Swim meet music

12 Swimmers and their Favorite Pump Up Songs

swim meet music

Sep 17, "I didn't understand the point of listening to music before my swim races until I “I have a tradition for large stage meets,” said Cortney Jordan. May 1, Me and my friends that made a music video at a swim meet. Jul 13, “It always happened to play on my phone right before a meet so I came to associate it with with the pre meet adrenaline feeling.” — Esme.

He used it during the Olympic Trials prior to one of his races.

swim meet music

He also leaned on it to get him fired up during the Athens Olympics where he won a sizable haul of 8 medals, with six of them gold. Missy Franklin, on the other hand, leans towards the country end of the music spectrum, preferring some Zac Brown Band or Brothers Osbourne to get her relaxed and focused before her big races.

Songs to Swim By: Get Pumped Up With Music | ACTIVE

Here are some suggestions for putting together a pump-song playlist that you can use to either get psyched up or chill out a bit: Pick a song that is uptempo and has awesome lyrics. The lyrics matter too.

swim meet music

Match beat tempo with your stroke rate. Music can not only help soothe or motivate the savage beast within you, but it can also help you train and race smarter. A great tactic that Mark Warkentin, head coach of the Santa Barbara Swim Club, uses to help increase stroke tempo with his swimmers is to have them pick a song that matches their target stroke RPM.

I have a small playlist of songs that I really only try to rely on when I am in the deep pits of a bad workout. In a way, they are my last line of defence when things are going crappy in practice. Have fun with it! One of my favorite things to do—and part of my pre-workout ritual—is picking out the songs that I am going to listen to while I get ready to hop into the water.

The Ultimate Get Pumped Playlist for Meets

Your playlist is a reflection of who you are and what you want to accomplish that day at practice, so have some fun with it and put together a rocking playlist.

Ever wondered what it is that separates the best of the best from us mere mortals? On TV, you may have noticed Olympic stars tuning out the world with their headphones on during the pre-race moments prior to diving off the blocks.

But you may not have realized that most of them are still humming tunes in their head as they race. The purpose of this mental karaoke is twofold: First, the song of choice is meant to motivate, whether by lyrics, beat or guitar solo.

Pump Up Songs for Swimmers: How Tunes Can Help You Swim Faster

Second, the song helps a swimmer keep rhythm, allowing distance specialists in particular to maintain a consistent stroke turnover. Most swimmers opt for hard rock, although heavy metal and dance music are also common choices.

swim meet music

Regardless, what follows is a super-exclusive, their-secrets-revealed expose of the World's Best's musical tastes! With a slightly less-than-scientific approach, I polled a few elite swimmers to find out what music ranked at the top of their charts.

Pump Up Songs for Swimmers: How Tunes Can Help You Swim Faster

After competing in the Beijing Games, he became the first South African to participate in four successive Olympics. I usually listen to some good dance music before a race or workout and try to use the beat or tempo in my race" And what specifically constitutes good dance music? That stuff is pumping! Lindsay Benko An Olympic gold medalist in and in the 4xm Freestyle Relay, Lindsay Benko is a little less obscure but just as passionate as Neethling when it comes to getting into the groove.

But while I am training I usually just sing whatever is in my head at the time. Her idea of getting through a 10K swim in brutal conditions is singing U2s Beautiful Day. The video clip that Dutch TV showed during the last Olympics was cut to this song, and it showed all the Dutch athletes participating in the Games, winning or losing, she explains.

So I made it my song for the World Championships. The rhythm is good too, for open water swimming. You need a song with a good beat so your stroke-rate will not drop down. Ive been singing Elevation recently, although the funny thing is that I end up mumbling half the song in my head and repeating about one word of the chorus, she laughs.

I dont understand Bono sometimes! Teuscher also adds that sometimes the voices in her head have nothing to do with her favorite band, but what she last heard on the radio before swim practice.