Meet one demise crossword clue

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meet one demise crossword clue

Meet one's demise crossword puzzle clue has 1 possible answer and appears in 1 publication. s demise' published 1 time⁄s and has 1 unique answer⁄s on our system. Have you been looking for an answer to Meet one?'s demise which. Chalicea – known outside crosswords as Shirley Curran – is a prolific The Magpie magazine is a good place to start as the clues in its It was very worrying to see the demise of the Independent in its paper form and a relief.

These days my main focus is giving solvers across the ability spectrum a chance to solve.

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I think it is extremely important for at least some clues in every crossword to be easy and for all clues to be accessible that is, gettable from the wordplay alone. This is especially so here in Australia: For the average cryptic solver, a well-written clue is hard enough without added trickery, so my focus is on definitions that blend seamlessly with wordplays, plus the occasional more difficult clue to keep the experienced solvers interested.

meet one demise crossword clue

I have employed this philosophy for almost my entire career and I rarely get accused of writing simple cryptics. Here are some clues from recent Stickler Weeklys: Tell us what happened in and what that tells us about Australian cryptics.

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My wife and I had built up a crossword business over 15 years. The first major hit came with the global financial crisis; we lost all our magazine and website work. My cryptic skills just about carried us through untilwhen News Corp [Australia] consolidated the puzzle pages of its four state papers into one page that they all published.

Crossword setter David Stickley. My daily cryptic, the Stickler, which had been in the paper for 15 years, was axed, along with crosswords in the other News Corp papers.

meet one demise crossword clue

I also look after my ponds full of tiny singing toads bombina bombina, a rare breed. The Magpie magazine is a good place to start as the clues in its easier crosswords are very much like those of the weekday cryptics. And solving alongside a more experienced solver can teach you the tricks. What makes a successful clue?

meet one demise crossword clue

Clever and amusing construction coupled with a fine surface reading that may be deceptive. A good clue is short and sweet.

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Lots of cluelets each providing some of the letters of the solution and building up to an overlong humdrum whole. Which other setters do you admire? They are too many to list but I am particularly excited by some of the crosswords produced by the top Listener setters: Kea, Shark, Sabre and Shackleton.

I have had the privilege of working with two of them and am stunned by their ability to create grids and write fabulous clues. The Listen With Others siteto which you contribute, is very handy for solvers of that diabolical puzzle series — especially the accounts by setters of how the puzzles come to be.

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My greatest thrill came with my first Listener puzzle, which was based on Emily Davison. I am actually a pretty poor solver. We feel that the online submission of solutions is a way to keep competition crosswords alive.