Vaiko latest press meet

Angry Vaiko walks out of TV interview

vaiko latest press meet

Addressing a joint press meet in Chennai, BJP state president Pon Radhakrishnan and MDMK general secretary Vaiko said their alliance was. MDMK general secretary Vaiko today expressed displeasure over the of a police official from the intelligence department at his press meet. How do you read the situation in Sri Lanka today? . I held a press conference to declare that Prabhakaran was being kept away from the.

That year, Karunanidhi returned to power in Tamil Nadu after 13 years in the wilderness. But days after taking over as chief minister, Vaiko, then his trusted lieutenant and Rajya Sabha MP, vanished. Karunanidhi was hugely embarassed. A letter Vaiko had written on the eve of his departure reached Karunanidhi almost three weeks later.

It said that the purpose of his journey was to prepare Prabhakaran for a negotiated settlement that would bring eternal glory to Karunanidhi as the architect of redemption for Sri Lankan Tamils.

Vaiko returned a few days after this, and apologised for his stunt. But that marked the beginning of the end for him in the DMK. The party leadership was upset because his trip had exposed it to severe criticism. Misses greater than hits Over 20 years later, Vaiko is still struggling to recover a fraction of the clout he once enjoyed in the state by virtue of his being a close Karunanidhi aide. The MDMK has mostly had a dismal showing at the polls.

Vaiko also lost in both the constituencies — Vilathikulam and Sivakasi — he contested from. As per agreement, on October 3, some 17 LTTE commanders were allowed to come to India but before that they were arrested by the Sri Lankan army and kept in custody.

Indian generals had sympathy for the LTTE.

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They informed the government but Dixit misled the government. He allowed these commanders to be taken to Colombo so that Prabhakaran would come to terms and accept the Indo-Sri Lanka accord. On October 5, instructions were given from New Delhi to withdraw the cordon. As the cordon was withdrawn Sri Lankan armed soldiers went to arrest them but they swallowed cyanide within minutes and 12 of the commanders died on the spot.

This was the turning point. This was the major factor of confrontation. They landed by helicopter in Jaffna to capture Prabhakaran but no Indian commando could survive. In four days of heavy fighting 14 Indian tanks were crushed. The LTTE decided to fight and die. Do you know what happened after that? How many women were raped!

vaiko latest press meet

How many innocent people were killed! Sri Lankan Tamils thought India will be the saviour but India played a mercenary role for the Sinhalese government. These are all facts of history, and history should not be conveniently buried. How do you see the US influence in the region? The Rajapakse government is getting weapons from Pakistan and China. I am asking whether any people of Pakistan origin are living there? Don't forget we are 70 million Tamil citizens of India who have got an umbilical relationship with the Sri Lankan Tamils.

Don't play with fire.

Vaiko's press meet: Chennai.

Let Pakistan and China give weapons. For your geo-political interests why should the Tamil people be made scapegoats? During the Bangladesh war the Sri Lankan government supported Pakistan.

They allow them to refuel their planes. Maybe, for geo-political reasons. Trincomalee will be there, too. Americans are trying to intimidate the whole world today but they are unable to shake even an inch of Cuba. Tamil Eelam will be another Cuba.

vaiko latest press meet

Sri Lankan Tamilians will be with you. Why are you afraid? The southern most point will be your protection. What will happen if you help the Sinhalese?

The seeds of hatred and frustration will be sown in the minds of the younger generation of Tamils in India, if not today then it will happen tomorrow. India is trying to help the regime which is trying to decimate the Tamil population. Then, another Kashmir will be created in the south. I am worried about the unity of India. Some people say if Tamil Eelam is achieved then people will ask for a separate Tamil Nadu.

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Bangladesh was created, are Bengalis of West Bengal asking for a separate State? But the religion of the majority is different in both cases. Hindus and Muslims were on both sides. If religion is so important then Iran and Iraq would not have been fighting. You know how and why some people may quote the Kashmir insurgency if the Indian government took some bold steps.

