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tf2 meet scouts mom wiki

In the SFM videos, it was BLU scout's mom. that I've started reading, red scout mentions his mother will die if she finds out scout Official Team Fortress 2 Wiki . The Meet the Team videos aren't cannons, they're videos. The page Scout (Team Fortress 2) contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual Kill Spy for sleeping with his mother Meet the Scout . Meet the Scout Carrying a Scattergun, a Pistol, and a Bat, the Scout is an ideal class 1 Bio; 2 Health; 3 Speed; 4 Basic strategy; 5 Weapons.

A single Sniper can cover a very large area, making him a very dangerous threat to be up against. While powerful as a field presence, the Sniper still needs to be extremely wary of enemies that have slipped past him and could be making their way to his hiding place to kill him, considering especially the fact that despite his high-damage output, he still has the same health as that of a scout.

Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Scout's Mother

A Sniper also need-be aware of potential targets being able to see the enemy-colored points of light cast by the rifle's laser sight. To counteract this, a Sniper can aim at a nearby obstacle, obscuring the laser from the enemy but still being able to monitor something like an enemy doorway or the Capture Point, keep in mind, while the presence of that ominous looking laser-point can tell your enemy "you're being watched", it can actually play a valuable mind-game on the enemy and discourage them from using a certain exit, which can give your team the tactical advantage of a well coordinated 'bottle-neck' ambush.

A Spy has the best chance of taking out a Sniper, just above that of another sniper or a scout. Activating their cloaking device, a Spy and slip past a Sniper's guarded area virtually undetected to sneak up behind them and back-stab them. As mentioned, Snipers can take down each other as well, but in this case, it boils down to who is the faster, better shot, or whomever is more aware of the situation.

Sniper Tactics Edit First rule of a sniper: You stay in front, very close. You can be both the key to a failed defense or a failed offense.

tf2 meet scouts mom wiki

However, until you are good, you shouldn't be directly at the front line, and even then you will need teammates to take hits. At first you may find that the Sniper's somewhat weak close-combat ability and low health almost forces you to camp at the back, but please ignore this feeling; as you get more confident in your aim, you can attempt to get closer and closer to the front lines. In this position you will be able to take on more immediate threats to the team, give enemy spies a much harder time, and help your team much more.

Nothing is more frustrating than to run around the corner, thinking you've reached the high ground to pick off those slow heavies and get gunned down by some sentry. Or to actually be sniping those heavies and a spy stabbing you in the back.

Admit it, we all hate it when that happens. In short, stay alert. You must know your enemy, and of course, your weaponry.

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First off, your trustworthy sniper rifle, a beautiful weapon with a scope to zoom in and a long barrel for that accuracy. This is the weapon you would want to wield most of the time.

Your SMG Sub-Machine Gunalthough weak, stimpaks enough punch to take out injured enemies, or enemies you've hit with an uncharged headshot and need to finish off. It is also useful for scanning for spies, as hit spies will flicker, revealing their location. It can also be a last resort against scouts that get too close, although the kukri is probably a safer bet at close range. However, after a couple seconds the SMG outdamages the kuriki, making it most effective to hit a enemy first for an instant 65 damage, and then start shooting for a head-start in the damage race so to speak.

And last, your wonderful kukri. This fine piece of weaponry is -ideal- for the close combat situations, it's not stronger, nor faster than any other but it's perfect for spies attempting to sneak behind you.

Or perhaps even some hyped up kid attempting to bat your head in. If crits are off, however, you're better off just going for an uncharged headshot unless you know they've been weakened. Sniping in General Edit Sniping in general is hard, it requires skill and dedication to learn how to master those headshots. Start off by picking sniper's most favourite targets, the heavies.

Get those headshots, then try to headshot little faster targets, like soldiers. And slowly move up the ranks. You must know when to shoot and when not to, where the best sniping locations are and where enemy snipers might be hiding.

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Check for enemy sniper dots. Keep an eye on your back. Mind your health, you only have Medics and heavies first, soldiers and demos second. Time your Target to get a critical Shot. Jarate is good at finding hidden cloaking spies. When you bump or see a spy cloaking, throw a Jarate at them.

tf2 meet scouts mom wiki

Also Jarate is good for extinguishing you or your teammates from fire. Then, invoking the Mann Co. Unwilling to fight a child, Hale promotes one of his assistants, Mr. Bidwell to CEO to fight Olivia.

tf2 meet scouts mom wiki

Scout, who had recently broken both his arms, asks Spy to drive him to the Teufort Bank where he is keeping all his savings from mercing for Redmond Mann and Mann Co. Spy refuses at first but begrudgingly accepts to take Scout after Scout brings up disappointing his mom. After arriving, it turns out that Scout had been "investing" all his mercing money on 12 cubic yards of Tom Jones memorabilia in order to sell it all when he dies, however, Mikethe mayor of Teufort, has them arrested for destruction of Teufort.

