Snl meet your second wife kids

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snl meet your second wife kids

One of the biggest challenges for Saturday Night Live on a weekly basis is “ Meet Your Second Wife” was a textbook example of how to (Rudolph, portraying a drunken torch singer flinging presents at frightened kids while. The best place for video content of all kinds. Please read the sidebar below for our rules. It's no accident that this weekend's SNL co-hosts opened the episode's best But “Meet Your Second Wife” feels entirely of a piece with Fey's highly they'll one day marry once those “second wives” are no longer children.

Althouse: "SNL’s ‘Meet Your Second Wife’ Is Too Real."

On the other hand, I saw a piece of advice the other day; Don't bother getting married. Just find some woman you really hate, and give her your house.

snl meet your second wife kids

Here's the thing about SNL for the past, oh…30 years? It hasn't had many, but everyone in awhile it has some good, even some great ideas for skits. But the execution is just painful to watch. What is it with Tina Fey and Amy Pohler having to appear together at every freaking turn? Even in a lame skit?

snl meet your second wife kids

They mail it in. What I saw was a couple of women cruising into middle age and losing their looks trashing men who become financially successful and desire younger beautiful women.

snl meet your second wife kids

This does not make Tina and Amy more attractive, but they are certainly taking part in a sexist skit--surely one of the men contestants could have been a version of Kris Jenner, and surely they could have made fun of the kinds of little girls who grow up to marry much older men because the men are rich or young little boys who later become women.

While I never watch SNL anymore and haven't for years, I was flipping channels and stopped there just as this started.

snl meet your second wife kids

I thought it was great. And I'm happy that my second wife to be is only six years younger than I! Youtube also has some good content. That was just all kinds of stupid. But really, why would it be creepy for a man to be attracted to a young WOMAN simply because he was an adult when she was a child or a fetus? It's not like he's trying to get with her while she's still underage unless he is, but that's a different kettle of fish.

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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Brought Some Much-Needed Specificity to ‘SNL’ – Flavorwire

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