Sri Lankan Tamil and Kashmir issues are not comparable. Kashmiris are not treated as second class citizen of India. They are enjoying more rights than the citizens of other parts of the country. You should not equate Kashmiris with Sri Lankan Tamils. For every conflict there are different views and causes.

People abhor its violence. People don't know the history of the issue. They don't know the facts. Blood is thicker than water! It's smoldering the hearts and minds of ordinary Tamil people of Tamil Nadu.

You go and ask the people in the villages. They will say, 'If Tamils are fighting the Sinhalese my support is for them.

Chennai US Consulate refuses to meet Vaiko on Lanka

Delhi has the binding duty to oppose the genocidal attack of the Sinhala government against the Tamils. India has repeatedly said that India stands for the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. United States Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns recently said the Sri Lankan government has the right to protect its territorial integrity and security.

India has no right, America has no right. We don't want India to help the Tamils to separate their country. We don't make any request to India to help the liberation movement. But, destiny has to be decided by the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

What right India has got, you kindly tell me? But because of domestic politics of Tamil Nadu India is taking a backseat and that vacuum is being filled by the European Union and the US. You wait and see. But Sri Lanka is not your country.

But don't forget we have got an umbilical relationship with them for the past so many centuries.

vaiko latest press meet

Was India one country before the British came? You tell me, what relationship have I got with a UPwallah and Biharwallah? After the British left we accepted India as one country. But what can you do beyond a point because Sri Lanka is a different country? We will have to fight. What are your suggestions? India will not commit any blunder that was committed earlier. Last year, India wanted to go for defence ties with Sri Lanka. I have managed to crush it. As a result Sri Lanka will get military support from Pakistan, tacit support from China and diplomatic support from the US.

India will get marginalized. India will never get marginalized if it supports the Tamils. On the request of his constituents he got Gas connections at a single time as a special allotment.

This was at a time when an Upper limit of only connections were allowed per year. It was on his request at the Renaissance Rally and meeting in Chennaithe then PM Vajpayee gave an assurance on that Dais that the Sethusamudram ship canal Project would be implimented. He was instrumental in banning import of Tea and Rubber from Srilanka that would have hurt our domestic manufacturers He asked the Central Govt to Nationalize all the rivers of India in a speech in Parliament.

He brought this issue to the house through a private members bill. He also took up their cause, from the begginning ,with the PM. He brought the plight of the southern candidates in appearing for staff selection exams to the notice of the govt and got the govt to change the pattern of exams. He was instrumental in blocking the reduction of Loksabha seats for Tamil Nadu from 39 to He took up this cause with the then PM Vajpayee who gave him an assurance that he will personally take up the matter and that Tamil Nadu would not lose SIX Parliamentary seats.

On his return when he entered into the Parliament all the members of Parliament irrespective of their parties welcomed him for his safe return by an unanimous thumping of desks.

vaiko latest press meet

Due to his strenuous effort 15, households that were denied ration cards in his constituency were issued ration cards. He persuaded the Arab govt to mitigate the Death sentence given to Paul Nadar and succeeded He persuaded the Indian govt to scrap the death sentence of Gurusamy Naicker a direct descendant of Veera Pandia Kattabomman and succeeded. He got the express trains to stop at Sathur.

vaiko latest press meet

He persuaded the Indian Railways to allot berths to the on duty ticket examiners TTE who were for all these years given only a seat to sit through their night journeys on trains. He got an assurance from the Railway minister to convert the Viruthunagar-Aruppukkottai -Manamadurai meter gauge rail line to broad gauge.

He was solely responsible for the govt allocating Rs. He has been responsible for rescuing many Indians lodged in foreign prisons. Nine of those rescued had been given the death sentence in Malaysia for crimes they didn't commit. When a bill was brought in Parliament detrimental to the minorities he got it to be scrapped at the introduction stage itself by speaking and voting against it, though he was with the treasury benches.

Through this, he has safeguarded the freedom of speech enshrined in our constitution.