share of flaws. He's incredibly lazy, and only fights when literally the entire universe and beyond is in danger.

He also has a definite limit in how long he can fight for, meaning that it is easy to beat him once he's too tired to keep fighting. Yes, it is very difficult to hold against him that long, but not impossible. Sans has no skill or weapons for going into melee battle whatsoever, and is open in close-quarters combat. Also, you remember how his attacks are super powerful on Chara due to Karmic Retribution?

Well, take away Karmic Retribution His strongest attacks would be less than worthless on someone who hasn't committed a horrible sin in their life, and the only reason he's so hard to beat is because of Karmic Retribution powering up his attacks since Chara killed literally every monster in the Genocide playthrough and because his speed is what keeps him from getting knifed out of existence.

Take away Karmic Retribution and his speed, and Sans is basically as powerful as a Goomba. Speaking of incredibly low stats Once he's hit by literally any attack at all - punched by a preschooler, hit by a rock, slashed across the chest, hit by a frying pan - and he's a goner. It's pretty damn hard to land that attack, but not out of the question. Even still, once you've become a bad person, you can be sure that Sans will give you your just desserts. If you plan on ravaging the Underground or start thinking about hurting anyone period, ask yourself this: Birds were chirping, flowers were blooming.

On a day like this, someone will soon In the Final Corridor, a giant monster covered in scales and black fur lumbered through the shadowy doors.

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Grumbling quietly to itself, it still had blood and a grey dust substance caking its sharp teeth. It looked like a skeleton, wearing a blue jacket and a skull with a permanent grin. This was none other than Sans the Skeleton. Looking up from the ground and at the anomaly, Sans almost seemed to glare.

we meet again scp 096 gif

You've been real busy, haven't you? Not my fault your kin were attempting to capture me. They got in my way, so I just cleared a path for myself. It had been through enough during its journey through the Underground. After escaping containment, he fell down some backwater mountain hole and found itself trapped yet again, this time in a strange world of happy monsters.

Well, except maybe that annoying talking flower, but this land was too joyous for the anomaly's taste. In its eye, all of it was Didja really need to waste all of those innocent lives? If they didn't want to die, then maybe they should've let me be. I don't have time to waste on you so-called "monsters". Is that what you said to Papyrus before you killed him? Sans seemed to be getting slightly aggravated. Not like it mattered to the reptile.

He was a fool. He and his angry fish friend tried to take me to your king for my powers and use them for their own purposes. I've been locked up longer than you could imagine, and I'm not about to locked up again by an idiotic skeleton and a walking fish. If you know what's good for you, you'll move out of the way. This creature was no different than Flowey was, in Sans's eyes.

You think you're the only one that's been through a lot? You wouldn't even begin to understand what it's like to be trapped in one place for so many years. When he said that, Sans's pupils seemed to vanish from his eye sockets. With that, Sans's left eye began glowing bright blue.

Do you wanna have a bad time? SCP crouched into a battle stance, ready to strike forward. As it did so, its eyes began glowing a bright red. Said reptile immediately lunged directly up and over the bones, and upon landing, began dashing forwards.

Sans saw it and moved sharply to right when SCP was about to make contact, and turned around to intercept. When it had grinded to a halt, SCP swiftly turned and grew several spikes on its tail. Doing a spin, it tried to slam Sans using its spike-tipped tail, ready to end it already.

However, to its surprise, Sans seemingly vanished, the swinging tail hitting a nearby pillar instead.