Uk because youll never meet me

Because You'll Never Meet Me (Because You'll Never Meet Me, book 1) by Leah Thomas

uk because youll never meet me

Because You'll Never Meet Me has ratings and reviews. Aj the Ravenous Reader said: There is this standout culture that emerged among writ. Oliver lives like a hermit in the woods in America, unable to visit the local town, make friends or even watch television, all because of his illness - an allergy that. Because You'll Never Meet Me: Leah Thomas: Books.

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Ollie is allergic to electricity. It gives him epileptic fits and he fries things. Which is super interesting because She Is Not Invisible touched on this topic! Mortiz has no eyeballs but an out-of-this-world level of echolocation so he can basically "see" anything by hearing it.

He also has a pacemaker. I loved this premise because it was different and intriguing. Ollie is trapped in this remote farmhouse with only his mum and no friends. Mortiz has a very tortured past. And their illnesses are incredibly intriguing.

I wanted to know MORE.

uk because youll never meet me

I wasn't totally sure how realistic either illness was, but doesn't it just spark your curiosity?! Also the writing is incredible. Not only are the voices epically different and unique, it's totally captivating. And the character development?!

The growth and maturity was spectacularly done. I couldn't read fast enough, to be honest. I really loved these two boys and I felt so bad for their problems and loved how their friendship grew.

I really was not okay with the ending. When the big "reveals" of the mysteries started rolling it suddenly was NOT contemporary anymore. It was border-line sci-fi! We start getting into science and lab coats and experiments and I just Then I wasn't entirely happy with Ollie's story conclusion because I felt it was unrealistic. I get that we like stories with hope! He's just a hormonal teen, ya know? So he'll grow out of it. Secondly, is this even real? The ending is that Ollie leaves for a road trip.

I think he's wearing a rubber suit, which isn't weird at all, but the affect is he'll be okay in the future and grow immune to electricity and be able to leave the life he always dreamed. Meanwhile, his mum dies of cancer, presumably worsened since she didn't get hospital care because she chose to stay locked away in the woods with Ollie.

I felt really cheated by this, because Ollie's illness kind of got scratched out. What about all the epileptic kids who DON'T get to "walk it off" in the end??? Does this mean Ollie was not really epileptic? Ollie and Moritz can never meet.

Because You'll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas

Because if they did, one of them would almost certainly die. Because Ollie is allergic to electricty and Moritz has an electrical pacemaker inserted in his heart.

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Ollie spends his life hidden away in a log cabin in the forest - away from all the electricity that sends him into life-threatening seizures - with only his mother and the occasional visit from Dr Auburn-Stache for company. He did also have a friend, Liz, but he lost her a while back. Moritz is equally isolated even though he goes to school.

Nowhere Near You

Born without eyes, Moritz "sees" the world through echolocation, like a bat. You might think that's miraculous, but Moritz just thinks it makes him a freak.

uk because youll never meet me

The two boys begin a correspondence and gradually open up to one another about their respective pasts. Their friendship grows and grows - but can it withstand the various reveals and the tests that truth throws up? I had no preconceptions when I picked up You'll Never Meet Me - truth be told, I was way behind on my reviewing schedule and it was the next book on the pile.

And I think this lack of expectation really added to my enjoyment. I wasn't anticpating a great read by a favourite author and, while the blurb made the story look interesting, it hadn't stood out particularly. So I was caught entirely unawares by a story that really does stand out from the crowd.