Link - September 6th Soldier murders Tom Jones in his own home. Merasmus, who was Tom Jones' roommate, gets charged for the murder. Merasmus ends up in jail with three other prisoners, one named T-Bone. Link - September 6th - 7th Miss Pauling, under orders from Administrator, begins to reassemble the Mercs back together again starting with Soldier, who has become an illegal celebrity tour guide, then moving to Pyro, who has become the CEO of Frontier Engineering, and Demoman, who has remained unemployed since he was fired by Gray.

They then make a plan to take a flight to Siberia to pick up Heavy and then Australia for Sniper and then fly back to the US to get Engineer, Medic, Scout and Spy, until they read a newspaper from Teufort. Meanwhile, Gray and Olivia finally manage to find Hale's secret Australium stockpile, only to discover that the Administrator had already stolen it from him.

Link - September 7th Spy and Scout, who were arrested 5 months prior, are set to have a trial in the City of Teufort and be hanged for their crimes. Link - September 7th Saxton Hale is released from the Millhaven Ultra Prison for Dangerous Men after successfully burning down most of Charles Darling's zoo and is picked up by Margret, an old friend of his, and tells her he was originally there to ask Charles Darling for help in getting Mann Co.

Margret then takes Hale to her boss' office, who turns out to be Charles Darling. Darling explains that he wants the Australium to prolong the lives of his critically endangered animals, and reveals the Administrator's theft to Hale.

Unfortunately, Scout began telling the court about how Soldier was never actually in the army. Soldier, completely enraged, objects, kills the town Counselor and reveals to the town who he and Demoman are, and are promptly arrested and added to trial. Pyro burns some students' textbooks as a campfire while Miss Pauling asks a librarian for genealogy records suspiciously for The Administrator, aka Helen; her name can be seen on the file that Miss Pauling then throws into Pyro's campfire.

At the gallows, it is revealed that Spy, Scout, Soldier and Demoman aren't actually on trial for any murders and destruction they did commit, but for acts of civil mismanagement that Mike the Mayor did to Teufort.

Scout's mother

Miss Pauling arrives from the library just in time to save Scout from being hung and reveals to the town that the mercs couldn't have done any of their accused crimes because they don't have the political power to do so, but are all things a mayor could do, and also tells the town that a mayor can't hang people and saves Scout, Spy, Soldier and Demoman.

After running out of cloak the player will look like he was bumped into constantly until he is still, gets killed, or decloaks.

After unlocking 16 Spy achievements, the Dead Ringer is given to the player. This is a different type of watch, as it cannot make the user cloaked by themselves. This can be pulled out instantly, and when the player takes any damage that doesn't kill the player, the player will be completely cloaked and dropping a fake Spy ragdoll faking death.

The player will be removed of all negative effect no matter, be it JarateBleedingMad MilkAfterburnwater, and other particle effects. The cloaking time is a lot longer than the one given by Cloak and Dagger. Use this to pick off enemies who are low on health Next is the Spy's Electro-Sapper.

This device is used to slowly destroy things built by enemy engineers Thirdly is your Knife. On a direct hit to the back your enemy will immediately die which is very useful for taking out dangerous targets Lastly, and likely your most useful tool is your Disguise Kit, labelled as the Spytronwhich is hidden in the Spy's cigarette case.

Meet the Spy

It is used to disguise yourself as enemies. It can be used to fool players but be careful it doesn't always work The Spy has a useful special ability, the ability to render themselves invisible for ten seconds. This should be used to get into the enemy base and to hide temporarily so you can pull off a backstab.

The Cloak and Dagger is one of the unlockable wrist watches for the Spy. It even recharges in half the time of the default watch. A good thing to do on CTF maps is to use the Cloak and Dagger to sneak behind enemy lines, and do what a Spy is meant to do Hide somewhere near the enemy respawn and stay invisible, watching and waiting. Try to stay close to a wall, in the middle of it, as corners are a popular place for enemies to shoot at to check for spies But almost nobody checks the middle of a wall!

Just wait and watch, giving info to your team when you see something unusual, like a large group of Heavies and Medics getting together. Also, the enemy team can see in the chat the voice of who you are impersonating, which is something you do NOT want either. Don't disguise out in the open. Edit If the enemy sees you, they'll alert the rest of the team to your disguise choice.