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mirghani meet up

The new Ambassador of the Republic of Sudan to Austria, H.E. Mr. Mirghani Abbaker Altayeb Bakhit presented Austrian Federal President. Gunmen assault Osman Mirghani, chief editor of Al-Tayar daily, beat him with Salih said about seven gunmen drove up to the newspaper's office just Bashir earlier this month met in the Gulf nation of Qatar with Khaled. Meetup groups are locally-organized groups that get together for face-to-face events on a regular basis (commonly once a month). Anything that brings together.

mirghani meet up

No differences were found between groups for the use of sleep medications. Besides, snoring was present in 9. Sleep quality, Academic performance, Medical students, Sudan Background Physiologic and cognitive function in humans varies considerably during the day along the circadian rhythm.

The sleep and wakefulness cycle is extensively regulated through intrinsic neural mechanisms e. However, the timing and expression of sleep and wakefulness are highly influenced by environmental factors [ 2 ].

Sleep deprivation of varying occasions and durations can substantially impair physical, cognitive, and emotional functions. Medical students and house medical staff work for long hours daily, and this continuous shifting without recuperation time has raised concerns about the severe effects of poor sleep quality in student training, medical errors, and patient safety [ 2 ].

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Many factors alter sleep habits including coffee and tea intake, overuse of the internet and other social media, and the use of sleep medications.

Furthermore, various medical problems profoundly disrupt sleep, including obstructive sleep apnea, depression, chronic sleep deprivation, narcolepsy, cataplexy, and idiopathic hypersomnia [ 34 ]. While these various factors all contribute to sleep quality, the relationship of the academic achievement to sleep habits is a key issue, especially for medical students [ 2 ].

Good sleep quality is associated with better academic performance among Sudanese medical students

Poor sleep quality has been associated with reduced academic achievement [ 5 ], and sleep quality has also been reported to be related to negative effects on health, emotional feelings and well-being in college students [ 6 ]. Sleep quality affect medical student physical, mental health, and working capacity [ 7 ], which in turn influence the community in the form of accidents and medical error.

mirghani meet up

No data are currently available regarding the effect of sleep quality on medical student performance in Sudan. Therefore, we conducted the current study to understand the sleep habits of Sudanese medical students and whether they like those in Western countries had poor sleep quality.

In the current study, we examined the relationship between the sleep quality and academic performance among medical students by comparing groups with different levels of academic performance. Measures to improve both living condition and sleep quality are recommended. Subjects and methods Study design This case—control study based on academic performance was conducted at two universities University of Omdurman and Bahri in Khartoum, Sudan.

Subjects This study aimed to encompass all the students in the fifth and sixth classes who score A excellent and C pass in the previous semester they were selected from the total number of medical students registered for these classesthose with score B good and score D fail were excluded from the study.

Good sleep quality is associated with better academic performance among Sudanese medical students

One hundred sixty-five, medical students responded to the questionnaire, response rate Twenty-five medical students who did not record their grades were also excluded. School performance was stratified as A, excellentB goodC passand D fail. An orientation meeting was arranged with the participants, and they were orally briefed by two of the researchers HM, and MA about the research objectives and how to fill the questionnaire.

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Group leaders from all the semesters helped to distribute the questionnaire. These require that we work on implementing the joint Unionist and Nationalist program that was being prepared by the committees that belong to the two parties, over four months.

We have subjected the programs to free discussion and have taken into consideration all the opinions, observations, and reservations, and then it was agreed upon.

This draft constitution will be presented to the political forces and the civil society organizations in order to discuss so that everyone can participate in [drafting] the constitution.

mirghani meet up

The party has lots of experience and expertise in terms of unilateral, bilateral, and expanded governance. In the Coalition Government we decided to withdraw in order to prove our credibility with the Popular Movement with which we signed the peace agreement in Addis Ababa because the prime minister at the time expressed some reservations that obstructed this agreement.

We will be fully capable of dealing with every situation, including the withdrawal from the government in the event that the programs agreed upon are not adhered to. We have lost a third of Sudan and a quarter of its people through secession.

Our national and historic responsibility requires us to maintain the unity of Sudan in terms of land, soil, and people and the need to seek an agreement on unity with the south in any shape or form or agreement that would maintain the links and interests between north and south.

Serious and honest determination and will are required in order to achieve what we want. This is what we will do without any argument. We protected the unity of the north and south in and we signed agreements and accords in to maintain the unity of Sudan for which we gave up the unity with Egypt or the Nile Valley even though we gained the approval of the majority of the parliament under this slogan.

Our commitment continues to be there and we will not give up on our mission. Meanwhile the north reaped the worst scenarios and effects of the agreement and the effects of adhering to implementing them.

mirghani meet up

The agreement transferred the wars from the south to the north and proof of this is what is happening in these areas. The Democratic Unionist Party is now calling for and trying to bring comprehensive security and stability to these three areas where the people are suffering the worst tension and lawlessness. There is a need for political dialogue in which all Sudanese parties take part in the shape of a comprehensive and nationalistic conference in order to discuss the main national issues, and at the forefront of which is to maintain stability, national unity, and constant peace in all regions.

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There is a need for a nationalistic and patriotic accord that prevents the creation and resumption of the war series that took place in the south, and their transfer to Southern Kordofan and the Blue Nile. We have paid a high price in terms of loss of lives, resources and capabilities and there is a need to collect the weapons from individuals and groups and to deal with the issue of members of the Popular Movement Forces who belong to the Blue Nile and Kordofan states by either including them in the armed forces or releasing them.

This is a vital issue; efforts, participation, and support for the Doha Document are required in order to achieve stab ility and development for the people of Darfur.

mirghani meet up

We want to deal with the file domestically, bilaterally within Sudan as much as possible. We continued to send messages to leaders and sheikhs in the region in order to urge them to communicate and to deal with the matter in a way that would protect the joint interests and to bring stability for the people in the region.

We do not want or encourage any kind of foreign intervention in order not to create unnecessary gaps and tension. We have put forward our vision to Juba as we did to Khartoum because it is important that there is agreement, communication, and understanding between north and south so there is a bilateral resolution for Abyei, which is an issue that can be resolved because everyone wants to coexists and everyone wants stability in Abyei which geographically lies in the north.

As for the border problems between north and south, early on we stressed during the negotiations and during the border demarcation in the transitional period that there is a need to complete the demarcation process between north and south before a referendum on self-determination is held in order to prevent any future tension and confrontation and because we know that the border represents the most dangerous issue on bilateral relations.

We have experience with border issues. What I very strongly look forward to is the need to resolve the border issue and to draw the lines through understanding as required by good neighbourly relations, interests, and communication.

At the same time, we are supporting the peace and stability direction in the Darfur Region and we believe what happened in Doha and any other agreements represent an important step toward a comprehensive solution and these steps give security and reassurance to the people of Darfur.